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what is going on let’s get big started guys how are you doing welcome back you are joining me for episode two of the Tyler green show so great to be here so great to have you just wait for some people to join and we’ll be kicking things off in just a moment I’ve got a new theme tune guys can you hear it and I’m gonna be reading the comments as we go as we launch things we’ll be making it interactive about mousey in the house yes yes mr avira virenschutz kostenlos downloaden deutsch. meeseeks look at me nice big up mark enjoying the new show appreciate that all right I’m going to turn the music down just a bit and we’ll kick things up you guys are awesome it is episode two as we said in the intro I want to thank our sponsors once again big up to the goods CBD company they got some awesome recreational CBD products out there and I’ve been using them for about two three months now really really liked them trice abilities there with the goods as well they take it from the sea to the plant all the way into the extracts and into the into the CBD product I’m consuming so yeah really rate these guys check them out for your CBD and chill out so first of all what I want to do in this high stream we’ll keep this interactive the whole way but I just want to quickly run over what we’ve been up to this week we released our weekly strain review featuring a strain called sunset sherbet you might be aware of sunset sherbet because it is one half of gelato and it combines Girl Scout cookies with pink panties to create a lovely delicious indica dominant high that is super popular was bred by mr shipp in ski and I have got to sample some organically grown non til rope runner sunset Sherpa on the channel this week and really enjoyed it so if you didn’t manage to catch up that with that review you can go and catch up right about now well after the high stream hopefully you can go and catch up with the latest strain with you and all of our reviews can be found on our website at I smoke mac co uk I’ll leave some links in the description after the broadcast for some reason there was a bit of a delay with YouTube actually scheduled in the streaming so I couldn’t prepare the links beforehand I’ll make sure if you’ve come back to anything that we’ve been talking about today there will be a link in the description alright so go and check out the sunset sherbet review the other thing we talked about this week which when I heard about it I was outraged is a chap called Tony that was basically raided twice in six weeks for growing medical cannabis to treat himself it’s Devon and Cornwall police area and basically the first time they came they cautioned in and then the second time they came they have basically initiated the the steps towards prosecution now and he’s a tease a pensioner he’s got kidney failure and it’s just an absolute outrage that he’s being criminalized for for growing cannabis plants to treat himself you know and and he has decided to try and get some more exposure on the story in to show the public what is going on because on one hand we’ve got in November 2018 Sajid Javid legalizing medical cannabis or see BPMS specific medical cannabis project their products for use in humans and then on the other hand we’ve got like hundreds if that prescriptions issued since that date when there’s 1.4 million medical cannabis patients so everybody is treating themselves illegally why should Tony be get into trouble for growing his medicine you know I got asthma imagine if my asthma inhaler was was illegal and and having it I would always be worrying because get taken off me and I could get get a criminal record or whatever so so this is the situation that millions of kind of his patients find themselves in in the UK and you can read about it on the local website actually about Tony’s story but hopefully it we want the case I get pronouns right we want it future cases to not be in the public interest it’s hopefully someone would eventually take it through the court system and get set a precedent for it not being in the public interest what we will see sort of down the line there it’s just yeah and this story is is commonplace it’s typical I hear about stuff like this all the time we recently had Leslie and Mark give hland QM basically were under prosecution but they ended up throwing the case up and also the for prosecution they brew it out for not being in the public interest after basically arresting them and raiding them like a year before so they let them wait him for a year not knowing what was going to happen – then throw throw the case out so it is such an arbitrary system for cannabis patients at the moment and stories like Tony’s story this week absolutely highlight that and it’s just yeah we really need to move past it now in 2020 medical cannabis is recognized so why a patient still being criminalized right so that’s another thing that we were talking about this week on the channel please go and catch up with that if you haven’t yet there was a new episode in the 420 new show which isn’t by us but is by some some other activists that are awesome so go and check it out is hosted by rocky Vander bender scum and it’s on Facebook and YouTube and basically they are doing a biweekly or no sorry a fortnightly new show where they talk about breaking 420 news so breaking news in the world of cannabis it’s a really cool concept is really good to see what’s going on and to be kept updated so I’ll be leaving a link in the description of for that as well but it’s basically l-wire forward slash 420 news 1 or leave that after after the video go and check that out I watched my first episode of that which was episode 3 and we’re going to Porter moving forward and pokes it up on the isolate website as well but just a new bit of content for you guys in the cannabis world and finally the other thing I’ve been up to this week which meant that I provides less content on the I smoke website was that I was talking last night down at the leafy pop-up store