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18+ CANADIAN CANNABIS For my 199th Canadian Cannabis review, we have a strain called Pink Pug’s Breath given to me by Kootenay Craft search images for free. Patreon – Instagram – @Mr.CanadianCannabis Email – During my reviews I will mention the look, smell, taste, smoke & effect all icloud photos mac. Please note that effects may differ from person to person…

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let’s see if it smells like pink pugs breath I don’t know what to tell you let’s check it out whoo hey they’re team and welcome to Canadian cannabis for today we have another weird sounding strain I don’t know what is up with all these weird sounding strains lately but they don’t even kind of sound appetizing that being said you know I still had to check it out it’s a beautiful strain grown by the good people at Kootenai crafts it’s a strain called pink pugs breath pink pugs breath really I mean I don’t know where to start so I figured let’s start with checking out this nug and seeing exactly what pink pugs breath looks like so as you guys can see it is a huge nug this is like a 5 gram nug and it is beautiful nice lime green color with these pinkish kind of spots maybe that’s where they added the pink pugs breath part cuz couldn’t really find any information about it online but we’ll talk about that a bit later let’s keep looking at this bad boy like I said it’s a nice bright mid green with these wiry bright orange hair sticking out everywhere just a beautiful color it’s got a great trim draw nice mature nugatory exactly what we want to see even has some full headed glistening outside trichomes over all this pink spunk pugs breath looks absolutely beautiful and that is not easy to say so we’ve looked at this bad boy now let’s break it on open and see what kind of smells were gonna get off of it Pink’s pink pugs breath man I’m going to keep messing that up but not the end of the world so let’s break this bad boy open let’s see if it smells like pink pugs breath I don’t know what to tell you let’s check it out who I mean I definitely wouldn’t say on that first poll I get any pugs breath almost like a sweet funky very very interesting smell doesn’t make me think at all of pugs breath so I don’t know why they named it that ooh there you go I guess I’m like some stanky funky like we did on the meet breath before yeah like a stinky funky sweet smell very very interesting it’s nice and sticky too to the fingers so hopefully we’re gonna get that smell coming across in the taste I mean and hopefully it’s a good taste cuz like who the heck is thinking I want my cannabis to taste like meat I mean that’s never that was never on my list I was never asking for that but for some reason they gave it to us anyway we got some meat smelling cannabis thinking weird so let’s break it on open and see what its gonna smoke like can’t wait to check out these Terps I really hope we got some new pinkie puggy meat eaters on our table here but we will find out together so looking at it on the table it does have a little bit of a pink kind of color speckled throughout it so maybe that’s why they called it pink bugs breath because all I could find online is that pink is that pugs breath is gonna be Mendoza bat cross with Mendo breath so really doesn’t tell me much I’ve never tried Mendo breath before but I guess that’s why we’re getting that super like rotten meat kind of smell coming across with that funky sweet spicy editions it is a weird terpene profile to say the least and I have no clue kind of buzz we’re gonna get off of this bad boy the bud I would say look like a sativa dominant hybrid bud but I mean I really have no clue I’m completely guessing usually I could tell with those brighter more happy smells that it’s gonna be ahead of your tight buzz but this one definitely didn’t have those kind of brighter more summertime Smouse this was way funkier which does make me think it’s gonna be a bit heavier of a bus so no clue the bud look makes me think it’s gonna be sativa dominant the bud smell makes me think it’s gonna be indica dominant so let’s try it out and see exactly which one it is I’m just gonna pack it on up here make sure it sticks everywhere and that we’re gonna pack the tip giving it a good chance to burn but super easy to roll it was a nice sticky fresh cannabis so I loved that having over dried cannabis is not only harder to roll but only scratch your on the throat there’s less taste so I always appreciate a nice fresh cannabis so we’ve talked enough let’s check out this pink pugs breath grown by the good people at Kootenai crafts Cheers beautiful first puff mmm a nice smooth medium body smoke tons of flavor just filling up my mouth and like no scratchiness no irritation exactly what we’re looking for Wow every puff I’m getting a different taste it is so cool and gonna be very difficult to try to explain to you guys but we’ll talk about that just a bit later for now we’re gonna take a few more puffs so we could check out the ash see exactly what that has to offer but so far beautiful thick smooth smoke tons of flavor exactly what we are looking for so let’s take a look at the ash see exactly what that has to offer as we can see it’s gonna be a nice mid gray a little bit of kind of darker specks in it but a nice consistent mid gray ash and if you look right here at my pinkie you can see a nice thick greasy resin ring starting to form exactly what we’re looking for with well grown cannabis it’s got so many full headed trichomes that it creates its own resin ring just beautiful and I am always stoked to see a nice consistent gray ash and a nice thick resin ring that is exactly what we want so we finally gotten there it’s time to talk about the terpenes and I don’t even know where to start it’s not something I’ve ever tasted before the only thing I could compare it to would be the meat breath that we’ve also tried from Kootenai craft but other than that is it’s just on a world of its own such a weird complicated terpene profile I’d say it definitely starts off with like a spicy funky almost rotting meat type taste and then it’s rounded off with like a herbal earthy kind of taste it is so complicated it is amazing like I’ve never tasted anything like this and I love a new terpene profile so last but definitely not least the buzz on this bad boy now before we said we had pretty much no clue what we were in for the look of the bud led us a bit more heavy tight buzz but the smell of the buzz the smell of the button made us think it would be a bit more of a body type buys and it’s I mean at least for me I would say a bit more heady it ended up being a bit more on the look side of the bud than the smell side now don’t get me wrong I still get the relaxing body traits too heavy relaxing and my fingers and arms and everywhere but mostly I feel it zoom up to my head scramble around my brain just a beautiful heady euphoric buzz I mean I definitely didn’t expect it because of that smell but for me at least it is a beautiful strong heady hybrid buzz that does not mess around so with this batch of pink bugs breath beautiful big bright green nug with these purple pinkish spots absolutely gorgeous look nice and sticky when we broke it open had this crazy complicated terpene profile that came across pretty much exactly the same on the taste I love when that happens smoke was smooth the ash was nice and consistent it had a greasy resin ring and the buzz was a beautiful strong hybrid buzz considering all that I’m gonna have to give this batch of pink bugs breath groan by the good people at Kootenai craft a 9 on 10 so that’s been this week’s episode of Canadian cannabis thanks for joining me hope to see next week and as always peace and love Cheers you