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In this schvidja, we are taking a look at some (Gelato41 X Dosidos) X Sunset Sherbet. Just when you thought we were done with the Gelato, we bring it back! This one hits a little different though. Much more sunset sherbet showing dominance in the smell and flavor. This is no surprise though because Sherbet…

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oh there’s like an extreme skunky like deep funk to this one that like I said Oh lighter down lighter down okay I thought we had three letters just when you come over you got this book in when you think you got it all figured out huh is it wrong to say Kobe is my favorite player if I fucking drill shot like that we’ve been Kobe in since seventh grade yeah I think it’s wrong if you say Kobe Watts in the air and then brick is I think I think gonna be disappointed if he went through what he’s gone through at this point and you didn’t keep doing it right I mean you’re Vinson you’re keeping his image and representation alive right is that his long evening late yeah as long as you know it’s totally you’re paying up oh you fucked me although half in the middle of it hit okay that’s the first time I think done did you blow it out your ass [Music] [Music] okay this molecule it’s not fuel lotto it’s got like one sliver bottom in there all right girl what up guys welcome to CCC I’m Shane I’m Danny and we got Fletcher in the house once again to help us do another review here what are we looking at today Fletcher it’s a gelato 41 tostito male cross this shirt mmm sunset sherbert man that’s that strains been a staple for a while now huh just yeah I thought we were done with the gelato we’re back well it’s it’s more of a serve because you know gelatos half sure across the shirt again right so you’re talking about there’s very very little lot Oh mostly sure lot oh yes there’s a sliver in there of gelato but honestly I’d like to live smoked the jar translated to the crunch smell on this one goes from about a 3 to about a nine and over me know he was dressed by smoking so I can take the body she’s y’all know what a risk oh oh wait can I make every day a navy estas hey so I’m gonna call pick up a bag and say I’m probably a stone [Music] that’s a good example of something that you miss out today with you know buying whether you’re in a shop whether you’re medical or recreational don’t let you squeeze a button get the true nose they show you the same jars been getting popped all day long we know and that’s if you can even smell it well they do in Oregon in Oregon I they’ll let you handle the weed they don’t let you handle it about you but you can smell the jar and our bud tenders can like take the chopsticks and like push it on a nugget and then we also have a quarter ounce jar mm-hmm that’s on the Shelf that we use to be able to show people that’s tired so the bud tenders have gloves on or whatever or chopstick or whatever is and they’ll push on the nug and then let you smell a little quarter ounce jar with coronavirus thing I think we stopped doing that because just for health reasons yeah but that’s what we did do for sure and I mean we haven’t you know we haven’t had any issues with people getting sick or anything but it was just you know a health advisory and we figured it’d probably be smart to not do that during the pandemic era yeah there’s so much smell trapped inside this bud by just cracking the lid on the jar and smelling it I would have honestly not thought it was anything special it does look good but I probably just kept moving to the jars but then you give it just that little bit of crack almost yeah it’s like when water goes up down the wrong pipe yeah through your nose the smoke comes out your ass yeah I think that’s a little smoke so apparently the buzz on this cross here makes you a little salty in some cases yeah it’s like I’m laughing pretty good over here I was like this it’s like malt liquor it just gives you that fuckin angry hi so maybe a good outlet for this let me go throw a ball around go shoot some hoops gonna stay inside get that energy up yeah it’s a beautiful day outside I say we take it to the streets let’s take it to the streets that means we gotta try to get out of here guys thanks for joining us for another one will be back for another one at some point another one until then sayonara later Billy Hayes here you guys to check it out man I wrote fucking joint matter outside kickin it blazin you know what I’m sayin fuck yeah let’s get down did you call me young Billy Hayes the water was smoking that a lot oh sure a lot oh sure it’s time to find that thing huh fire it on it [Music] smoking on the shirt gabato smokin on the show gelato smokes coming my way over here there’s a mighty fine smoke right there okay you what it’s not very sherbert taste going there you taste like a gelato tastes like a de lot oh that’s some good clothes it oh that’s you know what I woke up this morning I thought I was ugly and then I saw your building and I realized I’m actually pretty good here better man saw your face there’s three of us oh my god there’s us that version of us that average which one’s real she’s like I’m real but we could be wrong right Einstein equals NP square yeah yeah we back Danny flavors and oh man if you bring your best I’m gonna do [Music]