in London I’m gonna be back there on Thursday the 20th but basically I gave a talk on cannabis culture in the digital age something that’s really closer to my heart it’s been a part of our journey for almost 10 years now since I sell the ice most digital media brand and I got to talk about that to to people when and what’s changed for cannabis consumers and the industry since we started spending a lot of our time online I gave that talk last night and the next tool cart we give them what we how to get into the UK cannabis industry so I hope you guys if you can make it to that talk it’d be great to see some of you there and yeah big up to the leek you guys for for giving us the opportunity to speak about that you know I was really engaged crowd we have been talk with 20 minutes but the Q&A session went on for over an hour and yeah had a really good time and I look forward to the next one now that a really busy week it’s been awesome and this is my time to wind down to catch up with you guys and enjoy some good quality cannabis and I’m talking about its benefit as we do in the Tyler Greene show I hope you’re ready guys let’s catch up with some of your comments we got Ewan thank you very much for the kind words appreciate that enjoy it the talk last night at the leafy HQ we’ve got someone asking if he’s pretty recorded no it’s not mate I just had a lot to say so I’m gonna do an interactive section now it’s just sort of running through what we’ve been up to this week and as a result it sort of ran on for a little bit so I’m gonna be answering your comments and engaging with the with the audience as well so let’s have a look at what you guys have been saying we have Lawrence here we got Lawrence we got Adam yes yes DJ tantrum senior stoner yes which me luck with this episode appreciate that Adam asking how the talk was last night nice I covered that alex is saying locked him from California nice mate 9 a.m wie kann ich aus dropbox downloaden. there brilliant yeah know that because it that’s the time YouTube tells me it is when I’m when I’m trying to do my stream and I’m like why is it says no 9 a.m herunterladen. I’m dreaming at 5:00 is because of the 8 hour time difference between the west coast and the UK and also pick up too far can a hand saw him at the leafy pop-up store on Monday and he gave me this it’s metal weed leaf pendant so I set up rocket in there in the stream today I think is really cool it’s shorter than my glass pendants but it means you guys can see a bit better fffp sound smoke weed everyday’ something I completely agree with Marc McGovern’s got some lovely wedding cake batter and some ice cream cake and head banger in flour sounds delicious mate really really good choice there Marcus a big up to Tony growing in his 80s what a legend I know and catching up with these comments now so FFF is an eclectic pagan who uses cannabis for rituals as well as treating depression let that highlight something awesome and that is that cannabis consumers come from all walks of life right gone are the days when to be a cannabis consumers just associated with life stoner ism nowadays it’s it encompasses anyone who uses this plant medicinally recreationally spiritually creatively and we see increasingly but that comes from all segments of society as the boo disperses and some of that propagandas wash the way without their parents and grandparents generation were brought up with you know we’re getting past that big up dr film downloaden laptop. dens chill time up in Wonderland oh yes yes yes yes reminded me so chill time indeed we’re gonna smoke a bowl very very soon actually big up Chris appreciate that lights my videos and shows its mate thanks guys that is that is something that you can all do to help the channel actually is tell your make sure that smoke weed about I smoke and about the content and what we’re trying to do to educate the masses on the benefits of cannabis the more people we can reach the more I can sort of put into making video content and we’re just trying to make this all as as professional as possible so I really appreciate the support thank you to everyone all you guys all 50 of you in it that are our support in the channel you’re awesome let us smoke some herb shall we so today we’re going to be doing a live little live review on a strain that I liked a cool wedding cake last week we did ice cream cake so this week we have got wedding cake let me just double check I’ve got that the right way round yes this week we’ve got the wedding cake in the review sections I’m going to speak the music back on and as we’ve smoked this we’re going to do a little review big up bear as well I’m wearing a bear t-shirt today so with the reviews if you’re new to the strain review series we like to go through each strain in a little bit of detail we like to cover the background we like to cover the appearance the smell the taste the effects conclude it something’s right up and that is what we’re gonna do with this ice cream cake right about now this strain is bred by C junkie genetics it’s a u.s skype downloaden macbook. strain get my goose grinder we got Paul locked in from Canada one of our patrons appreciate the support Paul you guys can find our patreon page via a link in the description of this video you can join from $1 a month support I smoked be kept up to date with beings even faster than their than anyone else down check it out if you get a moment oh we didn’t forget pearance oh my goodness I’m in a rush this slow pigs right there the second we’re talking about the the wedding cake by seat junkie genetics this is a clone only phenotype of triangle mince particular batch has been grown organically living soil big up team chem dank it is dense it is looking absolutely banging this has not been fed any nutrients this is just the soil causing this to look absolutely fantastic um yeah clone only female Fino of triangle myths so in terms of it’s also called pink cookies or triangle means of 23 mostly indica variety of this strain can be cultivated indoors and outdoors