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Today we sit down to take a look at the Rainbow Belts from Archive Seed Bank. Rainbow Belts is a mouth watering cross between Zkittles x Moonbow. Genetics: @archiveseedbank Glass Artist Featured: @mnpglassco Comment below to tell us the next strain we should review! SHANE’S CHANNEL: DANNY’S CHANNEL: REAL ONES PODCAST CHANNEL:

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I already try to tell him that I’m sick I’m the pathogen my six teens leaving stiff like a mannequin hold me down in age town they say I’m throat like a javelin I’ve been smoking so much Billy that I’m feeling like Madison they like oh Mack man wait you’ve been that again I’m like time traveling and rapping and battle them roll the bun up at the bat again what up you guys welcome the CCC I’m Shane I’m Danny man we’re back for another stray interview today we are checking out something pretty special this is a strain that we’ve never had on the show before this is called rainbow belts this one is from archives TV yeah this right here guys this is a skittles cross oh it’s the skittles clone crossed with the moonbow 75 and I got to say this is it definitely is a more creamy I would say how do you even explain this it definitely smells like skittles you have that intense fruitiness and skill a good skittles to me has always been like a it’s hard to pinpoint exactly which fruit it would be but it’s a very fruity tropical smell that’s always very refreshing to me I’m definitely getting that with this one that it’s one of the most I don’t know another word to describe it other than refreshing one of the most refreshing terpene profiles out there as far as I’m concerned and this this one is no exception yeah definitely you know what the word is for it men dank this right here is dank you get a almost a totally different aroma when you crack the bud in half and you just get that fresh that fresh smell of it it’s like it’s got that skittles front end but the back end is like that just dink like skunk you know I’m saying which I feel like a lot of herb is almost missing these days it’s kind of just bred for that fruitiness this has that dank trapped inside which I really like definitely pretty funky as far as like the brezin goes on it it’s not the stickiest definitely getting more and more of a pungent smell as I kind of rip into this weed right here you already roll up the joint you broke that down I did and honestly by breaking it down I thought it had a decent stick factor I think it will pass the state test right here it’s sticking to my finger so far it does fall off eventually so it could be a little stickier I do agree with you but it does have some stick to it yeah I don’t even necessarily think that’s a bad thing you know I’m saying I think this is what resonant dryly yes some some resin just naturally has a little bit more of a stick to it like mo but it’s always gonna be in deke yeah as far as like more of a driver right yeah super dry you’re not gonna find me in there is Chuck I’ve had sticky Bobo but it’s just morbid it’s not as sticky as a wet resident might be you know it’s more dry there’s multiple distinct different versions and you can tell by the nature of the resin rather you get it kind of where it lies were you smoking our drug Darrell I got this nice old school double double bug here nice heavy little piece this is like this was the ultimate piece to have from age like 15 to 20 to me yeah and dude that’s Trivium that glass was all about like you got a great joke to it then high school was all about the choke just like you said and you know it was kind of about the heart work and then you know right about when I turned like 19 I’d say or so kind of around the same time we started this channel it just all of a sudden turned a scientific how many stack how high it’s tags how many bubbles there are in the chamber and it’s like I kind of like you know this this glass was almost bred for flavor where the other stuff is like just for diffusing tell you what this thing purrs man yeah you like it definitely like you’re like you’re saying there was a distinct switchover from the heady more artsy stuff more like the scientific an emphasis on the scientific and the function of the piece but more so than just the aesthetic of it oh this one actually kind of has the best of both worlds because it does have a nice hole over to it man I got to say get back to the weed guys this stuff has an amazing flavor I’m definitely getting that you know fruity skittles taste for sure I’m guessing that’s why it’s called rainbow belts hmm but there’s also a creamy skunky back into it like I said in the smell is definitely delivering through in the flavor for me it’s smooth its expansive you can feel it but it’s still very smooth especially out of it you should try this one why don’t we do the old switcheroo old switcheroo that thing is it’s quite the ride oh you left me a little half green earth right now you tell me that etiquette remember that corner that shit you got a corner your bowls guy professional man it’s got all of your joints because they never cease to surprise they’re always shaped different that’s pregnant this one’s like you pregnant but kind of in the wrong spot it’s like that low pregnant belly you know it’s like the Phils gonna get chunky just right before his get skinny ass let me put it that way Wow this does a night choke to it man very expensive guys this stuff flavor comes through more on the joint oh yeah yeah this was a good a good rivet that tastes amazing so for some reason some strains you know they taste better depending on what you’re smoking it through or it could just be the fact that I hit that joint first and then smoked you know a cornered bowl that could have something to do with it too regardless let’s get into rating this stuff