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Its a beautiful Wednesday morning. Hope ya’ll are gettin nice n toasty as we answer some of YOUR questions. We try to analyze each question in depth as we dab on some Dosidos rosin. PUT YOUR QUESTIONS FOR NEXT WEEK DOWN BELOW!! *LIKE & HIT THE BELL!! NEW VIDEOS EVERY WEEK!!!* INSTAGRAM: @theCCC420 @RealOnes.ENT @shane_omac831…

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this is probably on the Dow and still smoking oh gee [Music] what up guys welcome to the CCC I’m Shane I’m Danny and we are back for another episode of waking baked Wednesday you know the drill we answer your questions from the YouTube comments down below or sometimes we take them from Instagram that’s right this week once again we took them from Instagram but next week we’re taking them from the comments down there so if you guys have a question for next week go ahead and throw it down there right now yes we got a nice spread in front of us we got all the tools we need to get sufficiently baked this morning that’s right I’ll just start it right off sure so number one is from Cabo 710 do you guys use tap water or bottled water for breeze it means if you’re talking a pre-pandemic or post pandemic yeah honestly that’s not true for me because I you know I use what I can use but if I had a preference if there’s like filtered water sitting in a Brita somewhere or like for instance watch has an RO system here I actually do tend to use that in my bombs yeah I think especially when I used to be really into this scientific clear stuff and if you didn’t use good water you would get those like hard water as calcium stains on there sometimes when I was using that type of glass a lot I was really persistent about making sure I had like extra bottled water around I would just because most people only take an ounce or two anyway especially most these concentrate rigs right maybe not some of the larger ones like some of the stuff here in front of us but especially a lot of the stuff of you know the I would say the intro to heady scientific glass era like the last ten years when things really blew up mmm it really quickly became about smaller pieces with not that much water in them so it wasn’t a big deal to just keep a bottle of water around and pour a couple ounces into the bong every day I think the most important thing is just cleaning your water no matter what kind of water you use you know when we lived out in Boulder it was like the water was so good out of the tap there I would fill iRig with it and it was just perfectly like I would drink the water out of the you know yeah drink bottled water if I could but if I had to drink tap water somewhere that was good place I grew up drinking water in those mountains I hope it’s good I hope that answers your question I think it’s pretty simple question bottled water if you can but yeah don’t don’t don’t use your drinking water if you need it on the to make sure you got a the best fucking water in your rig I don’t know if that’s worth it you know I mean honestly the best thing is having a fuckin RO system or the mineral fuckin but that’s getting super nerdy on you guys but you know a lot of people that smoke weed and grow weed typically have those so get RO system if you’re really concerned about then you’ll never run out of fuckin drinking water or bong water alright then moving on here yeah copter 474 you think beer slash ale is that try something you’ll see through the arm do you think beer slash ale enhance the flavour of weed possibly cut complementing it with the hops being in the same family I like beer I don’t like as much as I like weed but I do like beer I do if I want to drink I’m a beer drinker yeah I don’t think I’ve ever taken and I like trying all different types of beers I like trying all different types of weed I’ve never had a beer and been like oh man this would really go good with this I’ve never been a smoking entry can it been like wow this is the combination like now that you planted the seed in my head maybe if I pay attention a little bit more something might stand out to me so I guess that’s something I can look for and my future smoking and drinking experiences and maybe report back to you when I have something more solid but you know I can’t think of one if anybody else out there has one the perfect drinkin strange combination throw that down there in the comic I’m just trying to break it down from a fundamentals here I’m looking for suggestions because that’s kind of fun you know I’m in my little brain over here I’m thinking what is the even mean is it like do you take a sip of beer and then immediately take a hit of weed and like see if it boosts the flavor I think it’s just like pairings you know like there’s food that her goes to go good with wine and you know is he saying that when you get drunk just weed tastes better when you get drunk I think everything tastes better when you get drunk I think everything tastes better when you smoke weed so maybe they taste a little better if anything the weed enhances