with never available as feminized seeds apparently it’s a combination of the legendary triangle cush mother to an animal mints male and they’re nicknamed wedding cake was initially given to this by the jungle boys who popularized it because of that vanilla frosting on the buds that’s the background appearance-wise absolutely.thank fantastic appearance is strength dense covered in trichomes complex everything you’d like to see in a bud in the Kalinin smell wise like gasps and like OG type smell all melted in with some sort of you know I mean based real and break them open and do this line [Music] oh and he’s got the ice cream Clank is really pungent and and this has got that as well it’s got that like skunk enos undertone as well as their yeah as well as that lovely wedding cake flavor at my jars nearly empty I’ll serve is that I’ll be good soon right we’re gonna move on to the taste I love smoking weed I know most of you do too let’s enjoy this bong to give up you’re joining me for this one you know what to do get yourselves ready joints rolled bongs ready that breeze hated up can’t hit that pause button cuz we live let’s smoke this and I’ll see you all on the other side Cheers [Music] [Music] tell you what from a nice clean bomb that tastes fantastic whoo delicious smooth smoke they’re nice and cool realize that I mean I want to just try and get more of my as if it zoomed in this camera I have to work on those there work on the positioning for episode 3 hopefully you guys can see enough wowza that’s how we like to keep things off so the flavor wise the bong isn’t the best delivery of flavor but what does come through is that sort of old-school gassy skunky og type hit is coming through nicely through the bomb there you can you can sort of taste that sort of pin n type taste and yet it’s got a really nice sauce smooth cool smoke it’s not gonna make you want to cough and it’s not going to yes not the acridity or the heat that some strains all me not really strength but the way that it’s grown if it’s not not done right might feel a bit horror on the ball or or more accurate it’s not like that at all it’s a real nice smooth here through the chugs Widowmaker bong effects wise because it’s on the indica end of the spectrum it’s gonna slow me down a little bit it’s gonna relax me it’s gonna make me feel nice and chilled out it’s actually the perfect time of the day and off the week to smoke a strain like this because it is strong if potent it sits you down Friday at 5 p.m flugsimulator pc kostenlosen. when you’re when you’re just finishing up with work and you want to relax you want to take yourself off of that stressed mind state into into some relaxation and then this is what you need is exactly right sort of strain for that time so perfect I’m glad I decided to do this live review on the wedding cake covered it on the channel twice both versions that I’ve covered weren’t as good as the one I’m smoking now the first one that I did was all Pete yard up and the second one was in a tuna tin from from the state somewhere so this is UK grown goodness and is absolutely fantastic so yeah beats all of the other wedding cake that I’ve smoked that’s no good right to sea and I’ve got a fair few songs left I was just seeing how long they’re alone we got left off fair few songs so last week I didn’t be able to playlist low enough and we ran our music halfway through I figured out know yeah I’m trying to make some get some royalty free music on there on on the go so that we don’t have to worry about copyright you know that has been really annoying over the last few years I mean like random videos taken down because I wanted to use a cool song in them alright I’m gonna catch up with your comments and once again what you’re thinking at a wedding cake Jonathan Simmons getting some wedding cake tonight oh nice enjoy that Bravo cornbread no I’ve not tried cold Brits [Music] someone’s asking if I grow no I don’t unfortunately Adam smoking some top dog nice enjoy that Adam that sounds delicious Oh Batman’s depressed because you can’t get anything nice like this over the last few years we’ve seen a shift of better quality over all right so even the stuff on the street is kind of better than it was but still I know he’s not patch on on some of the nice stuff so so yeah I mean there were there were a couple of solutions get into the color community during a cannabis club grow your own do not mean there’s there’s this few solutions actually when it comes to when it comes to situations like like people present they’re you know not that I’m obviously endorsing everyone’s just be all for informational purposes you’re free to make up your own mind what you do ladies Jesus is having a pipe of dog devil mixed with zombie Kirsch that sounds fantastic and also pretty intense mate you sure it’s the right time of day oh no I’m just joking I might be fine that does sound like saying like yeah for the afternoon or evening though I’d be really surprised if you said nice just sativa black ninja productions smoking on some absolutely paying skills nice mate I’ve been smoking skills recently it came out on a string with you last week and one of the nicest strains the nicest smokes that I’ve had has been this skills it’s just got such a unique grape and grapefruit melded together flavor profile it’s got a lovely flavor profile and yeah I really like it and it carries through into its descendants as well like skittles crosses like runs get was crossed with gelato rainbow bell teas and other skittles cross they all get lovely and like Turkey and taste like the skills in the Parenthood jannat I mean it really carries down similar to that habit and carries down in crosses sterling San you clink clean your bong daily but mainly wait for it not much smoke fair playmate yeah I like to clean my daily as well dense is saying you can’t be an OG gas then we’re in agreement mate I absolutely love that gassy flavor profile we got Joe Walker yeah appreciate that mate no I didn’t ever get to try any of the Paris packs going