The ideal things to lift out in Boston whereas high

You know all about the usual tourist spots: Walk the Freedom Trail, tour the Paul Revere House, shop at Faneuil Hall, blah blah blah. Those are fine activities. But if you’re looking to maximize your legal high while in Boston, we’ve got you covered. Here are some of the best things to do in Boston…

6 big Massachusetts ganja farmers to store for

Massachusetts—a state of more than 6 million people—has just 88 fully licensed adult-use cannabis growers. The situation is wicked hard, but improving by the day. Eighty-eight final recreational cannabis cultivation licenses are better than the none. In 2016, voters got the state to start issuing them and sales started in 2018. The pandemic killed 2020’s…

Massachusetts adult-exercise cannabis: By the numbers

Hey, prohibitionists—do you like apples? Because Massachusetts has done $2 billion in legal cannabis sales in the last three years. How do you like them apples? But seriously—shout-out to how far Massachusetts has come. From a lackluster start to legalization on Nov. 8, 2016, to today’s all-singing, all-dancing beacon in the northeast. Here’s Massachusetts legal…

Basically the most lively cannabis stores in Massachusetts

In just three years, Massachusetts has become one of America’s great cannabis success stories. Since the state’s adult-use stores opened in 2018, consumers have purchased more than $2 billion in products from an expanding selection of outlets. As of 2021, more than 360 retail store licenses had been approved, and dozens of outlets are open…

Q&A with Dr. Carl Hart: The style forward for tools in The US

Drugs are getting legalized left and right these days. Cannabis, though still federally illegal, is getting legalized by state governments at a rapid rate. Many cities have decriminalized psychedelics, and the state of Oregon has decriminalized all drugs and is currently setting up a framework for administering psilocybin in a clinical setting. A clinical trial…

They say marijuana is stronger these days. But exactly how much stronger is today’s cannabis?

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The cannabis of today is, quite literally, not your parents’ weed. An overwhelming amount of data shows that the potency of cannabis has been steadily on the rise in the U.S. since 1990, meaning the amount of THC in what we consume today is much higher than what the flower children were smoking.
In the ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s, raw cannabis flower contained an average of just 2% THC or less. (For context, CBD products with less than 0.3% THC are federally legal because that amount is generally not enough to get a person high.) Then, between 1990 and 1995, the average concentration of THC in cannabis rose to 4%, and shot up to 17% between 1995 and 2017 as growers began harvesting new strains promising more intense psychoactive effects. For dabs, oils, edibles, shatter, and other cannabis concentrates, the THC concentration can be as high as 95%. Now, the cannabis we consume is, on average, over 8x more potent than it was before the ’90s.
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Don’t snooze on these CBN cannabis merchandise

Meet the new kid on the block—cannabinol, commonly known as CBN. The rare cannabinoid is popping up in a variety of formats, in everything from gummies to oils. And while we still love THC and CBD, it is exciting to see new cannabinoids and product options for consumers to try. Check out the latest CBN…

How cannabiz householders can shape social equity

Future cannabis business owners should also prepare for the role they can play in creating an equitable cannabis industry. Some aspiring cannabiz owners are flush with resources, but there are also many people who deserve a chance in this industry that haven’t been given a fair shot. The state of Illinois serves as a real…

4/20 isn’t the only stoner holiday. Here are six cannabis holidays you should have on your calendar.

If you work in the cannabis industry or just love a good excuse to toke, you know one weed holiday a year is far too little for an herb that is so important to so many. 1 in 3 Americans live in a state where cannabis is legal now, and cannabis and CBD are being used to aid with symptoms of epilepsy, cancer, autoimmune disorders, and many other conditions around the country. You can even get a college degree in cannabis. So why not celebrate it year-round?
Good news – you can.
Though less well-known, there are five other cannabis holidays besides 4/20 that are celebrated around the country. And the best part? Cannabis businesses will often offer product discounts on these days.
Put these on your calendar to optimize later, whether it be for business or, ahem, personal reasons.
April 20th: 4/20
The cannabis-enthusiast’s year starts with the most widely recognized stoner holiday of all. The king of stoner holidays, if you will. The day that’s so big, Willie Nelson called on Pr..