the beer right yeah there we go people usually just do or don’t like to taste the beer you know yeah I’ve always liked the taste of beer I just have they’re always when I was younger I didn’t like it but you know it’s an acquired taste that feeling yeah for most not all but you know drinking a beer is enjoyable to me and I rather drink three or four and yeah yeah I’m not trying to get fucked up you know but you know I drink I’m trying I’m trying to have a good time yeah and I feel like if I die it’s easier for me to have a good time when I’m sitting back drinking something that I actually enjoy rather than feeling the burn of a fucking shot going down or yeah drinking oh I feel like the most mixed drinks gonna taste like shit or they just taste overly fruity and sugary to the point where it’s gonna give me a headache yeah I don’t do the mix thing too much either dude beer but beer can make you bloated and fucking have the bubble gets the next day usually always does even girls but you know I do like tequila I’ll drink some tequila with some wild man a little bit of salt two straight that that’s fire those guys saw that over here I lost my dad heated up the nail I’ve got a lost in conversation and forget I have come now I’ll tell you what I missed on this trip I think just a little bit higher than I don’t have it so yeah we apologize for the mental lapses sometimes I’m gonna give it another go over here second time’s a charm yeah at night you know third time’s what I’ve been doin ex question over here what percentage of concentrates versus flowers do you guys usually smoke that’s from employment 99 now I’d say it varies right it kind of depends it does vary especially since I’ve been growing my own you know you get to keep all the trim I have actually been pretty balanced yeah yeah they get a little bit of everything get a little bit everything every day so you know I usually like to start with either some flower or like a sativa dab and then all depending on kind of what your what the goal is for the day we’re gonna move before and then I’ll move to some flower I’m I would say I’m 6040 flower probably yeah right now I’d say it depends on like what I’m doing for the day like these days when I know I’m just gonna sit around and smoke a lot of weed granted we’re working right now yeah I don’t know if you guys can tell out there this is hard work hard work but at the same time on mrs. Devin you’re at the same time you know I want I like smoking a little flower in the morning because that just gets me warmed up you know nothing too far on either end of the spectrum I’m just something nice and balanced in the morning oh I’ve been going for a lot of hikes and runs during this whole quarantine thing before I do that I like to eat a edible and take a DAB so I get that initial kick and then I get the creep when I’m out there on my hike from the edible yeah I’ll tell you why I definitely been getting a little bit of an indica kick on some of these with a lot of dosti crosses being on the table nothing to complain about though as a partner Josie’s definitely maybe top ten where’s that limit appeal and you need something I had to bring you back well that’s wrong there’s some more that Schrom little melon over there oh that shit makes you almost fuckin like shit your pants it’s a fucking turkey whatever you back from anything but I’ll bring you back that’s like smelling salt dude that just BAM it fucking breezy bad ooh that was tasty pose that nice that look Tim Dorsey dosey doe sees on your taken from Padres I’m a prince from some dry materials right material go see and that smells bomb 73 I think I need me one of them beautiful ears we got next up on the list here porch Peter Peter Piper Peter Piper I like it did Peter Piper double O if you guys think the next type strain will be oh man that’s hard uh it depends really how you define height you know yeah a lot of people up to meet height always meant something that was didn’t type up to it and for some reason type in pliers overly hired me I’m ready and I don’t know if it’s just the way I interpret it or if it’s the true meaning of the word but when I hear hype it just implies that there was some underachieving going on somewhere yeah or it’s not as good as is as all the hype you know like people like to say did LeBron James live up to the height you know when I when I when a strain is really hyped up and then I try it for the first time it’s a did LeBron James live up to the height type thing you know right and either you do or you don’t you know and you’re either LeBron James or you’re not and we smoke a lot of different flavors and consistencies and you know different things all the time and there’s very few LeBron Jameses out there it’s just still looking for that Michael Jordan yeah it’s just really hard to call out the next thing you know it’s like you don’t really know what people are gonna like you know and we can take our best guesses you know there might even be a few on the table here but you never really know I don’t know if it’s even so much what