There’s plenty to indulge in about fruity weed lines, but once in a while they’re lacking a exiguous chew. That’s now not the case with Golden Lemon weed. This strain is an natural, sharply citrus strain that’s obtained the kick you’re shopping for. The 60/40 Indica-dominant genetics give it a buzzy, brilliant head high that’s evenly matched with a heavy, at ease body buzz. The 23% THC snarl will give even long-time users the boost they’re shopping for.

Sativa/Indica % Indoor Yield Outside Yield Flowering Period
40%/60% 20 ozm2 28 oz per plant 8-9 weeks indoors, slack September or early October initiate air

Records about Golden Lemon:

  • Effects
  • Fragrance
  • Flavors
  • Harmful reactions
  • Rising
  • Flowering time
  • Foundation

The Golden Lemon weed strain was created by DNA Genetics steuern aargau herunterladen. The stress is the consequence of an Amsterdam-intense sinful of Kosher Kush and Lemon Skunk, which would perchance also very effectively be the foundation of its intense scent profile. The outcomes result in a permanent, euphoric high that’s now not too stuffed with life, offering a effectively-balanced trip for all styles of users.

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Records about Golden Lemon Stress:

ORIGIN Kosher Kush and Lemon Skunk
EFFECTS Uplifted
Dry eyes
FRAGRANCE Contemporary, pungent, natural, citrusy lemon
FLAVORS Sweet, natural, lemon
FLOWERING TIME OUTDOORS slack September or early October
PLANT HEIGHT Up to six feet immense interior, and up to eight feet or more initiate air
INDICA / SATIVA % 60%/40%
INDOOR YIELD 20 oz/ m2
OUTDOOR YIELD 28 oz per plant

* 10 is the very most attractive
* 1 is the lowest


Golden Lemon received’t fabricate you wait gimp 2 kostenlos. Inner the first few puffs, a sense of euphoria will develop between your eyes after which unfold thru the rest of your body. It’s an uplifting, relaxed, and inventive trip. The sativa heritage ends in unbiased ample energy to defend you responsive to the realm around you, making it ultimate for pairing with searching at movies or doing tiny crafts.

The body buzz Golden Lemon weed offers is a ideal complement to the pinnacle high. It’s a heavy, relaxing buzz that melts all thru the body over time do tu app. The grounding sensation retains the heady buzz from carrying you away. Nonetheless, it’s now not overly sedating in practical doses. It’s a mountainous decision for afternoon, evening, or weekend use, when nodding off after the buzz winds down received’t cause any complications.

Golden Lemon Strain Effects
Golden Lemon Stress Effects – disclose powered by 420 Nugz

The body buzz and uplifting head high give Golden Lemon a couple of facet advantages. Many experiences about Golden Lemon strain info mention that stress and depression appear to melt away with this strain. Those that reside with continual pain and irritation can also additionally perceive purchase in their symptoms Download flash videos with safari. Simplest of all, insomniacs can rely on Golden Lemon to ease them off to sleep within the upright amounts.

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Golden Lemon starts off with a fresh, pungent natural scent that’s like a flash dominated by a citrusy lemon undertone. As nugs are burned, they develop a woody, piney present as effectively.


Golden Lemon weed’s kind is the build the title makes the most sense download torpedo. The candy, natural kind entails a prime lemon kind. The exhale is dank, with the Skunk ancestry coming thru clearly.

Harmful Reactions

Golden Lemon is a severe strain that’s mountainous for expert cannabis connoisseurs. That implies that more moderen users can also discover it a exiguous overwhelming within the occasion that they don’t poke themselves. Other folks with decrease tolerance most incessantly discover that it doesn’t beget critical of this high-powered strain to win the trip they wish uni oldenburg word. Fortunately, overindulging in Golden Lemon is most likely to result in exiguous more than a tender headache and an unintended nap.

Golden Lemon Strain Adverse Reactions
Golden Lemon Stress Harmful Reactions – disclose powered by Leafly

Various than that, most folk recount nothing more than the occasional dry eyes and cottonmouth when using Golden Lemon. Keeping a glass of water or some eyedrops nearby at the same time as you’re inclined to these reactions is ample to alleviate the advise.

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The Golden Lemon weed strain is a grower’s dream zuma herunterladen. Admire many hybrid lines, it’s a straightforward and forgiving grow. The flowers win somewhat effectively-organized, although, so it’s main to manufacture determined you should also have ample plight before you win began.

Even supposing the Golden Lemon strain is technically indica-dominant, it follows its sativa heritage within the rising direction of. Vegetation can attain six feet immense interior, and up to eight feet or more initiate air. They grow like a flash, too. In case you should, it’s most efficient to grow this strain initiate air, factual to manufacture your lifestyles a exiguous more uncomplicated and to lead determined of changing your lights every day windows media player 12.

Growing Golden Lemon Strain
Rising Golden Lemon Stress – disclose powered by Cannabis Commercial

As with many cannabis lines that grow indulge in sativas, it’s main to manufacture determined your flowers have ample nutrients. They grow like a flash, so that they use nutrients more like a flash. Giving your flowers the nutrients that they need will fabricate obvious you enact Golden Lemon’s world-famous harvest.

Golden Lemon is forgiving to all forms of practising. In case you’re shopping for the quickest harvest seemingly, although, low-stress practising works most efficient phototan app of commerzbank. This allows the plant to position its energy into fresh enhance as a substitute of repairing cuts. Give your flowers the mild they need, and also you’ll demand mountainous harvests.

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Flowering Time


Indoor grows can once in a while be a exiguous cosy for Golden Lemon, but it indubitably can also very effectively be done windows 8 iso datei herunterladen. Request a harvest in eight to nine weeks, with yields up to 20 oz per square yard indoors.

Originate air

For growers within the northern hemisphere, the harvest is in most cases ready in slack September or early October. Request harvests of up to 28 oz per plant initiate air so long as humidity and temperature remain moderately stable.


  1. Kosher Kush
  2. Lemon Skunk

FAQ About Golden Lemon Stress

What’s the Golden Lemon strain yield?

Golden Lemon yields 20 oz/ m2 indoors and 28 oz per plant initiate air.

How critical THC does Golden Lemon have?

It contains 23% THC.

What are the origins of the Golden Lemon strain?

Golden Lemon was made from a mixture between Kosher Kush and Lemon Skunk.

Possess you ever smoked or grown your beget Golden Lemon? Please let me know what you possess about this marijuana strain within the feedback below.


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