about I didn’t really like follow the height when it was when all of these like packs were coming over from the US and I know that they still do but I’ve always been a proud supporter of the UK cannabis industry you know and we’ve got some amazing growers and breeders in the UK putting our amazing strains and actually that’s mainly why smoke so I don’t really tend to go for Cali we love you from time to time I don’t know some of its amazing right when it comes to little packs and things like that it didn’t really interest me in in the same way as just strain hunt in certain strains that I wanted to smoke you know so I’m always just happy as long as I’m smoking something nice preferably a couple of nice things I’m not sort of always just looking for like stuff from Cali in that Marc is saying that oh jeez also his favorite as well we’ve got a few banging sugar wax in diamonds Oh talking about sugar wax and diamonds I wanted to just show you saying let’s do it at a CPD dad we’re gonna do right now I can’t believe it this stop getting crazy this is lemoncello yeah this is lemoncello CPD by black sheep dispensaries and it just smells that like a lemon ice lollies and it’s like CBD diamonds whoops [Music] completely legal when I smell absolutely great did your timer [Music] then design it smells amazing yes Sheila came to you early other side my brother like another appreciator of the black sheep dispensaries flavor profiles yes awesome to try them to get to try them all out you know and the smell like you just leave it open in your room the rooms just gonna smell fantastic that’s what we’re gonna do in that step right now the best tip I can give you for CBD dabs anything we’ve added Turks get it as low temp as possible if you’ve got like a wax pen put it in your wax pin and vape it and you will really appreciate that flavor at that low temperature alright some on four hands yeah I’d like the deck heat dakki good CBD wax dark eerie and it just tastes like strawberry shortcake no I mean because it is a really low temperature so get it at a low temp I myself we’re gonna go in about 25 seconds with this dab you those of you that don’t know what a DAB ease adapt is and a very medicinal way to consume cannabinoids its vaporization you get a lot of cannabinoids into your system very quickly the CBD dabs that are now on the market can be really tasty and just a really nice nice product hey lemony just tastes like you’re doing a DAB oh yeah obviously that is what you do but I mean between the CBD and the realest stuff it’s just got different flavor profiles it’s not as like strong tasting as sharp as like diamonds and source’ etc but you get a nice flavor in it it’s a pleasurable dab and I’ll find it brings me up dabbing on the CBD as well require quite a level sort of concentration actually good in daytime I’m dabbing on a recalled old five tooth this is by a glass artist called glass Charlie check him out really like it [Music] I’ve got my new band matte mood mat this is a really like in this so this is what you store your dab rigs on to make sure they don’t go slipping and sliding yeah follow the bear cyber ash saying how far do I think we are from legalization people still getting busted look we’re not we’re not there yet there’s still a fight on our hands when we’re reading in the news this week about the parents of sick children still fighting for access you know there’s kind of a space medicinal products out there but it doesn’t go far enough at the moment like more access is needed for people who urge indeed this and by that argument like just legalize cannabis for everyone because the best way to get people that access is to allow people to grow their own and treat themselves with this medicine which isn’t that difficult to produced you know so so the the fact to keep it illegal is harming medical patient and that is why it needs to be legalized and hopefully that message is getting fro but that we still fighting for legalization we’re not quite there yet comp a date on it we’re quite behind many other countries right in the Western world we got cannabinoid fluid how you doing bro good to see you me Dan hahaha saying it looks a bit of phallic the rig yeah the shape of it mate you’re not wrong f society’s enjoying some nut Buster’s and Sky Sports offerings enjoyed some of that in the past before some really nice tasty next Jess cyber actually talking about or assists promised to review medical cannabis he even hired an advisor Blair Gibbs actually was was hired into the today I guess as an adviser world rather than into the cabinet but yeah now it appears is is it’s not gonna happen but it just means that we need to keep pushing on you know I didn’t I’m not surprised that if it was said in a run-up to the election that it might not be delivered you know I think they say they say loads of stuff alright let’s move on to the next section oh yes those lemoncello diamonds I wanted to show you them in the review the smell of em is outstanding just as an air freshener just gonna leave it open as an air freshener a room can smell like lemons yeah delish I’ve got a competition for you guys at winner last week Ben is getting a 12 inch raw Piper’s huge raw Rizla’s that to be honest that only have around one joint with cursor because you need a lot of weight for it I’m sending that out to the States it’s just rolling papers there’s nothing this week I’ve got some more prizes for you guys some more completely legal products don’t you worry these are what we’re gonna go through first this is essential right if you’re a bong smoker and you better have your finger that they’re ready to enter this competition because this is the best cleaning brush set that I have found clean my class equipment it comes with like how many brushes seven or eight different sized brushes and it’s got like they’re like metal basically so it’s really durable and works really well for cleaning long pipe cleaners that that’s one part I’m also going to give you some Jamaican style rose filters this is a big pack of