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We’ve been heavy on the Moonbow lately. In this one, we dive into a citrus pool of terps with the combination of Tangie and Moonbow. This pheno is Tangie dominant in flavor and smell. Smoke along and get pied!!! Genetics: @archiveseedbank @dnagenetics Comment below to tell us the next strain we should review! SHANE’S CHANNEL:…

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wrap her up and throw her off the bridge ha oh hey man how you like imma do feathers oh damn yeah oh my god I look like my Pappy you look like a home alone cuz your Pappy haircut right here and you look like a character out of Caddyshack I’ll tell you what [Music] laughs a certified levitation [Music] [Music] what up guys welcome to the CCC I’m Shane I’m Danny and we are back for another sprain review today we have in front of us in this nice little jelly jar so I’m tangi moonbow so another moonbow cross second or third we’ve reviewed recently that has some tangi influence in it so yeah definitely we got our citrus Terps kicking in this one here obviously the moonbow now that you guys getting familiar with it is a male doe C and a female skittles clone that’s what made the moonbow this jar right here definitely stuck out of the pile to me obviously you see here some nice big chunky nugs as you’re looking on the close-up the Terps on this one are definitely way harder on the tangi side seems to be where it’s leaning yeah usually at least from my experience you know when I see Tangie and anything it kind of dominates right at least smell wise it’s one of those traits that’s definitely very seems to be very dominant as present in almost any cross that has it you know yeah generally what I’m looking for to clean up a typical tangi it’s just a little bit nicer structure you know and everybody’s gonna say oh my turn to cook kills a nice fat I slugs but just in general I’m usually looking for something that presents a little bit nicer and gets me a little bit higher I agree with you I agree with you on that and honestly and this strain right here I feel like that was achieved there is better structure definitely I feel like on that right yes citrusy even for @anjghie it is very citrusy usually the tangi is bitter I feel like this lightened it up a little bit definitely still heavy on the tangi side it’s a little bitter but it’s not as look at that sharp almost metallic bitter even right flavor it’s a it’s a tough one to really describe you think tangi Oh tastes like tangerines now it’s not that simple yeah as you guys can see here I was about halfway through a joint already coming into this video and you know I want I did that because I wanted to kind of take the buzz in a little bit more than previous videos I feel like you know it’s like 10 minutes after the video is already over and we’re like Tammy stone like that shit’s creeper this and that so wanted to try this one a little bit earlier and come into the video a little more stoned I’m liking it it’s definitely got that sativa kick but the dosa dough is definitely mellowing it out on tray v yeah check out I was tasting in the bub I can check out how this roaches tasting not have to relight it honestly it’s kind of fizzling out there mmm I do like the smell on this I really do you know I’m not a big tangi fan when it comes to that pungent bitter smell like I’ve been saying but this this is it’s very mild but it’s there Wow you know it bit there you know what it is about tangi terms is I think it’s kind of how it was with the purp thing IG viewers will remember way back in the day we used to kind of sarcastically clown on purple weed and everybody some people thought it was because we didn’t like it some people got the joke and realized it was just because of how played out it was becoming it was like everything had to be purple for a while yeah then once we got into more involved in the weed you know seen and started doing reviews and running a business and all that type of thing you really got to see how the fads really Drive pretty much the whole market you know and tangi was definitely the hype fad strain for a little while there just when all those cups a few years ago yeah I mean it’s Hudson straight started popping I was gonna say it’s definitely a an extract strain for sure you know it’s definitely friendly for those who like those super citrusy dabs but I think even in extract form it’s very bitter you know tangi buds so if you have you know to find the right cut you have to find the right car you have to cross it with the right thing there’s one that’s a little bit sweeter and how that makes a little bit that really flying green but as opposed to some of those darker greens if you give them some tan G’s tangent actually get pretty colorful yeah but there’s also super lime-green cuts of it we also are gonna be featuring tangi on gangbusters because there’s kind of a myth of even where tangent came from and what it is so stay tuned for that time to do the first tank Buster’s dang Buster’s dead or not dead or not were coming for you he doesn’t understand we’re we’re doing a lot of videos out here yesterday I think we did seven eight videos this is the first one of the day today so that’s why we’re a little bit more a little bit more bounce with it but oh I’ll tell you what by the sixth seventh eighth video last night you could tell I have no business rating the buzz or the effect yeah in a review at that point this is the first flower I’ve smoked today so I’m getting a true representation of it very uplifting cerebral in the head made my body warm just trying to describe a few things I’m feeling right now definitely good I like the buzz it’s not too heavy so it’s a good morning smoke I like the moon bow so much for its being I get excited about new boat crosses but if it takes away too much from the chase the Terps that I like from the moon bow if it takes from it and doesn’t add as much to it it’s not it’s it’s a tough one for me yeah I haven’t been hating the tangi terms as much lately as I have over the past couple years oh and I think it’s because we have gotten a little bit of a break from it you know yeah hasn’t been the height the last year – so right now it’s now it can be one of those things where it’s nice to go back and revisit every now and I feel like it’s also much more of a morning smoke for me I’m not gonna smoke tangi at night it’s just not something I’m looking for but you know to start my day out I over the years like he said my tolerance for tangi has definitely went up and you know I can get down with the tangi especially a cross like this you know I feel like it might have just taken away a little too much from the moonbow like you were saying yeah you know that’s all that’s the one knock and I get it it’s a nice structure the thing is if you’re looking to pump up the tangi like if you’re looking it depends on your goal right as the breeder what do you what you’re looking for as well – right like if you’re looking for a tangent with better structure this is it but if you want a moonbow that just has a little touch of tangi then you’ve probably got to go back to the batter’s box on that soccers in here I think curious to know what kind of numbers this one does I have to ask but you can’t get him on the podcast next yeah well I think that probably does it for this one huh yeah I’m high this this day’s gonna be hard to get through already let’s get to it thank you guys for joining us if you want some more content like this click down there on the channel go to the channel we got a bunch of playlists yeah a bunch of strain reviews although stretches tours a lot of fun go check it out now but for now but for now right now in the present right now present moment really good bye see ya good bye even though you’re watching this and it’s not right now mmm you know what whenever they’re watching this is not right now it’s not now and even right no it’s gone right now it’s already coming it wasn’t the right now there is no war now there’s no now sir I mean it’s either on or is it all now it’s always ticking so that work it’s like now oh you know now it’s gone there’s their noun guys check it out of dictionary I don’t know my brain hurts [Music] you [Music]