people like or it’s like what gets marketed yeah the right way and really strong people and if you tell someone they like something eventually they just start to like it I feel like we’re now now we live in an era where less people are thinking for themselves and more people are just like oh like I was saying with how you define height I think there’s some people out there that just think height means like the dope shit you know like this is the best shit oh it’s height because it’s the best that’s why it’s so hyped up and I just don’t think that’s the reality you know so a lot of times these hype strains when you ask what’s the next hype strain gonna be it’s hard to predict because it could almost be anything it’s not necessarily like a direct correlation to what’s the best shit out at that time right you know yeah a lot of the hype strains that have you know came to fame over law school beers has really just been all marketing yeah I’m saying there’s really a lot of them don’t even really have true genetics behind them it’s a lot of just renaming and shit it’s kind of sad you know so that’s why it’s really hard to call out what the next thing is gonna be because there’s a lot of you know fake marketing going on yeah my best advice when it comes to that is just don’t follow the hype yeah Trust trust your own palate trust your instincts man one thing I’ve always thought about weed is like once you smoke enough of it and you try enough different things you almost art too like a fucking scent hound you know with your nose if there’s something good in there right now yeah and then you dig into it and you smoke it and most the times at least in my opinion my nose doesn’t doesn’t do me wrong you know usually not it’s gonna steer you in the right direction all I’m saying is trust your own personal preferences and your own experience once you have some over what you know mainstream weed branding and marketing is telling you is the best shit it’s usually not the same thing yeah it’s usually those fucking 7-8 weekers that they can pump out and there were yeah that’s just the truth I’m not being a hater you know more power to man if that’s how you make money in the corporate weekend and so be it you know that’s why you guys see us get so excited sometimes when we smoke different things like that Traum we smoke the other night we got all hyped up yeah it’s like man that’s I can’t find that readily that’s not something that’s just out there because it’s not the most cost-efficient for all these people that are like doing shit at scale and yeah that’s why you guys ask us all the time you know why why is what’s the hype behind this train why do you guys review these types of strains why don’t you guys review these types of strains why aren’t you why aren’t you done cool Auto why haven’t you done hey lotto why was you done little Otto and Otto I don’t know man yeah cuz we’re over it we’re over here over that turd man it’s just it’s the same thing in different bags for me that’s just I don’t know to me lately when it when we start talking about the hype thing that’s just like my go-to rant and you guys have probably heard it before so nine out I’ll put it to rest but you guys know how we feel at this point yeah about hype weed in general nine out of ten times it tastes like gelato 41 I’m just gonna put it at that the next question right now like / co’ / how you say that I don’t know you really tell me that’s his Instagram dirt mover / Coover what’s your favorite turf profiles to hit in the a.m. my favorite thing is everything citrusy like I said usually it’s just a TV dad I feel like you know we kind of answered this one earlier it always just app yeah that’s a turkey time latter profile is something different what flavors do you okay well yeah honestly I like this lemon fucking zest though on the lemon feel it just depends on again like I don’t want the same thing every single day right variety is the spice of life you know when it comes everything really depends on the mood that I’m in that particular day yeah whatever they want what I want to get done what I have to get done what I want to do with my day that all depends on the turf profile that I’m trying to smooth kinda you know yeah because nine out of ten times the tail profile you’re searching for is kind of a high that you get to you know if you want something super citrusy you’re usually gonna get kind of sativa bug which is nice in the morning to me so I think that’s what I’m gonna go with this something Lebanon something awesome not tangi not something too over-the-top bitter that’s gonna fucking stick on my palate all morning but something fruity which you know just sativas as you know there may be incorrectly you know label or chemically or fruity flavors into a candy Jack fuckin you know a brighter flavor a training which is like you know lifesaver it’s cherry lifesavers to me something like that I’d say yeah if I had to just average it out I said do maybe lean more towards the fruity or sweeter although the berries and all the more candy typed herbs