rolls and in here you’ll find these giant filters you can try out smoking with a rose for those either roll big joints see how much tar is left on her on these after you smoke one you’ll realize that actually filtration can be a good idea I would be doing this while smoke through a bong and finally we’ve got some some concentrate spinner basically so this basically turns your wax into a liquid it’s pineapple flavored there’s no THC or no all it is is a thinning agent in there so there’s nothing that can get you high off or anything cannabis related in in this but you you can add it to your wax to turn it into a liquid I’ll do the video on it a little while ago on the channel and I enjoyed it though so that is also up for grabs right all of these prizes are going to be given to probably by there’s only a little one but these are going to be given to the winner of this competition so fingers at the ready guys the first person I want I want the full name the first person to answer it correctly gets these prizes which famous cannabis consumer would have been 75 years old yesterday see mr microsoft teams download kostenlos. meeseeks is in first we’ve got loads of people following mr. meeseeks straight in with a right answer big up everyone mr. meeseeks has won that one congratulations mr bücher herunterladen auf ipad. meeseeks a lot of you’ve got the right answer who’s next on there on the list mr. Craig et was so close to mr. meeseeks he was mixed mark McGovern was next after that hooligan Heep he got it right every got it right Swedish lion-o congratulations mr html5 video player for free. meeseeks get in touch fire email and i’ll send that out to you see you that’s our our little competition that we’re doing in the live show just to keep it interactive and give something back to you guys for support we may support in the channel so yeah are we doing another one of those next week so we’re make sure you tune back for your chance to win gonna have a sip of water now again dry mouth from that wedding cake oh yes how am I feeling I’m feeling good nice and relaxed but still focused I think the seaweed is really help with that big up a rib thanks for the support mate Batman I did say full name but I was thinking Bob Marley rather than just Bob this is a reap when of my necks go into Amsterdam I really need to get out too damn soon mate actually I really need to get out too damn soon but I’m not not got anything planned as of yet but watch this face I’ll keep you guys updated next time I’m going out to dance Dan’s asking what the guitars are in the background there’s an electric guitar there’s an acoustic guitar but actually had lessons on when I was a kid but never really got very far with it and then the electric guitars my mic from America we went back to America and gave me that guitar so just got it in our music corners actually the piano here underneath the plants my houseplants Michael Lafayette a dragon tree dragon plant Harry Danvers is barsa I’ve got to say that I enjoyed barsa a lot because the cannabis clubs are really fun to visit you get a really friendly environment I’ve done videos on it I’ve written about it on the I smoke website and you can sort of read about that yourself but I enjoyed them I’m not a tourist perspective from a tourist perspective I still go back to them every year you know I still go back and enjoy sitting in the coffee shops visiting the different sort of landmarks even and just enjoying making videos you know and actually all the videos that are making answer them tend to get a lot of people watching them so it’s worth sharing that that side of the culture with people because a lot of people want to know about understand that haven’t been there yet cyber ash is saying whenever you smoke a join it burns your throat halfway down how can you stop it are you stalking about with tobacco or without yeah that’s a difficult one I mean some people say when they go pure with it it burns and tickles a bit more but I think that if it’s burning you it might be the lack of filtration so you could try smoking it very like a little water bubbler you can get a little little bit of kick that’s like a little glass pipe basically and you stick the joint in there and just that bit of filtration might help you with the burning because it will cool things down two seconds guys yes back against a medicated sterling is saying it tickles more we’ve no seek as tobacco has chemicals that make it easier to inhale yeah what tobacco does when you smoke it is it paralyzes sort of a back of your throat a little bit and that makes it and that makes it actually easier to smoke and you don’t realize that it’s as hot or it says nasty because it’s a bit paralyzed there so we see that when people go pure that adjustment period that getting used to smoking pure does does lead to people feeling a little bit like sometimes like feeling like it’s a little bit harsher or it is and more tickly on their throat or in their chest you know if anyone’s wondering why my ass was kicked in I think I’m starting to get a little bit of a cough yeah definitely a bit of a cold hooligan hippy sound backi disgusting yeah I look each to their own that people are on their journey with their smoking our impure in September 2016 and I haven’t lived back my lungs thanked me for it and they’re a lot healthier nails and they were backing us back at the time I was smoking with tobacco you know they’re not perfect when I get sick I still do get asthma but for the most part I feel a lot better and I do see stoners all the time just that have constantly have their asthma pump out and and do get tight chested after smoking you know and and maybe their lungs aren’t as healthy mine certainly work were help clear up when I went pure sigh brush is a pure smoker Joseph’s rolling up on that blue gelato happy Friday yes mate happy Friday artist thank Austin I wanted to share with you guys this is a book that I was sent this week it is called inside my hat and other heads is by Alan puffery also featuring works by Jack