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This is episode 1 of our brand new live show brawl stars spiel zum herunterladen! Join us as we discuss the wide and wonderful world of cannabis. Supporting Links: The Goods CBD Brexit Shatter – (use the code ISMOKE for 10% off) Strain Reviews 2019 YouTube Playlist – ISMOKE Strain reviews resource – ISMOKE Ice Cream Cake…

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what is good how are you doing people it’s great to have you here for the first episode of our livestream youtube show I’ve actually got some music for the show so let me just connect everything up there we go you can see that we’re about five seconds behind this is also me just worked out sort of the technical things it’ll tell you about two seconds just need to put our playlist on get that playing through to echo we’ve got a soundtrack to the stream oh yes I do guys if you are just joining it’s great to have you here for the i smoke show the tyler greene show episode one in fact and i’ve got a busy time planned for you guys amazing to have you here as always let me know if you’re here when you want to shout out I’ve got the comments up on the stream so you guys can leave your messages and I’ll be going through them we’ll make things as interactive as we can for this broadcast as well I want to start with some shout outs for the people that have been in the stream waiting for it to kick off because we’ve had a few people kicking things off so big up to strength owners big up to John Riker smoking on some of that saw better for a bong Tommy Dave is in the house and we have got mr baby schlaflieder kostenlos downloaden. Spock we’ve got Dave a we’ve got melty well good to have you here brother and we have got a load of more awesome people locking and looking on as I speak it’s getting more and more busy big up yourselves if you’re smoking along vaping along dabbing along now is your time to get yourselves ready get those joints rolled bongs ready dad Briggs heated up we are about to kick things off and I will do that right about now so let me talk about the plan and what I want to do in this stream I want to thank all of you that have come over from our Instagram feed because we have been streaming since late 2017 over on Instagram so you may well have joined from the daily streams over there they are no longer going to be taking place in their place is gonna be this regular show where we discussed because of the wake various things I’m going to do a giveaway so make sure you watch this space but the giveaway as well I’m gonna be giving something away live in this video I’m gonna do a livestream review as well on the ice cream cake which I’ve covered previously on on the channel early last year but we’re going to be talking about that in more detail and smoking some and then I’m going to be talking about my top strains from 2019 as well I’ve been organizing it into a playlist that working out what my favorites were so we can talk about those kind of business drains we’ll keep everything interactive along the way so if you’ve got any comments and what we’re talking about or you want to be a part of the discussions then of course do leave your comments and I’ll be seeing those as well I can’t promise to answer every single comment here on YouTube but I will do my best to go through and try it on to some of your questions if we’ve got any time then we can do things like you and I and stuff like that as well all right super super exciting alright so first of all I want to just before I kick things off I want to thank to our sponsors the good CBD wax I think this is so fitting this is sound fitting that these guys are sponsoring an episode one and if you guys want to get in touch if you’ve got anything for episode two then let me know but this is Sophie and this is the brexit CBD wax buy the goods this is sold on the hemp elf website is a legal CBD product and it is using the terpenes from the train wreck cannabis strain they’ve matched those Turks up into the brick see you know what we’re gonna dab some we’re gonna kick off our dabbing with the brexit and actually that is gonna be something else we do we’re going to do a big bomb for brexit yeah got that right a big bomb for brick see at the end of the stream as well because it is apparently bricks today I wouldn’t know and that nice everywhere right I’m gonna heat up the day bricks and catch up with some of the comments while we’re heating it up we’ve got Paul Gillman one of the patrons locked in from Canada appreciate that mate Jonathan Simmons on the gelato nice rooby-roo reviews is like in a YouTube format already for further to Instagram nice ice cream cake his flight is fire mr gratis musik herunterladen auf pc. J MC is saying pulls on the bubblegum Harry’s big up Harry’s yes last day in the EU people so we’ve got a dab on the brick city shattering where we got a dab those train wreck Turks we got the Yoshi glass the rig this is by an established glass our if you like the look of this the guy is on Instagram he makes amazing glass pieces and he does auctions all the time you can pick yourself up an absolute steal of a bargain on one of these glass pieces this is a Yoshi ring [Music] and if you’re interested if you don’t know what I’m doing in terms of dabbing at the moment you’re more of a herb smoker then we will discuss the topic of dabbing and consumption methods and I’ll also be talking at the leaf be pop-up store where they’ll be selling CBD wax and dab-dab rigs everything down on Mill Street in London next Thursday right let’s do this dab pick up to the goods once again brick see shutter smoke from CBD I stood at this stuff I’ll see you all on the other side Cheers [Music] well smooth that one absolutely smooth and delicious CBD shut up those train rector’s to celebrate bricks it I love it all right that was the first a badass dream people if you want to get your hands on any of that stuff is on the hemp elf website as I said legal CBD products you can go and get that hemp elf dot-com okay let’s read some more of these comments guys we got 50 people in the house a big up to each and every one of you thanks for joining look this is already proving it was the right idea to move across from Instagram to YouTube simply because on Instagram we streaming to 2030 people we got much bigger reach much bigger audience on at YouTube and hopefully I’ve done enough of this week to persuade some of the Instagram watches for come over and join us you know so fingers crossed I’m hoping that this is gonna be similar numbers to what I normally get in a week streaming on Instagram anyway you know and we can just cover everything in an organized manner