in the mornings yeah and if I’m gonna do something that’s like super you know thick heavy musky I guess maybe that’s it tends to be a lot more traditional indicas you know so you I would you know probably smoke those more often at night I don’t know if it’s because of the Turks themselves that I choose to do it that way well yeah I would say if I had to give it you know the best answer I could come up with is probably you know fruity in the morning taking musky at night yeah and it’s usually uppity in the morning and down at night it usually works at every time because I’m the first woman to go to bed and I’ll smoke that funky shit any time in the day I’ll smoke that funky funk in the trunk and it’s got that real funk to it it doesn’t matter it don’t matter I don’t dude gettin a bowl ready for this buzzer driving screens to figure it out man which one you gonna do you got decisions in fronting you gotta make them I know alright yeah it’s alright I’m getting through I see who we got here next Josh D granite this guy was talking about glass I’m gonna pull this never mess with Sol glass what do you think of an extra next to sod I think he’s talking about seed of life suit of life glass works yeah I actually pulled up a picture here a bomb that I really liked from him okay yeah that’s like the scientific type glass that has the sacred geometry yeah Sam blasting all over him I’ve never tried it I mean some of these look pretty cool I’ve never tried as well so you know I can’t speak on it too much but he also asked how it stands up to a song I don’t know I haven’t hit one but you know it looks like that kind of style oh it’s like that kind of style which I really like that was my favorite kind of style of bong this is similar to you know like a not a stem to a because but you know what I mean the same bills and probably different perk mechanisms and everything on the inside but same build same same look in your hand yeah Christ I think like we were talking about earlier you know the kind of last 10 years you look at the evolution of the class scene and there was a specialty maybe seven to ten years ago there was a big emphasis and a big hype on like the most scientific class that you could have yeah and what it was all about percolation and bubble stacking and drag and all these different factors you know that people were looking at it more from a scientific aspect of getting attaining the perfect rib you know right and I don’t know I think we were always interested in that too and after a while you just kind of realized like man it really just again you’re too break it depends on what you want in the moment yeah sometimes you want something that is just like super smooth and this is super like this thing this double bug right here is so smooth that you can just take big old you know big rips out of it blow big cloud Carvel and it’s super smooth sometimes I do want a little bit dry rip like for some concentrates right that one’s kind of like in the middle type rig right the other one over there is super smooth you can take big big dabs like this sometimes I want a smaller piece it’s a little more dry it just depend for flour typically I want a big chugger or like a stem line or something like that that’s gonna you know diffuse it a little bit to where it gets a chug but not over-the-top so yeah it’s double perc bonus can be over the top and then you got your ash catcher hanging off it’s like you know we used to do that back in the day I’m not fucking saying we’re not guilty of it but I think it was personally just a little bit of overkill and we’re a little young and naive and you know when we’ve changed our way it was fun no it’s not I mean the industry evolves to like total are making rigs super tiny on purpose like that’s it also is fueled by what the industry as far as what we’re consuming is doing right yeah there’s way more people taking dabs now totally which started with the whole pho thing and now has gone into you know rosin most of the people making these really heavy rigs or forgive people that smoke this really expensive rosin for sure you know yeah and so you look at what types of like the direction that the glass game goes as a whole and it’s completely fueled by what people are smoking yeah that’s why rigs got smaller and became more about flavor and less about diffusing a huge flour rip like they used to be you know right because you don’t need to diffuse concentrates because there’s a significantly less tolerance should you just want to retain as much flavor as possible you know as long I can give anything up for a smoother drip when it’s shit already if it’s done right it should already be relatively smooth enough you know exactly but to answer this guy’s question as far as see the wife’s class goes I don’t know man I haven’t actually held one in hand there’s a lot of artists or whatever you would call these pong companies you know I think doing something on a lay is a little bit different than doing something by hand from like the art perspective but at the same time there’s so many