we Malkin Winston Matthews Sara Dugan aka Sarah sativa film monk rocky bender scum Steve cook Melissa door daughter aka our Dean’s now this book is awesome so it’s just a collection of poems and thoughts by cannabis activists and cannabis consumers Alan’s been like traveling the world since like before I was born smoking weed actually he got arrested and spent a few years in prison I think in like 1999 for cannabis as well and then wrote a lot of books about it this is their newest one and actually it’s for an awesome cause it is supporting the WTU we the undersigned legal funds so that what they’re trying to do is put together a legal fund so that when people get arrested and prosecuted for cannabis they can put up a legal defense using the right people to to help those charges be be be dropped basically so so I think it’s a really awesome cause because as we said at the start when we’re talking about Toni and him getting arrested for the plants that they seized recently and and he’s now facing charges like he shouldn’t be facing those charges so at least hopefully he can have a good legal defense to to challenge that and show that medical cannabis helps him and therefore it’s recognized in the UK and then white so therefore white criminalizing them from producing it when he’s got another way to get it you know I want to read you a poem from this book guys I’ve never read like a poem out and out of people report so we’ll see how it goes but I’ve been reading through it today and trying to get my and trying to pick a poem to read you guys and I think I found a really interesting one it’s called Mary Jane speaks and it is by Melissa door daughter on the frozen seas of northern Europe Melissa heard poetry calling she went to our beefer whilst many were dancing in the discos she was weaving magic and the future leaving messages in bottles and singing on the beach she can be found in red tents Dutch squats Cobb buildings and Apple watches looking for the muse at present she has published for precise reason by a snail and fragments of her story two collections of poetry and prose the office she most admires Aldous Huxley Mervyn Peake and Agatha Christie right I’m going to read you one of her poems guys and the link to buy this book will be in the description it’s called inside my hat and other heads it’s available on Amazon if you buy it you are support in a good course so it’s an extra reason to buy this awesome book and that’s why I said I’ll read a poem for you guys in in the livestream show today so Mary Jane speaks some called me marijuana to you it’s Mary Jane but just like Shakespeare’s roses my bud still smelled the same when Shiva fetched me down from the mountains and called me the holiest of plants he knew that I would help him in the most auspicious dance you can look from any angle but still my friend will see that I am indeed friend to all and all who would be free free from hunger I can keep you with my most nutritious seat and I can stop the deserts encroaching it’s a rich tux if it’s a rich topsoil you need you can be free to keep the forests don’t sacrifice the trees to force idle office goods but I can give you plenty of fiber if it’s paper that you want I can help you with your sickness open that third and inner I help you find your appetite if you will only try it for those sick with AIDS or anorexia or chemotherapy I can give you a case of the munchies if you have a taste for me if you’ve got spasms that you can’t control or your eyes with glaucoma feel what tight just take a dose of old red eye and you will feel all right if it’s PMT that ails you or you’re faced with labor pains let mother Mary relight relieve you and open up the ‘we antispasmodic EXO topic and if that’s not enough I can make fuel food cloth rope oil soap and lots of other stuff but a little word in your ear your third in it your third ear if you please if you’re already hearing voices then it’s maybe not meaning you need I’m I’m no great use to schizophrenic with too much dopamine in their brains and if your blood pressure is too low beware I’m a great medicine but still you must take care and that is the end of the poem I enjoyed that I don’t read a lot of poetry but that one spoke to me hashtag cannabis cures star doggies smoking on em he’s smoking on some amnesia Kieran’s loving and that pure joy in pure during taste wouldn’t have it any other way oh yes the man after my own heart lots of comments in the high stream I’m not gonna be able to go through them all but favorite coffee shop in Amsterdam oh so a weed wise probably gray area right or boring youngins you get some nice stuff from those too but – cheering I really like the green house – cheering like that I like just sitting there and like just spending a bit of time in there you know and even like the Bartlett Barneys restaurants really nice spend some time in there as well so yeah there’s a few there’s a few that I enjoy I’ve been like 11 time you think of I’d have more more to advocate you think I’d be listing them off Rises have I tried one-hitters Oh has cyber try one-hitters may be reacting to the paper that is an interesting point yes so the people can be allergic to all sorts of things actually and you might find that you that it could be something like that if you just smoke for a pipe you might find that it’s a lot less hot we’re not going to talk anything as we never do on the channel don’t talk anything to do with hookups I smoke is not a place for you to find good quality cannabis or to find anything cannabis related in terms of the products we have a media company and what we do is we educate the masses on the benefits of this plant you know and just talk about why it’s good when we cover it and review it from an emotional perspective so yeah we don’t discuss four cups and stuff on the channel unfortunately hopefully when it’s legal you can just be able to be able to go down into into a shop to get it we have to walk in Sainsbury’s and boy probably not in Sainsbury’s that we specialist dispensaries I reckon we