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18+ CANADIAN CANNABIS For my 197th Canadian Cannabis review, we have a strain called Jager given to me by the BH download excel for free. Othority and grown by Grateful Heads Cannabis Co. Patreon – Instagram – @Mr.CanadianCannabis Email – During my reviews I will mention the look, smell, taste, smoke & effect dingen van youtube downloaden. Please note that effects…

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oh damn that is pungent [Music] hey there team and welcome to Canadian cannabis for today I have a super interesting sounding strain one that I’m pretty sure was named after the alcohol cuz I couldn’t imagine what else who would be named after it’s a beauty that was grown by the good people at grateful heads cannabis and given to me by the good people at bh authority it’s going to be a strain called Jaeger Jaeger so let’s not waste any more time let’s take a quick look at this guy together and see exactly what it looks like so as we can see it is a beautiful compact dense mature nug exactly where we want to start it is super super well trimmed no extra leaves anywhere all I see is mature nugatory and full headed glistening trichomes even on the outside of this nug I still see beautiful glistening trichomes exactly what I want to see it’s gonna be a nice made green color with these bright orange hairs sticking out everywhere looking absolutely stunning it’s nice and fresh in my fingers and not too dry it’s got a nice stickiness to it I am beyond stoked to check out this batch of Jaeger but before we check it out let’s break it on open and see what kind of smells we get off of it now I have a really hard time breaking open nugs this beautiful so I took out this little guy so we could break it on open and see what kind of smells we get off of it but what do you think we’re gonna get it’s called Jaeger so maybe we’re gonna get a alcohol Jagermeister taste but I don’t know let’s figure it out together just break it on open nice and fresh nice and sticky exactly what we want whoo-hoo damn that is pungent Wow like I like a pungent stinky earthy wow that is beautiful hmm it almost has a little bit of like a sweet licorice at the end of it let’s see if I break open this nut here if I get anything different oh there’s the strong pungent with like a little bit of a earthy sweet licorice at the end but mainly just a strong pungent earthy smell absolutely beautiful and I really hope that comes across on the taste cuz I mean it smells absolutely stunning so let’s just grind it up here so we could see how it smokes so I’m pretty sure cuz of that smell that it’s gonna be more indica dominant a nice heavy heavy smell usually goes along with the heavier kind of buzz so we will see together very very soon let’s just grab our paper and our cut make sure it’s the right size and I don’t know if you’ve noticed the when I dump the weed out of my container but that is super sticky it is gonna be such a pleasure rolling this cannabis I love a nice sticky fresh cannabis and that’s exactly what we have here so I’m gonna be honest with you guys I’ve actually never tried Jagermeister so I’m not a hundred percent sure if this flower actually smells like Jagermeister or not but I have smelt alcohol and I don’t really get any alcohol smell off of this batch of Jagermeister so I don’t know if that’s good or bad if you’re disappointed or not but just a beautiful strong funky pungent earth east with just a little bit of sweet on the end of it absolutely beautiful and like I said I hope it comes across just as strong on the taste cuz so far beautiful nug nice and fresh well manicured outside trichomes beautiful strong smell I mean it checks everything off my list so huge shout out to Grateful heads cannabis for growing this beautiful flower and an even bigger shout out for the BH authority for sending me it so we could check it out together so let’s just pack this bad boy up so we could check out this Jager given to us by the good people at the BH Authority take off that extra paper and here we have a team Cheers Wow I actually got shivers going up my neck on that first puff that is a beautiful smoke oh so much flavor every single puff that is exactly what I want from a cannabis I love a strong terpene profile and not only do we have that right here but it’s actually a terpene profile that I enjoy I love it but before we talk about the taste that’s a little bit later I’m going to take a few more puffs so we could check out the ash and see exactly what that has to offer but so far beautiful thick smooth smoke every single puff I get tons of smoke tons of flavor and no irritation nothing bad happening in the throat it is an absolute pleasure Wow my god is that beautiful so let’s take a quick look at the ash see exactly what that has to offer as you guys can see it doesn’t get much better than that not only we have a beautiful resin ring already just full force greasing up completely under that paper and look at that ash that’s what I’m talking about beautiful consistent gray ash absolutely stunning I mean between that greasy greasy puddle of a resin and that awesome consistent gray ash we definitely have a winner on our hands with this batch of Jager ahh I am stoked so we finally got in there it’s time to talk about the taste now the smell mostly what came across was that strong pungent funky earthy but on the taste it there’s gonna be a lot more sweetness coming across now don’t get me wrong I definitely still get that punchy heavy relaxing earthy funky kind of taste but it’s mixed with the beautiful sweetness enveloping it it is just stunning a beautiful strong complex taste just like the strong complex smell I mean what else could you ask for so last but definitely not least the buzz on this bad boy before we said we thought because of the smell that heavier earthy funky smell we thought it was going to come with the heavier relaxing kind of indica buys and we were definitely right between the compact dense look of the nugs it’s clearly gonna be an indica super heavy heavy body buys I almost feel like I’m talking slower moving slower it is a super heavy relaxing body buzz I cannot say it enough just everywhere actually feels heavier my fingers feel like they’re moving slower I definitely would keep this one for the night time at least for me so with this batch of Jager grown by the good people at grateful heads cannabis and given to me by the good people at bh authority considering the look beautifully manicured nice and fresh outside trichomes when we broke it open we had a strong pungent smell that came across the exact same on the taste I love when you have a strong smell and a strong taste just beautiful the smoke was smooth and still a heavy body flavorful thick smoke the buzz was a strong heavy indica relaxing body buzz I mean overall it had everything and I mean considering it had everything I’m gonna have to do a team I’m gonna have to give this batch of Jager a 10 on 10 just beautiful cannabis and I am super stoked to finish this joint but for now I’m gonna let you guys go and say thanks for joining me hope to see you next time and as always peace and love Cheers you you