brands out there that are doing very similar stuff to what Saab and Toro used to do and there’s a time where like that would be looked down upon but now there’s just like so many ripoffs the American and non American and I will think everybody try to dip their toes into blowing glass and you know it’s it’s a skill that you can learn with a lot of practice but if you’re not bringing any original creativity or ideas to the table yeah how far can you get with it you know well what are you gonna do to MIT to add something to the to the glass commedia and it’s kind of like a fucking unwritten rule that if you’re gonna be like a true NaVorro fucking glass company that you can’t like rip off somebody else’s fucking you know perc designs and shit like that right there now there’s I’m used to not be able to write but now people are kind of like but that’s why I always look back to you know the nostalgic book in old-school brands like Sauve and Toro even even though Toro got kind of sold out at the end there but they were original purpose Ines you know I’m saying so to me those guys are always gonna be just a little bit cooler than these other guys that could be ripping off perk designs and shit not saying they are but come from I just always gravitate towards the artists and appreciate the artist that brings some type of innovation and yes they push the ball forward innovation you know when it comes to any type of art or really anything a matter what your profession is yeah I knew some some guys that worked a lot harder than others and put the the time and the planning into it you know yeah well you when you watch these glass artists draw their shit out in like 3-dimensional fucking graphs and shit and on graph paper and do it like like an architect building something instead of just like some dude on a torch right you gain another appreciation for what some of them are able to do so totally I don’t know the glass rant over glass burner like I can’t I can’t speak on seed of life glass cuz I haven’t seen it but it doesn’t looks pretty good on paper I’d like to try for sure ice brings us to our last question guys this one comes from T loves glass is putting dabs on top of a bowl a big no-no for you guys or are you down for the mix I’m gonna answer that question right now dude I’m putting some weight in the bowl here and then we’re gonna put some rosin right on top then I hit it there you go see what it’s just everything keeps going back to to the point that you know I was trying to make earlier like I just love variety man yeah I would have gotten tired of smoking weed by now if there wasn’t such variety and if there wasn’t always new things to try and yeah you know new techniques yeah it looks nice you can’t tell me that doesn’t look nice it’s fun to watch Mel is it the most efficient way to smoke it no probably not but does that matter necessarily all the time you want to take ten dabs and smoke five bowls or do you want to take one less of each and you know you see how their marriage together work there’s nothing wrong with that that actually tasted pretty good you know I’m saying is it the most efficient way that Shane said no I honestly I think putting it on the screen or hitting it onto the courts after it cools down is probably the best but that’s tasty right now you have this bowl that’s that will go around for a while yeah it melts down into the weed it makes it last longer I do it with Bob a lot cuz he likes it he calls it the damn sandwich least call them widow-makers back in the day right it was like more than five but again you go back to like how things have evolved like we we didn’t have all these different we didn’t have emails back then we didn’t have all these different contraptions and we did you know had never done screen tech like it was all about at the time finding the best way to smoke it and I was like well let’s put it on top of weed and try not to burn it doesn’t that taste just bring you back to like high school a little bit a little bit happier you know a little bit more like a general hash taste because I liked it sometime it has something to do with it getting hit with the flame versus you know whatever it happens on the nail I like it yeah I think basically biggest takeaway from from that question and from this episode as a whole is just like variety is the spice of life right and I think if you’re if you read the weed it applies there more so than almost anywhere else you know oh yeah like I said I feel like my love of weed is the sticking point to why I love weed so much is just the endless endeavor of trying new shit new shit bring me new shit that’s what we want constantly new strains new types of hash hopefully I’m trying to impress well hey I’m trying to see what I want some yeah the dog wants to get high so I fucked it I wasn’t I’m I don’t even know where I was going with that week and we’re gonna get the fuck out of here for another episode or something next throw your questions down there in the comments and we’ll see you guys next week yes peace goodbye [Music] [Music]