eventually go the way of a Canada style model you know but they’ll do something silly like put THC caps on it just because they worry about like THC has been so demonized in this country for so long you know and it’s unfortunate because when you see what the CBD markets doing and how it’s helping so many people and it’s huge rice is overtaking all the vitamins markets eventually it’s already overtaken like vitamin C and the other most popular women that like THC has the same like level of or more benefits there or tangible as well benefits that study benefit as CBD does right and benefits for patients so we see things like superior pain relief potential like cancer fighting properties although obviously with that we see a lot of evidence from patients but still on the cutting edge when it comes to like legal programs like they don’t it’s still not know I don’t I don’t know is it considered for MMJ like medical marijuana in the states I’m not sure that it is but like the Rick Rick Simpson method and using cannabis oil to treat cancer is something that has become more and more popular by people self-medicating and self treating himself with Canada with good results doesn’t work for everybody doesn’t seem to work for all sorts of cleanses and certain certain types of certain ratios seem to work better for certain certain illnesses as well so a lot more studies are needed but it’s a real really interesting prospect in the world of medical cannabis you know and that’s something that a lot of people could benefit from so demonizing THC is is is ridiculous because it is a strongly medicinal part of cannabis it goes into our endocannabinoids system it regulates our mood appetite energy levels and it should be looked upon favorably in the same way that CBD is you know sigh brush was it you that left the comment on one of my videos about smoking hops is that a thing like the people smoked hops because I know they don’t have cannabinoids in but they do have that sort of turkey smell to them and they’re there similarly related to the cannabis plant actually you can see it when they’re growing and when you walk past one and when you smell an open bottle of beer and you get that slightly weed smell that’s what it is it’s the hot sweet tooth I’ve never tried sweet – Swedish lion actually that’s a lily a tongue-twister sweet tooth Swedish sign that word yeah so they got to similar profile we got lady buds thank you very much yeah and during this new live show over on the YouTube channel it’s great to have you guys here we talked about some more of a structured talk about a variety of topics on then we were doing on the Instagram page which was more just to sort of impromptu daily catch up with you guys so this week we have been talking about what we’ve been we’ve been talking about sunset sherbert we’ve been talking about the 420 new show and talking about the leafy talk as well and then we’ve been talking about the wedding cake and answering some questions in saw the Q&A session in the comments has been really fun in that we’re running low on time not long left this week for episode two and I’m feeling good after that form of wedding cake and that dab of lemon jello let’s just sniff this one more time it’s just such a delicious smell it’s like a lemon ice foul literally I’m just gonna leave it open systems just to get the benefit of that back in the room lovely I want to show you guys I wanted to talk a little bit about different cannabis consumption methods which we touched upon last week but not in a lot of detail and one of them was this little tiny pipe how cool is this and maybe we’ll use this next week on there on the live stream and we’ll go into that in a bit more detail talk about the consumption methods but this week this is by glass Charlie and it was originally for the Mary Jane glass gallery which was a reach as unfortunately shut down so so I bought it from myself and now we’re going to use it use it to enjoy some herbs but it’s nice and clean and I want to get some photos of it first for the Instagram page so we’re gonna we’re gonna do that as a feature for next week teaser yes absolutely tiny as well what can I compare it to oh yeah here’s a clip up justice I’ve enjoyed hands oh another topic I was going to cover maybe would just cover this and I’ll like answer this and we’ll talk about it as a discussion with the comments yeah smoking in the home I want to know from you guys is it something that you are comfortable with can you do it where you are or do you have to go outside to smoke to empty your your neighbors complain about it or if you had any issues with smoking because the reality is we there is a smell and while it’s still illegal we do find that people like some some neighbors might complain and some people might not might not appreciate the smell of it increasingly hopefully people have more accepting of it but I know from people we talking in streams that some people are still having to go outside go down the road and that and wouldn’t it be nice if people could just enjoy cannabis in their own homes without worrying about the or feeling paranoid about anyone complaining about it you know let’s see what you guys are saying about it we got Paul misses still alive no problem ladybugs of apes at home yeah Vikings brilliant because the smell isn’t anywhere near as strong as combustion don’t get me wrong it still smells if I hit my mighty gum out the room come back in it still smells like wheat but it doesn’t in the same weight you know I mean it’s not as strong and lingering us as there’s a Smokies bombs aren’t as strong as lingering as joints adjoins the smelliest waiter to smoke your hairs I love it I love the taste of a nice joint babe he’s putting out like excess smoke for about ten minutes isn’t it so it’s there it’s there’s the one that’s going to cause this smell I think more than if you just smoke a bong out of the window for example Kieran actually got a good idea just keeps the window shut and smokes in the flat seals the room up this is what you can