what do you say for me the smells the number one thing that stands out first and foremost I probably have to give that the highest rating this is this is a flavor this is a terpene profile that I really like in general right you know that I definitely like a lot more yeah you know fuelie gassy skunky funky strains but when I want something like a little bit sweeter a little bit fruity or a little bit more okay I keep going back to the word refreshing one thing this one is for me it’s just very refreshing flavor correct that I enjoy any time of the day it’s like yeah you just pop the top on the jar and it’s just refreshing that’s a very good way to put it it’s hard to describe but it’s very refreshing and like you said the smell to me is one of the most important things right and that’s what’s coming through the most in this string so that’s definitely a positive I would have to give this smell yeah I’m gonna give it like a 9.5 on the smell just cuz I fuck with this term and I think it’s really when you crack it open it gives you a whole different profile so I like that yeah I would agree with that 9.5 seems pretty solid for me these particular buds right here a little bit on the smaller side this is the last of what there was of this yeah I normally I probably wouldn’t even have reviewed something because I’m sure with the rest of this they were you know some bigger nuts are maybe a little bit more camera friendly as far as you know the entire crop of this goes but they’re everyone’s tomorrow there’s something that just has everything else going for it yeah you know we have all this weed because we’re not necessarily this is gonna be the best one but this is one jar open right away could smell it and I was like yeah we got to do this let’s do this not try that just goes to show that looks is not everything with weed especially it’s like you know it could you know not to say this this doesn’t look bad you know I’m saying what’s your right looks are not the much exactly buddies I guess maybe depending on your personal preference looking for something different as far as like what you weigh as the most important factors when it comes to the quality of your weed whether it’s the buzz whether it’s the flavour whether it’s the cleanliness whatever it is like for me it’s usually taste and flavor taste and flavor man yeah this stuff a few actual facts we have this stuff also does grow pretty good it’s eight weeks you can push it to nine if you want a little bit chunkier but it can be finished at 8 it’s kind of leafy and it’s a medium yield but you know it’s better than being you know they’re these were popcorn buzz but like Shane said is that it was like the bottom of the badge so to speak so you know I’m guessing there was bigger knockers in their flavor on this one is really really nice though yeah it’s got me a racy high for sure so I would say you know it’s I don’t know what the exact you know 60/40 70/30 is but it definitely seems a little silly to me seems like a nice balanced side of me yeah I can enjoy this one like I said any time of day that’s the thing everything is a balance these days but there’s no there’s nothing that’s like a 90% sativa or 90% indica these days it’s all hyper dry enjoyed this one in the joint and the bubbler I really really like the way that hits I haven’t hit yeah a really nice double bub like that it’s just something that has kind of that old-school feel it has crazy weight to it you know I’m not used to a peace feeling that anything that’s you know been made in the last 10 years it’s just you don’t see stuff that’s that big it’s got some weight for sure definitely cool piece I’m gonna take one more hit here what are we on I’m just gonna run through my rating right here yeah we got flavor and smell I’m given 9 across the board okay looks I’m gonna go 7 ok hi I’m gonna do another 9 so what probably a 8 8 point 7 5 something like that 8 point 7 5 that’s a fair rating yeah I’m gonna go nine point five on the smell looks I’m gonna give like a 7 point 5 just due to you know the size of the buds and you know like I said looks aren’t always everything but we have to we have to rate him and right so looks I’m given 7.5 the high definitely like a 9.5 I’m fucking with the high it’s definitely got me lit up so overall no I’m gonna give it you know 8.5 you ever notice there’s like times where we’re smoking something and then I’m like about to pass it to you during a video and then you get something else going so that I’m just hearing like well I’m gonna keep it Florina I fit the joint seven times you’re not over here Bogart well I’ve got the ball I saw you packed a bowl you’re gonna hit the five you know I’m perfectly happy sitting over here with this joint – that’s just my ATD at work man this strain you know the high is a creeper I’m not gonna lie I mean I’m getting higher I think by the second hey what do you think when you get the Scooby Snack and it’s good I like that yeah I like that movie snack smart great good all those screws nice yeah I’m lit up like a parking lot ladies and gentlemen and we hope you are to go down there in the comments but you guys are smoking on today we know this video is a train wreck we’re rusty especially this guy over here Jesus hey guys this was the rainbow bells and as you can see it’s got us lit up so I think we’re gonna kind of just abruptly make our exit here on being later guys he’s Shane let me back for another one of these real soon yeah pretty soon Oh keep watching whoa until next time you wear the CCC fine goodbye sayonara those kinda fresh man butterball and only sophomores dominating every column in the box score yeah I got a lot I’m I need a lot more trying to make it to the top like the sock drawer I’m getting stamped like I’m over at the notary and she get the ticket chick ain’t never getting over me trappers deep