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As soon as you happen to’re having a perceive to snort some fantastic time with a brand modern cannabis machine, barely binge-looking out at is scoot. Nonetheless with so many stress alternatives and so many exhibits to look, it’s easy to salvage caught by indecision trying to seek out the finest 510 cartridges to snort.

Fortunately, you retort hundreds of the identical questions for every your herb and your leisure: Assemble you like to flip your brain off or flip the amount up? Are you in the mood for something excessive, or fabricate you like to salvage goofy? Assemble you like to live grounded if truth be told or scoot somewhere barely more fresh? Are you chilling by yourself or with others on Netflix Social gathering, Zoom or Facetime?

Drew Henson of TOQi shares his top 10 Netflix and 510 cartridge pairings with Leafly.

TOQi lead inventor and CEO, Drew Henson, paired his top 10 Netflix exhibits and flicks with 10 excessive-fantastic 510 cartridges for your viewing and vaping pleasure. The Netflix picks consist of award-a hit and severely-acclaimed movement photos, nonetheless additionally a Okay-Drama and critical entries at movie festivals. The pairings had been barely selected primarily primarily based exclusively on his experiences, with a curated temperature surroundings on the TOQi 510 wi-fi vaporizer.

For long binges, TOQi makes vaporizers and futuristic gear that can dangle with you on the sofa for hours.  Holding the TOQi 510 charged up is as easy as surroundings it down on a wi-fi charging pad. And since it uses common 510-thread carts, your stress different is practically limitless—though the final below lines had been handpicked to match about a of the finest movies to look while playing indica, sativa, or hybrid lines.

TOQi 510, with Jager O.G. Top Leaf, Spinach O.G.

High Boy

Winner of BAFTA Handiest Normal Tv Song

Pair with Jager OG by High Leaf

British TV drama meets indica with notes of licorice and 87.40% THC boom material.

Jager is an Indica-dominant stress that can chill you out with out knocking you out, the acceptable procedure of thinking for looking out at High Boy – an intense drama about the drug replace in and around a British council property. You’ll favor to live alert to help up with a huge cast of characters and their dramatic twists and turns nonetheless having barely something to eliminate the threshold off would possibly perchance well also succor usher you by the demonstrate’s extra stressful moments.

Henson thinks this demonstrate is exclusively barely bit sweeter since he and executive producer, Drake, are every from Toronto. In his phrases: “Handiest the real ones allowed, originate up the final Jager OG, and help on.”

Advised TOQi 510 temperature stage: excessive

Road Meals: Asia

Pair with Tangerine Dream by San Rafael

Foodie documentary meets sativa with traces of citrus and 70% THC boom material.

Road Meals: Asia introduces you to the opposite folks in the abet of the finest avenue meals on the continent in a mode that’s about the custom as indispensable as the cuisine. Tangerine Dream is relaxing and adventurous, nonetheless relaxing, perfect for doing barely international shuttle from the sofa. This stress isn’t known for heavy munchies both—so whilst you’re feeling impressed to invent your relish themed snacks, you perchance won’t eat all of your ingredients along the manner otherwise you would also simply take capable thing about the tasty tangerine terps.

Advised TOQi 510 temperature stage: low

Terrace Condo

Ideal for Netflix Social gathering & video-calls

Pair with Jack Herer by Bloom

Japanese actuality TV meets a woody sativa with 80.15% THC boom material.

Jack Herer is a gregarious stress, perfect for busting social distress, and getting a celebration began. It creates the honorable mindset for Terrace Condo, a Japanese actuality series that follows six strangers living in the identical condominium—extra or much less like Precise World, nonetheless extra invested in the human abilities than forced drama. Pair the 2 collectively and after about a hours of binging, you’ll feel like you’ve made six modern simplest chums.

Advised TOQi 510 temperature stage: low

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

Winner of International Movie Song Critics Award (IFMCA), MTV Movie TV Awards

Pair with Strawberry Fields by MadMen

Sci-fi adventure meets fruity indica hybrid and 80.60% THC boom material.

Strawberry Fields hits you laborious, and despite being a hybrid, it has a bent to invent you change into one with the sofa. Lean into that sofa-lock with Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle. It’s perfect for Strawberry Fields’ extra-stoney excessive.

Place of dwelling 21 years after the 1995 Jumanji movie, it takes childhood nostalgia and throws in some wacky excessive-college antics, about a helicopters, and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. It is possible you’ll perchance well feel barely silly getting misplaced in Jumanji lore, nonetheless you’ll private a colossal time doing it.

Advised TOQi 510 temperature stage: medium


Still air-scoot in conjunction with the movement assured, heavy boom material nonetheless with out the heavy burnout.

Pair with Cruise by Canndescent

Italian crime TV demonstrate meets indica hybrid with a THC boom material stage of 83.60%.