do with the neutralizer actually and actually I need to get a refill of it because I’m doing it while I was using it it’s brilliant you just have it and it just neutralizes the smell of the weed it’s mad how it works but the pro kit really did work I did a video on it and was more than enough to get rid of the smell I use incense sticks as well but I don’t tend to often worry about too much because I’m smoking bombs and as I said they don’t release a lot of smoke just one longed for and and it often goes just out the window or into an extractive him you know cyber ash is sad burnt toast I’ve heard this before bit and I hate the smell of burnt toast it’s not a nice it’s not a nice smell to have when you’re smoking carbon filters work really well it’s also a device called a spoof and a spoof is basically it’s something that you you breathe out into so you take your hair and then as you breathe out all the smoke goes into a light it’s that personal carbon filter basically and like next nothing comes out and and it gets rid of pretty much all this nobody it’s not gonna work with the joint because it’s just constantly smoking do you not I mean even when it’s not in your mouth Adams big up Adam good to see you mate saying you’ve got one neighbor this fine but they beside it can be a nightmare but dabbing doesn’t seem to – yeah I mean that been so so new and and also doesn’t leave anywhere near the same sort of smell I think it’s like smells like perfume Devin I don’t think people would necessarily associate you with cannabis but then I could be noseblind to it because I can see the complexity and see it how different it is from the wheat that I like with smoke you know I mean but maybe someone that doesn’t smoke we just but no but I don’t think so I think it’s it smells like something else Sagara she’s really keen for me to smoke hops yeah nice pickup young trap beats enjoy that Friday night Zeus brother yeah ladybug this ferret Ben gives some heat in the past from from the smoking that’s the thing I mean it vaping is a lot more discreet than smoking and dabbing is vaping you know so it doesn’t release a puff of nice smelling vapor but it dissipates reasonably quickly with very vaping yeah dad smells that doesn’t limit linger ladybugs got the right idea hahaha so gross thanks for the support so yeah so that’s like we’ll talk more about different consumption mythos next week and maybe do a comparison maybe do a bit of a comparison about it a little bit of music on for the end this is my new fame tune and I’m loving it this came across it on YouTube I hope they don’t ban me yeah I think it’s only a little song though so hopefully they’ll just be happy that I’m using it given a promotion not an official theme song yeah just so perfect get your bombs ready fabrics heated up people again to the end of the hour now and awesome to have you here once again [Music] got a Chung’s Widowmaker on the go I will have my raw bong fixed soon I need to get a new downstem for it because it got stuck to the bowl some car don’t know how that happens let me know what you’re smoking along with lady buds enjoying some calop oh yes yes big up Cassie pink boudoir moji I didn’t even know that wasn’t emoji that new one consumption methods and harm reduction is a brilliant topic to discuss because yeah like we talked about the safety first thing is it’s done smoking tobacco sex me edit and then the next thing is a smoky eye through water even a filter or bank pit or debit that the extract you know combustion a pure cannabis that there were studies that that show that is nowhere near as damaging as smoking tobacco and even though it’s releasing tar and toxins and that that cannabinoids actually have a protective element as well so smoking pure is much better than some say even better and then they’re not smoking anything that’s all there was one specific study that showed that people that smoke pure cannabis had lower instances of lung and neck cancer than people that didn’t smoke anything at all which was which was with an interesting result big up so power so horror goth vaping on some tasty Gorilla Glue that’s a lovely strain the GG Chris your knowing my good books mate hopping around me he is the I smoke mascot but he bit through my Mac cord today it’s like a 70 pound cord the power lead for the MEK it’s the second one that he’s broke do you ever have a House Bunny make sure you don’t have like the leads on the floor because they get bitten through at random [Music] not my best books make sure everyone that’s looked into episode 2 over the highest dream it’s been awesome once again we’ll be back next week with another episode of the tyler greene show if is so free feel free to leave your comments after the after the show if you want to leave your comments below on what you’d like to see next week if there’s any interesting points that you want to discuss we can add them to what we talk about next week’s have you got any ideas or suggestions then please don’t leave them below but don’t worry there is loads loads to talk about absolutely loads to talk about over the next few weeks and however long we run this series we’ve been streaming on Instagram since like like 2017 and moved it over to YouTube to to reach all you guys and the biggest audience possible join me for this bomb smoking long vaping lungs dabbing along and I’ll see you all on the other side [Music] [Music] whoa so smooth so clean so delicious [Music] thank you for watching this episode of Tyler green show as I said if you’ve enjoyed it please like and subscribe please tell your friends about the live show and let’s get it more get more people watching the next episode we’ve already doubled it from last week so thanks for joining and I look forward to seeing you guys again very very soon follow us on facebook follow us on Instagram follow me on Twitter at hi Tyler Greene and enjoy the rest of your Friday evening enjoy whatever you’re up to wherever you’re smoking vaping dabbing and yeah as always thanks for watching and keep token [Music]