These Cannabis Memes are Sure to Light Up Your Holiday Season, Even in 2020

Dreaming of a green Christmas? Us too.
Though the holidays may look different for many this year, one thing remains constant in 2020: weed. Like a warm fire on a cold winter’s night, cannabis has provided comfort and cheer to people around the world in this dark year, and, unlike toilet paper, it has only become more accessible.
In the spirit of thanksgiving for our favorite plant, we searched out the funniest, herbiest holiday memes on the internet.. and the results did not disappoint.
Sit back, light up, turn on “Stoned for Christmas” by Dent May, and enjoy this festive collection. After all, everybody knows some turkey and some marijuana help to make the season bright.
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1. Shopping for the essentials
When you, and your cousin come back from “taking a walk” before #Thanksgiving dinner:
— Mikey Hutch (@HutchIyh) November 26, 2020
The turkey wasn’t the only ..

Legal group to help Illinoisans clear marijuana convictions

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CHICAGO (AP) – A new legal group will help people with marijuana convictions in Illinois clear their records.
New Leaf Illinois launched earlier this month as part of the state’s law legalizing recreational cannabis.
Under the law, people with low-level marijuana convictions can have their records expunged and state officials estimate hundreds of thousands of people are eligible. New Leaf, a state-sponsored program, will help people do that.
Backers say it’s a critical step in undoing the damage done by a half-century of the war on drugs, which has particularly affected minorities, who were likely to be arrested and prosecuted for marijuana offenses.
The help is available statewide to “make sure that there was going to be that same level of advocacy for people statewide to be able to be freed of the collateral consequences of cannabis convictions,” said Rep. Jehan Gordon-Booth, a Peoria Democrat who helped write the law, according to WCIA -TV.
Sales of legal marijuan..

Cannabis group files to defend constitutional amendment

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (AP) – The group that campaigned to legalize recreational marijuana in South Dakota through a voter-backed constitutional amendment has filed in court to defend the amendment in a legal challenge brought by two law enforcement officers.
The Rapid City Journal reports South Dakotans for Better Marijuana Laws organized the effort to pass a constitutional amendment legalizing cannabis for adults, as well as providing for its commercial regulation and medical use by minors. The amendment was approved by 54% of voters on Election Day.
But two law enforcement officers, Pennington County Sheriff Kevin Thom and Highway Patrol Superintendent Col. Rick Miller, have brought a lawsuit arguing the amendment is not legal because it covers more than one subject and should have been handled as a constitutional revision rather than an amendment.
South Dakota taxpayers have found themselves paying for both sides of the legal tussle, with Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg defen..

Georgia opens application for medical marijuana producers

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ATLANTA (AP) – Georgia has opened the application process for businesses who want to manufacture cannabis oil for medical use in the state.
The General Assembly legalized the treatment for a limited number of conditions five years ago, and the Georgia Access to Medical Cannabis Commission has now approved the process that would allow roughly 14,000 registered patients to receive it, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports. The application, accessible via the group’s website, must be received by 2 p.m. on Dec. 28.
“I do think this is the first step in a really great economic development opportunity with an emphasis on Georgia business and small business development,” Andrew Turnage, the commission’s executive director, told the newspaper. “The commission works very hard to keep this process moving forward every single day.”
The state legislature passed a bill last year allowing the production and sale of medical marijuana, though authorized patients have been able to u..

Cannabis stocks surge as US election opens new markets

Krisanapong Detraphiphat / Getty Images
LOS ANGELES (AP) – Cannabis stocks are flying high after voters in New Jersey, Arizona and three other states cleared the way for expanding legal sales of marijuana.
Shares in some of the biggest cannabis companies, including Aurora Cannabis, Canopy Growth and Cresco Labs, are up between 24% and 75% so far this month. By comparison, the benchmark S&P 500 index is up 11%.
Investors are encouraged because the successful ballot initiatives broaden the potential market for legal cannabis sales and show marijuana is becoming increasingly more accepted throughout the U.S.
The stocks began rallying after Election Day. Voters in New Jersey, Arizona, Montana and South Dakota approved legalizing sales of marijuana for adults. South Dakota also approved sales for medical use, as did Mississippi.
The expansion of sales to adults alone represents a nearly 20% increase in the potential U.S. market for legal cannabis, according to industry tracker BDSA.

