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18+ CANADIAN CANNABIS For my 196th Canadian Cannabis review, we have a strain called Meat Breath given to me by Kootenay Craft mp3s kostenlos downloaden. Patreon – patreon.com/MrCanadianCannabis Instagram – @Mr.CanadianCannabis Email – CanadianCannabis.mtlmj@gmail.com During my reviews I will mention the look, smell, taste, smoke & effect music mac for free. Please note that effects may differ from person to person and…

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Oh woohoo that is pungent Wow hey there team and welcome to Canadian cannabis for today we have a super weird strain one that I’m not even sure if I’m excited to try it out because I mean it’s got such a weird name I have no clue when it’s going to taste like it’s a beauty that was given to us by the good people at Kootenai crafts it’s a strain called meet breath meet breath so let’s not waste any more time let’s take a closer look at this bad boy and see exactly what meet breath has to offer so as you guys can see it’s a nice compact dense mature nug exactly where we want to start it’s like a mid green color with these darker blueish kind of spots these long wiry bright orange hairs sticking out it looks beautiful it’s got a great trim job clearly done by hand because they didn’t destroy the nug it’s got no extra leaves only mature compact nugatory and even has some full headed outside trichomes even though it’s got such a weird name like meat breath it still looks beautiful so I figure we’ve looked at it let’s break this bad boy open and see what kind of smells we’re gonna get off of it meat breath I have no clue now I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be a cross of men doe breath and meatloaf so maybe we’re gonna get some meatloaf smell maybe we’re gonna get some men doe breath smell whatever that is maybe it’s Mendocino County in California maybe they got weird breath over there in California I’ve got no clue so let’s figure it out together let’s break this bad boy open and see what kind of Terps were gonna get off for this fricking meet breath write down in the comments what you guys think I’m gonna smell let’s break it open right here nice and fresh I love that such a good place to start whoa whoo whoo that is pungent Wow oh it’s almost stinky there is a lot going on oh my god it’s like a spicy like a spicy funky Diesel oh sweet Jesus I mean it almost smells like rotting meat it’s got such a strong pungent smell it’s almost offensive I don’t even know if it’s a pleasant smell to be honest with you guys it is just a strong offensive smell I’ve never smelled anything like that it is freakin weird meat breath oh that smells so weird I’m gonna dump it into my grinder here cuz I mean I don’t know what else to do I want to try out this meat breath bro by the awesome people that couldn’t make laughs sleepin stoked to be checking this bad boy out I’ve never tried meat breasts I don’t even know if I had the opportunity if I would just cuz that name is so unappealing it’s just like Mother’s Milk why on earth would anyone want to try that but I’m so glad I’m getting the opportunity here because this batch looks crazy beautiful look to it weird weird strong pungent smell I have no clue what we’re in for all I know is that it’s a cross of meatloaf and Mendo breath what that doesn’t tell me anything I’ve never tried either of those strains I have eaten meatloaf before and I mean it just tastes like meat and ketchup so I don’t know if that’s what we’re gonna get I’d highly doubt it well let’s take this flower here dump it all into our paper so we could check out this meat breath together meat breath who on earth thought that would be a good name I mean I guess it does describe the Cannabis pretty well just this funky stinky spicy diesel pungent smell so I guess maybe meat breath isn’t the worst name in the world but man does it not sound appealing let’s just pack this bad boy up properly so we can see how it smokes I really hope we got some cool terpenes on this bad boy because I have never smelled anything like this let’s just make sure it sticks everywhere there we have it and we’ll pack up the tip to make sure it burns properly and we could check out this meat breath together grown by the good people at Kootenai crafts so let’s just take off that extra paper and there we have it a beautiful meat breath Cheers Wow super super smooth on the first poll Wow no scratchiness at all no irritation nothing weird happening in the throat just a super super smooth smoke exactly what I want from my flower Wow that taste is interesting but we’re not quite there yet we’ll talk about that just a little bit later I’m gonna take a few more puffs of this bad boy so we could look at the ash see exactly what that has to offer but so far beautiful medium body smoke super smooth exactly what I want so let’s take a quick look at the ash see exactly what that has to offer as we could see a beautiful consistent gray ash exactly what we want to see and even has a nice greasy resin ring starting to form I mean what else could you ask for beautiful consistent gray ash nice thick greasy resin ring I am stoked on this meat breath I never thought I would say this sentence I never thought I’d be excited by meat breath but this batch of meat breath is beautiful smokes beautiful super smooth nice gray ash beautiful rez ring I am stoked to say the least so I figure we’re about time let’s talk about the terpenes it is nuts what’s happening with the flavor there’s so much more going on in the taste then even the smell and the smell was so confusing just by itself the smell was like a spicy funky rotting meat just this weird crazy smell and I’m getting all of that across from the taste but I’m getting even more I get like a almost like a sweet citrus funky it is nuts how much it’s going across on this taste I can’t even tell you what the main terpene profile would be because they’re all every puff I get a little bit different it is beyond amazing absolutely beautiful and I love a new terpene profile and that’s exactly what I got with this batch of meat breath just beautiful so last but not least the buzz on this bad boy we had no clue what we were in for just because I’ve never tried meat breath and I’ve never tried what it was crossed with so no clue what we were in for but now that we’ve taken a few puffs and we’ve let it settle in a bit this bad boy for me at least is clearly gonna be a hybrid bus so I do feel the relaxing heaviness in the body but I also feel the beautiful euphoric energetic heady traits it is a beautiful balanced hybrid bus that’s actually pretty darn strong and I would definitely keep it for later on in the daytime because it definitely has that sativa kick but still soo we’re relaxing so at least for me this is gonna be kind of late afternoon type strain and just a beautiful one at that so with this batch of meat breath given to me by the good people at Kootenai craft considering the look beautiful compact dense mature nug when we broke it open it was nice and fresh we got this strong pungent funky earthy spicy meaty kind of smell it was crazy the exact same came across on the taste I love when that happens the smoke was a smooth flavorful smoke nice gray consistent ash with the thick red ring the buzz was a beautiful strong hybrid buzz considering all that I’m gonna have to give this batch of meat breath by the good people at Kootenai craft a nine and a half on ten so that’s been this week’s episode of Canadian cannabis thanks for joining me hope to see you next week and as always peace and love Cheers you you