Market Your Dispensary By Building a Tribe

Originally published on the Hearst Bay Area blog. If you are in charge of marketing for a California cannabis dispensary, you are probably already aware of the challenges facing brands in this industry. The list of marketing roadblocks is very, very long. And as part of a highly regulated industry, dispensaries need to have a…

Kentucky bill to legalize medical marijuana advances

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FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) – After years of setbacks, medical marijuana advocates in Kentucky gained momentum Wednesday when a House committee overwhelmingly approved a bill to legalize medical cannabis.
The House Judiciary Committee advanced the measure on a 17-1 vote. The bill moves to the full House next, and one of its lead sponsors, Rep. Jason Nemes, predicted it will pass by a wide margin. It would still have to pass the Senate, where its prospects are more uncertain.
The committee room was filled with advocates who have pressed for years to legalize medical marijuana for people battling chronic pain and debilitating medical conditions.
One Kentucky advocate, Eric Crawford, told lawmakers he already uses medical marijuana as an alternative to opioids to deal with pain and muscle spasms. Crawford suffered spinal cord injuries in a vehicle crash more than two decades ago.
“I’m not the only sick person in Kentucky in this predicament,” he said in emotional testi..

Kentucky invoice to legalize clinical marijuana advances

Cannabis Herb Research FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) – After years of setbacks, medical marijuana advocates in Kentucky gained momentum Wednesday when a House committee overwhelmingly approved a bill to legalize medical cannabis. The House Judiciary Committee advanced the measure on a 17-1 vote. The bill moves to the full House next, and one of its lead…

Internal Toronto’s cannabis-generous sex club

Toronto’s Oasis Aqualounge is renowned among sex-positive folk for being a safe and inclusive space for couples and singles who are interested in exploring their fantasies. The water-themed sex club has a reputation for being progressive and consent-driven. That’s why it’s no surprise that the club is also cannabis friendly. After all, weed is known…

After a rough 2019, California’s cannabis change will bloom in 2020

Data from Leafly’s 2020 Cannabis Jobs Count indicates that legal cannabis sales in California contracted 18% year-over-year to $2.03 billion in 2019. That took a toll on cannabis employment in the Golden State. From Jan. 2019 to Jan. 2020, about 8,600 previously legal cannabis jobs in California became illegal cannabis jobs or disappeared entirely. That…

Why is Trump targeting clinical marijuana in an election yr?

Ben AdlinFebruary 11, 2020 Trump has talked up medical legalization, but his latest budget directly attacks it. (AP) Donald Trump has long claimed to support cannabis legalization. In 1990, he said the US was “losing badly the war on drugs” and would “have to legalize drugs to win that war.” As a candidate for president in…

5 cannabis traces for of us that take care of chocolate

Ever eaten a dark chocolate Hershey’s and thought “Wow, it’d be fire if weed tasted like this?” You’re in luck because just like citrus, diesel, and berry, many strains have a hashy chocolate flavor. Perfect for a little treat to enjoy solo or share with someone special, here are five cannabis strains that taste a…

Is Legal Marijuana Getting Local Real Estate Markets High-or Is It a Buzzkill?

Just because marijuana is legal in many states doesn’t mean many residents can grow it in their backyards or even smoke up in their homes. Buzzkill.
Homeowners associations often place restrictions on marijuana, such as barring homeowners from smoking in common areas-or even growing cannabis in their own backyards in some cases, according to a recent report from the National Association of Realtors®. The report is based on a September survey of nearly 3,700 residential and commercial Realtors® across the country.
“Landlords and HOAs are having to think about how marijuana is both used and grown within a home,” says Jessica Lautz, vice president of research at NAR. “[Even though] it’s legal, you might run into issues. … You may have restrictions on your ability to use marijuana in your home or in common areas.”
Marijuana has been approved for medical use in 33 states and Washington, DC. Of those, 11 states and the District of Columbia also permit recreational use. However, marijuana ..

Three 420-abundant winter mosey destinations

If you’re a citizen of Canada or a legalized US state, it’s important to remember that the progressive weed laws you’ve gotten used to are far from being global. This winter, as you plan how to take the last (or first) of your vacation days, consider whether you’d like your pal cannabis to be involved,…

‘Encourage, I’m apprehensive of THC!’

Getting high isn’t always giggles and gaiety for everyone. In fact, too much of the euphoria-inducing cannabinoid, THC, can give a number of people unwanted symptoms of paranoia, dizziness, racing heart, fatigue—or sometimes a hellscape of all four. If this all sounds familiar, or you’re new to weed but wary, you might feel you’re just…

Night Out? Try Cannabis instead of Alcohol (sponsored)

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It’s no secret that people are tired of alcohol and understanding the damage that excess is doing to their livers.
But we are social creatures. We love to go out at night and get together, traditionally over alcohol. What are the healthy alternatives? In the Bay Area, kava lounges are popping up. Cannabis clubs aren’t open late enough to be comparable to a bar (one canna-dream, though).
Beyond that, where does one go for an alternative, alcohol-free evening?
I say BYOC. Bring Your Own Cannabis. That’s what I normally do, and even though it puts you on a different frequency and vibration than those on alcohol, it feels much healthier and controllable for me. I feel bubbly and fun, dance-y at times, and ready to crack great punny jokes at others.
AND I leave the social engagement when I feel tired and ready to, prioritizing my health and sleep. I wake up feeling refreshed, never with hangovers (if anything, a little high and happy from the night before). It’s pretty grea..

University to offer cannabis-growing minor

MACOMB, Ill. (AP) – The art of growing cannabis will become a minor subject at Western Illinois University in the fall, school officials announced Monday.
The university’s school of agriculture in Macomb is acting on interest officials expressed in such a class before adult-use marijuana became legal in January. The minor in cannabis production will require 18 to 19 credit hours with additional coursework offered by Western Illinois’ department of biological sciences.
School of agriculture director Andy Baker says faculty members are still working on partnerships with hemp producers and those in the recreational and medical marijuana businesses.
“There’s certainly enough hemp producers in the state that (students) could get experience working in the field,” Baker said. “There’s going to be some opportunities and we’re still developing those relationships.”
Bakers says he anticipating class sizes of 20 to 30 students, adding that in addition to graduating marijuana growers, there is..