Cruise is a centered stress, perfect for curling up with an thrilling book, and even simply the movement-packed, drama-filled series primarily primarily based exclusively on a book. Esteem many a mafia series, Gomorrah is a deep web of politics and private drama, of alliances and betrayals. Pair these two collectively to salvage misplaced in the memoir, nonetheless still take care of computer screen of every memoir thread.

Advised TOQi 510 temperature stage: medium

One-Punch Man

Drew’s award for “trippiest” on Netflix

Pair with Blueberry by Kurvana

Seriously-acclaimed anime meets blueberry and whipped cream indica hybrid containing 84.40% THC boom material.

Blueberry is a standard, giggly stress, and One Punch Man is the honorable companion. The anime series follows a man that can defeat any enemy in a single punch. Whereas he’s overpowered in ability, he’s now now not severely savvy in any assorted appreciate—and since this world is stuffed with heroes, he’s consistently getting upstaged by a host of assorted characters with even goofier gimmicks.

Don’t distress whilst you salvage too misplaced in that Blueberry euphoria: Rather about a One Punch Man’s set apart developments and characters advance out of left enviornment, nonetheless it completely’s still a barely easy demonstrate to apply. No longer lower than, encountering modern heroes like Tank-High Tiger, named for his tiger stripes and tank top, will take care of the stoner laughs coming. In Drew’s phrases: “It’s wild af. Every punch is one punch at excessive temperature. Supreme for the extra intense psychoactive results.”

Advised TOQi 510 temperature stage: excessive

TOQi 510 with Jager O.G. Top Leaf

Atomize Landing On You

Drew’s date night recommendation 

Pair with Blue Zkittles by Rove

Korean TV drama meets indica hybrid with tart citrus and sweet earth and a THC boom material of 88.76%.

Atomize Landing On You manages to eliminate a dire, excessive-stakes occasion—getting swept up in a tornado while paragliding, then unceremoniously dropped into a North Korean minefield—and invent it into a gratifying fairy memoir. Blue Zkittles is relaxing, uplifting, and helps sweep you up in the demonstrate’s unfamiliar imprint of excessive-stakes levity. Each the series and the stress will add barely magic to any scenario with out fully losing look for of actuality.

Drew was as soon as save on this demonstrate by his fiancée who swears it’s the finest ample-drama accessible.

Advised TOQi 510 temperature kevel: low

Esteem, Demise, and Robots

Instructed by Drew for the finest visuals on a Netflix series 

Pair with God’s Reward by Church Cannabis Firm

Grownup animation meets indica hybrid with flavors of grape, citrus, and hash with THC boom material of 81.20%.

Within the Netflix series Esteem, Demise, and Robots, 18 vignettes every convey their relish praises a wildly assorted, nonetheless equally bright, animation model. The tales in the abet of them are heady—normally shaded and violent—nonetheless rapid. Happy God’s Reward brings out the finest in the anthology, letting you procedure it with wonder and sink into these temporary glimpses of assorted worlds. Drew primarily primarily based exclusively this different on his desire to now stay wide awake, nonetheless salvage hit laborious ample to take capable thing about the visible roam.

Advised TOQi 510 temperature stage: medium

Inside Invoice’s Mind: Decoding Invoice Gates

Special points for vaping at some point of episode 3 

Pair with White Widow by Spinach

Profile documentary meets traditional hybrid. THC Swear material 72%

This three-allotment docuseries is all about unlocking the mind of Microsoft founder Invoice Gates, one in every of the sector’s biggest—and most extra special—thinkers. Whereas finding out about the inner chaos that created a tech enormous, it only is qualified to scoot for White Widow, the cannabis identical of a having a perceive-at-equations GIF. It would possibly perchance well now now not succor you trace Gates any better, nonetheless this consciousness-shifting stress is now now not going to lower than salvage you thinking outside the field.

Advised TOQi 510 temperature stage: medium

Tiger King

Drew’s instantaneous Netflix series to binge on

Pair with Blue Dream by Heavy Hitters

LGBTQ documentary meets sativa hybrid with a sweet berry aroma. THC boom material 96.40%

Docuseries Tiger King follows Joe Extra special, a tall-cat collector and aspiring country megastar, in the events main up to his conviction in a murder-for-hire set apart. The series takes you on some real journeys because it winds by the drama of the tall-cat world—on every occasion you mediate it ought to’t salvage more fresh, it does—so a reputable traveling companion is a must. Blue Dream will buckle you in for this wild roam and take care of your mind alert for whatever the demonstrate throws at you…and it throws loads.

Advised TOQi 510 temperature stage: excessive (a focus/temp combo for right Tiger Kings)

Vitality your 510 carts with TOQi and their host of wi-fi charging gear to invent these binges even better.

TOQi is founded by vogue designer and inventor, Drew Henson, winner of diverse international awards including the coveted Crimson Dot award for excellence in product operate. His designs had been used on the International Place Location by NASA, F1 Racing groups, vulgar athletes, and day to day stoners.

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