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18+ CANADIAN CANNABIS For my 216th Canadian Cannabis review, we have a strain called Platinum Blackberry given to me by Speed Greens. Patreon – Instagram – @Mr.CanadianCannabis Email – During my reviews I will mention the look, smell, taste, smoke & effect. Please note that effects may differ from person to person and…

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[Music] hey there team and welcome to Canadian cannabis for today we’ve actually got a strain that we’ve checked out before one that was given to us by the good people at speed greens it’s a strain called platinum blackberry so let’s not waste any time let’s take a closer look at this bad boy and see exactly what it looks like so as we can see it’s got a beautiful kind of bluish greenish color to it looks great against those orange hairs and it’s almost like a perfectly round looking nug definitely makes me think it’s gonna be an indica but we’ll know more about that very soon it’s got a great trim job no extra leaves and even has some beautiful outside glistening trichomes just waiting to be set on fire overall it looks beautiful so now let’s break this bad boy open and see what its gonna smell like platinum blackberry Platinum is a metal as far as I know and blackberry is that little fruit with tons of little seeds in it so not hundred percent sure what we’re gonna smell nice and fresh wow that’s amazing whoo almost like a sweet herbal diesel it’s got some spiciness to it that is not at all what I thought it would be I really thought it would be mostly sweet cuz I mean they called it blackberry but it’s got so much more going on like a sweet herbal spicy diesel that is so cool let’s dump all this nugatory into our grinder so we could check it on out now I have no clue what kind of buzz we’re gonna get from this bad boy the look of the nut made me think it was gonna be a bit more of a heavy relaxing buzz and the smell also makes me think that because of that heavier spicy herbal gassy does tend to come with a bit more of a heavy body buzz but let’s check it out together right now just gonna grab my heizo papers love these bad boys every time I buy a pack they plant a tree so absolutely love that let’s just make sure our cuts the right size put it in there we’ll grab our beautiful platinum blackberry flower dump it in our paper and let’s roll it on up very excited to check out this bad boy like I said we have tried it before so if you want you can go back and look like maybe a month a month and a half two months ago we checked it out already so you could compare and contrast what the last batch was with this one and see which one you think you’d like more and then drop it in the comments if you’ve checked out the last video and then you’re watching this video which one do you think you’d like more between the look of the two of them the smell of the two of them now we’re about to light it on fire so we could check out how this bad boy smokes but so far a beautiful compact dense round ugh nice outside trichomes nice smell the smell could be a bit stronger I think that’s gonna be my only negative so far is that I wish the smell was a bit stronger but man I’m really nitpicking because it is just a beautiful nug for sure so let’s just lick that bad boy make sure it sticks everywhere give it a good chance to burn and then we’ll pack up the tip here so we can light it on fire and see how it smokes a few more seconds make sure it’s packed up properly look around for my lighter looks like it’s over here there we have it we’ll get rid of that extra paper and let’s check out this platinum blackberry given to us by the good people at speed greens Cheers nice thick first puff I like that yeah nice thick smoke smooth smoke so far nothing weird happening in the throat all I get is a nice smooth smoke so I am happy and now that I’m smoking I actually get a bit more of that sweetness coming across but we’ll talk a bit more about that later for now I’ll take a few more puffs and then we’ll check out the ash but right now I am happy a nice smooth smoke no weirdness going on in the throat I don’t feel like coughing so let me take one more quick puff and then we’ll look at the ash so let’s take a quick look at the ash see exactly what that has to offer as we can see a beautiful consistency on the ash does have a little bit of darkness in it but I really can’t complain nice gray salt-and-pepper consistent ash doesn’t really have a resin ring maybe a little bit over there starting to form but really really small hasn’t really formed yet so maybe we’ll see later on but for now beautiful consistent ash so gotta love the consistent ash so before we said the smell was like a sweet herbal spicy gassy and the taste is more of like a herbal spicy with a little bit of sweetness on it I don’t really taste the gas maybe at the end of it but mostly I’m gonna get a herbal spicy with a little bit of sweetness on it again it isn’t the strongest punch you in the face tastes just like the smell so I kind of expected it but definitely a beautiful tasting cannabis so last but definitely not least the buzz on this bad boy is definitely gonna be indica dominant at least for me that’s how I’m feeling it mostly just aural axing body buzz it definitely has some euphoria it definitely goes to the head and scrambles around the brain a bit but mostly it’s gonna be heavy relaxing in the body so not an evenly balanced hybrid but you definitely get a little bit of both worlds just a beautiful beautiful buzz that’s for sure so with this batch of Clapton and Blackberry given to me by the good people at speed greens considering the look it was a nice bluish purple green nug super round compact had some outside trichomes nice and fresh when we broken open we got that spicy sweet herbal gassy smell very similar to the taste not as strong as I would like it but still very pleasant the smoke was a heavy smooth smoke as was a nice salt and pepper gray beautiful consistency still doesn’t really have a resin ring so that’s gonna be a shame but still a nice smooth smoke and the buzz was a nice relaxing heavy body dominant buzz with just a little bit of euphoria in the head just to top it off just awesome so considering all that I’m gonna have to give this batch of platinum blackberry given to me by the good people at speed greens and eight and a half on ten so that’s been this week’s episode of Canadian cannabis thanks for joining me hope to see you next week and as always peace and love Cheers you you