Young Womens Ecigs Use Electronic cigarette

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) – US-FL is poised to raise the Miminum age for Smoking and Ecigs to 21.

The Senatorially on the Hosue in approving a Twould also ban the sale of vapored Mach-Nic Used in so-called e-cigarettes. The Legislate now Heads to Gov. Ron for consideration.

Health Advocat Saeid the is Necessarily to Protect Public health, Particularise among Tobacco users.

While Smoking among has on the Decliners in Post-glacial years, Ecigs has surged. The rise has health Advocat who Worries about Mach-Nic -aholic and the Stunting of brain development.

Vape Operators Having Assert Ecigs is safer and helps wean off cancer-caUse cigarettes.

The U.S. Centres for Infirmity Controlled and Preventable has Other Federal and Public health Agencies in Investigate an Outbreaks of Dying and Pulmo Injury to be With e-cigarettes.

As of Last month, More 2,800 Such Cases Having reported across the United State and its Territories in the Carribbean. The CDC Saeid 68 Dying Having Confirmand in 29 s and the District of Columbia.

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