Texas’ medical marijuana laws are strict. This is what advocates want to see changed.

After one failed treatment after another, Sharlene Hernandez was at a dead end.
Her 10-year-old autistic son wasn’t speaking, barley eating and would play with and spread his feces around the house. Nothing was helping her child.
One day, a friend in a similar situation recommended THC via a doctor’s prescription. Willing to try anything, Hernandez went for it.
ON EXPRESSNEWS.COM: Taylor: Pot legalization makes way too much sense to ignore
“We were just at a loss and I don’t know what it was about the THC, but it has helped so much,” said a tearful Hernandez.
In eight months, her son has started speaking cognitively on his own, eating again and rarely plays in his diaper.
Hernandez is one of many advocates pushing state lawmakers to reduce the regulations surrounding medical marijuana, including giving doctors more authority to prescribe THC, expanding the list of conditions for a prescription and allowing for more dispensaries.
As of now, it is difficult to obtain.

We knew Willie Nelson Loves His Weed, But Some Other Cannabis-Loving Celebs May Surprise You

(Photo by Gary Miller/Getty Images for Shock Ink)
Like many good things, weed is written in the stars.
A lot of celebrities are cannabis-enthusiasts, and though some keep it quiet, others have become walking symbols of marijuana magic – sharing their stories of using it for anything from curing quarantine boredom to curbing addiction. Just like us… but with a lot more people listening.
These are GreenState’s favorite celeb cannabis connoisseurs.
Seth Rogan

It’s no secret this comedian loves weed. The Pineapple Express star and producer co-founded a cannabis line with Even Goldberg, another producer of the acclaimed stoner-flick, and speaks openly about his passion for cannabis at every opportunity. When asked how he passed his time in quarantine in an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Rogan said he dove into his two hobbies: pottery and pot.
“I smoked a truly ungodly amount of weed in the time that I was in quarantine,” Rogan said. “We are not all in this together, because this has n..

Gov. Burgum pardons 24 low-level marijuana offenders

BISMARCK, N.D. (AP) – North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum has pardoned 24 people convicted of low-level marijuana crimes, in the second wave under a new policy that gives former pot offenders a second chance.
The policy adopted last year allows people with low-level marijuana convictions petition to have their records wiped clean if they avoid unlawful behavior for five years. The pardons erase the convictions as if they never occurred and records are shielded from public view.
Burgum pardoned 16 people earlier this year.
Burgum and Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem both supported the change, which brings North Dakota in line with some other states and cities. Past convictions can be problematic for people trying to find jobs and housing.
Burgum has said the policy change could help address North Dakota’s workforce shortage and grow its economy, while removing the stigma for what are minor cases from years ago.
People applying for pardons must complete a 1½-page form that law enfo..

Equity obstacles in Virginia push to legalize marijuana

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RICHMOND, Va. (AP) – Could legalizing marijuana in Virginia help address social disparities and inequities? That’s one of the topics the state’s legislative watchdog agency explores in a new report examining how the commonwealth could legalize marijuana.
The Joint Legislative Audit & Review Commission report was published shortly before Gov. Ralph Northam announced he will support legislation to legalize marijuana in the Old Dominion.
Virginia decriminalized marijuana possession earlier this year and reduced possession penalties to a $25 civil penalty and no jail time for amounts up to an ounce. In the past, possessing up to half an ounce could lead to a $500 fine and 30 days in jail.
Northam said legislation should address five principles including public health and social, racial and economic equity.
The report addresses the establishment of a commercial marijuana industry that protects minors, prosecutes illegal sellers and maintains the state’s medical marijuana p..

