Mimosa is a sativa-dominant hybrid that’s 70% sativa and 30% indica. Its of us are Clementine and Red Punch, and it’s been increasing in reputation because it first looked in 2017. Folk revel within the uplifting effects and cerebral excessive of this flavorful stress. 

Sativa/Indica % Indoor Yield Outside Yield Flowering Duration
30% / 70% UNKNOWN UNKNOWN 9 weeks indoors, mid to unhurried October out of doors

Our Mimosa Tension Overview

  • Effects
  • Scent
  • Flavors
  • Detrimental reactions
  • Clinical
  • Rising
  • Flowering time
  • Foundation

For moderate marijuana patrons, it is supreme to paddle unhurried with this one, for the reason that Mimosa stress THC stage can vary from 17% to a staggering 30% reckoning on who grows it and how it’s grown. 

Mimosa is a gigantic manner to birth the day, and it will like a flash employ the area of your each day cup of coffee teams client herunterladen.

Details About the Mimosa Tension

ORIGIN Clementine and Red Punch
EFFECTS Lifeless burst of energy
FRAGRANCE Magnificent citrusy aroma
FLAVORS Citrusy, tropical flavors
MEDICAL Mood and stress relief
FLOWERING TIME OUTDOOR Mid to unhurried October
PLANT HEIGHT Medium height (30 to 80 inches)
THC CONTENT % 17% – 30 %
CBD % 0.05%
INDICA/SATIVA % 70% / 30%
CLIMATE Frigid, Sizzling & Temperate


As Mimosa’s excessive sets in, you will feel a unhurried burst of energy. If there used to be any brain fog, it like a flash dissipates and is modified by motivation and focal level. Most of the consequences are felt within the body somewhat than within the mind, leaving you euphoric yet relaxed.  

Mimosa is a engage-me-up that can presumably perhaps assign at bay sleep and encourage you to obtain things accomplished download windows 7 iso without key. It’s supreme taken all the diagram by the day when its uplifting and energy-boosting effects are Most noteworthy. 


Mimosa has a appetizing citrusy aroma. It blends each sweet and sour notes, exact worship the drink that this cannabis stress is named after. “Contemporary earthy herbs” and “woody florals” are steadily worn phrases when mimosa stress data is equipped by customers download microsoft office for free 2010.


This stress tastes exact worship it smells, a lot like a Mimosa. Berries mix with citrusy, tropical flavors, producing a sweet yet sour attain. 

Detrimental Reactions

You’ll desire to preserve hydrated with this stress.  Many of us suppose Mimosa causes excessive cottonmouth Download app does not work iphone. This implies you ought to employ the most necessary precautions, akin to hydrating earlier than, all the diagram by, and after you utilize this stress. There’s furthermore dry eyes. 

As soon as in a whereas, Mimosa induces emotions of fear, paranoia or dizziness. Here is most doubtless introduced on by taking too worthy, which is uncomplicated to carry out because it carries somewhat a punch by manner of its THC explain alexa skills for free. Continuing with caution and taking smaller doses might presumably perhaps paddle a lengthy manner in warding off this aspect attain.

Mimosa is an energizing weed stress that furthermore promotes focal level, so that it is seemingly you’ll presumably perhaps presumably lie awake on your bed lost on your concept except it wears off whenever you happen to employ this marijuana stress unhurried within the day or at evening. It’s supreme to employ it as you birth your day so as that there is time to place on off by the terminate of your day.


The Mimosa stress genetics of Red Punch and Clementine create so a lot of terpenes connected with mood and stress relief http Mood disorders, akin to depression, are steadily impacted by this stress, and masses suppose it is somewhat purposeful.  

The therapeutic effects of Mimosa are doubtless to be now not runt to uplifting your mood and combating stress, on the opposite hand.  For many, this stress is furthermore an fantastic trouble reliever, making aches and trouble melt away in its crammed with life and analgesic excessive.

If continual fatigue has been the bane of your existence, Mimosa is a must-strive. It affords an energy boost that makes nearly anyone get up and paddle fortnite download macbook air. A few folk suppose it furthermore helps to decrease nausea.


Mimosa stress seeds are amassed hard to obtain retain of, however whenever you happen to carry out, feed and nurture them fastidiously. This stress is amassed barely new, so there is minute identified about its anticipated yields.  Here is now not a stress for beginners, and for the time being, Mimosa stress seeds are doubtless to be now not feminized vcds software. The Mimosa plant desires so a lot of vitamins, so kind sure to create masses of rich soil, or add vitamins akin to Bergman’s Plant food. Doing so will toughen your chances of producing the absolute top Mimosa stress THC stage. 

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Flowering Time 


Mimosa takes roughly 9 weeks to flower. 


Mimosa is able to harvest mid to unhurried October.  

Mimosa is popping into extra stylish day after day, on the opposite hand it isn’t the absolute top to grow Download iphone photo. Own you ever grown it yet? If that’s the case, paddle away your feedback below.


1 Clementine
2 Red Punch

FAQ About the Mimosa stress

What’s the flowering interval of the Mimosa stress?

The Mimosa stress takes about 9 weeks to flower indoors and is able to harvest mid to unhurried. 

How worthy THC does the Mimosa stress have download website chrome?

The Mimosa stress has 17% to 30 % THC.

How worthy CBD does the Mimosa stress have?

The Mimosa stress has as minute as 0.05% CBD.

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