Wyoming holding out as other states legalize marijuana

CASPER, Wyo. (AP) – In the eight years since Colorado legalized marijuana, it’s been an open question whether Wyoming would someday follow the lead of its southerly neighbor.
So far, that hasn’t happened.
Lawmakers did legalize hemp and CBD products in 2019. Both lack marijuana’s psychoactive properties, but remain taboo among some state lawmakers. And Wyoming’s criminal penalties for marijuana possession remain among the nation’s harshest.
Meanwhile, even the most modest reforms brought before Wyoming lawmakers have faltered. A 2019 bill legalizing medical marijuana failed to get a hearing on the floor of the Wyoming House of Representatives, while proposals to reduce Wyoming’s criminal penalties for marijuana have gained little traction among the state’s conservative lawmakers, many of whom still see the substance as a gateway to abusing more serious drugs.
“Currently, Wyoming statutes (around cannabis) are unrealistic,” said Rep. Charles Pelkey, D-Laramie, an attorney and..

North Dakota marijuana backers eye neighbors for momentum

Leaders of two ballot measure groups that have sought to legalize marijuana in North Dakota say legalization of the drug in Montana and South Dakota bodes well for their efforts.
Voters in the two neighboring states this month approved recreational marijuana, and South Dakota voters also OK’d medicinal pot. North Dakota already allows medical marijuana. The two groups that pushed marijuana legalization measures in North Dakota this year were unable to gather enough signatures for ballot placement due to the coronavirus pandemic, but they’re already looking ahead.
Legalize ND, which sought to legalize marijuana through a statutory measure, gathered no signatures after March due to the pandemic, The Bismarck Tribune reported.
The group planned to collect signatures under the blue or “new normal” coronavirus risk level of Gov. Doug Burgum’s “ND Smart Restart” plan for business and gathering protocols, but few counties have ever reached that level. The enti..

NJ voting session canceled amid cannabis bill disagreements

Krisanapong Detraphiphat / Getty Images
TRENTON, N.J. (AP) – A New Jersey Assembly voting session that had been scheduled for Monday and was to include a measure setting up the new recreational marijuana market has been canceled, Speaker Craig Coughlin said Friday.
Coughlin, a Democrat, said it was clear the legislation wouldn’t get final approval because of differences between his chamber’s bill and one in the Democrat-led Senate.
“The Assembly’s approach for producing fair and responsible legislation is to be thoughtful and deliberative,” he said in a statement.
The Senate had also planned a Monday session but it was canceled late on Thursday, with lawmakers citing the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday.
Lawmakers had aimed to fast-track the legislation after voters overwhelmingly approved legalizing recreational marijuana for those 21 and older in the Nov. 3 election.
Committees in both chambers passed measures on Thursday, but they differed. Lawmakers must iron out those differenc..

NJ cannabis bill advances, but lawmakers differ on details

TRENTON, N.J. (AP) – New Jersey lawmakers advanced legislation setting up a new recreational marijuana marketplace, which voters overwhelmingly approved on the ballot this month, but differed on key details.
The Assembly Appropriations Committee and the Senate Budget Committee passed legislation on Thursday, but the changes mean the two Democrat-led chambers will have to iron out their differences before going to a floor vote.
Lawmakers were hopeful the bill could get a floor vote next week, but the Senate session was canceled Thursday evening. It’s unclear how soon it will be rescheduled.
Lawmakers have have been negotiating over amending the measure since it stalled last week.
A key difference between the Senate and Assembly bills involves caps on the number of licenses: The Senate version eliminates caps, while the Assembly bill increased the number to 37 from 28.
A commonality, but an addition since last week is an excise tax, which applies to specific goods or services..

US adult smoking rate looks unchanged, vaping rate higher

NEW YORK (AP) – The U.S. decline in cigarette smoking could be stalling while the adult vaping rate appears to be rising, according to a government report released Thursday.
About 14% of U.S adults were cigarette smokers last year, the third year in a row the annual survey found that rate. But health officials said a change in the methodology make it hard to compare that to the same 14% reported for 2017 and 2018.
The adult smoking rate last saw a substantial drop in 2017, when it fell from 16% the year before.
The new figures from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention mean there are more than 34 million adult smokers in the U.S.
Meanwhile, about 4.5% of adults were counted as current e-cigarette users last year – about 11 million people.
That rate appears to be up from 3.2% in 2018 and 2.8% in 2017. But again, officials said that comparing 2019 with earlier years is difficult because of the survey change.
The CDC figures are based on responses from about 32,000 people.