and show you guys some awesome cannabis inspired stuff we’ve got Tommy Dade smoking mean bings we got cooks I know cooks well Jeff a lotto batter absolute fire Lawrence Stokes is here for the first show nice to see you mate Dave is asking already with the first question I like this if you guys have got any questions for the QA get them into the comments Davis asking me what and my thoughts on the time we might have eight I am not sure yet because I haven’t had a chance to use one now I actually miss my opportunity last month last month last night because I saw George from vape fiends down at the vegan night’s event and I really should have actually tried out a tiny mite while I was there but I was just heading out and I didn’t try it so he’s on my two I enlist and I imagine I’ll be doing a review about that one at some point this year I hear that it rips really well for the size the vaporizer that I am still using is my mighty we’re gonna be using this a little bit later on in the show because it is a fantastic bit of kit I highly rate it I’ve really really this is daily daily use on this just to get a good idea in a flavour and also got the power it clouds behind it yeah thank fingers saying this tops yes I loving these questions coming in we’ve got questions about cannabis legalization in the UK my favorite subjects on cannabis is my favorite subject but this far as legalization goes we are making strides we are making headway but there is still a fight – before we achieve legalization in the UK we’re seeing more in terms of medical cannabis legalization with with slightly better guidelines from nice for the NHS prescription for things like epilepsy and multiple cirrhosis but we’re not seeing nearly enough of what we need to see for but medical patients and for recreational and spiritual consumers as well because let’s be honest we all know that this is a much safer alternative to the legal drugs out there and actually legalization would be a benefit for the economy and society as people got more cannabinoids into their endocannabinoid system and start to reduce some of those illnesses related to endocannabinoid deficiency ya know so yeah there’s a lot going on the UK CSE as Harry’s pointed out in the comments they are an organisation or a movement which allows people to or has given people guidance to south clubs across the country across the whole UK and beyond you know following the Spanish model following the u.s auf iphone musiken. model and these people have been able to improve the quality of the cannabis that they enjoy as well as networking in safer environments and going to different events and things like that through being a member of cannabis clubs so it’s always worth keeping up-to-date with what is going on and you can do this on Facebook via the events on Facebook if you’ve got your normal Facebook profile and you don’t really have much to do we’ve weed on there then obviously Instagram there is also a website that cannabis campaigners guide which has been an operation for years it is located at CC guide org forward slash events dot php’ I’m just writing it down now so that you guys can go get that tell you every kind of event has been registered in the UK with these guys run by Ellen for free and Winston Matthews cannabis campaigners both of which probably been campaigning for cannabis since before I was born but anyway that has got a whole list of events and everything going on this there’s that you guys could get two from a public sort of perspective you know so so get yourself there if you have never been to a cannabis event then please come and show your support please come down and enjoy it you know and you’ll see that cannabis consumers come from all walks of life we’re a friendly Bunch people a king to spread the message and the benefits of this herb far and wide you know so there’s a lot of a lot of cool events that takes place to to showcase that to to get the word out there to get the message out there we’ve got clean meds only in the house one of our Instagram viewers big up mate I’m sure we’ve got a few people in from Instagram that are in slightly different names due to their YouTube page as well but good to see you guys here wolfy green excellent excellent question like what is my my return on the rosenbaum rocket which is a rosin press that I used on the channel last year or maybe eat the tail end of the year before as a percentage I’m not getting what I should be but I think I put that down to my own technique rather than the machine itself I’m actually going on it’s not gonna be there anymore I was actually going to an event where I was going to be taking their rosenbaum and seeing papercut extract there and was gonna get him to show me with his expertise what I’m doing wrong and obviously not a complete magic to to create something that I’ve never pressed anything that looks this good but just just to show me the technique so he’s a good bit kit but it’s not something I’m using at the moment because I need someone to show me they’re there tips and tricks behind getting the best return I think big up rocky of course am I not subscribe to you already if not then this is it’s a complete oversight and I should be so big up rookie another cannabis campaigner yes actually this is a great time to talk about in my hat and other heads a new book by Alan boo freeze got rocky in there Scott out he’s got Sarah sativa it’s got other activists and and poets basically it’s available on Amazon and they are feel monk as well they’re basically put this book out to try and raise some funds for the we the undersigned cannabis movement which is a new activist movement you can join the group on Facebook bitch wanna raise legal funds to help challenged in court when people get arrested and have issues with growing and things like that so yeah go and check that out there’s a book in my hat and up a heads Rockies one of the poets in it and I will be reading a poem from them at some point on the YouTube channel as well shout out CBD cakes appreciate the kind words now I appreciate that fast boys locked in locked on you’re using cannabis daily for your ADHD the only thing that helps you about the serious harm pharmaceuticals do to you make that is a story that I hear time and time again anecdotally from medical patients self-medicating with cannabis like the reality is if you’re a medical cannabis news are in this country unless you’re one over lucky it’s not Lucky’s the wrong term to you but it’s like 1% or less much less than 1% of medical cannabis users company prescribed it or have a private prescription the rest are still getting their medicine illegally on the illicit market and if if those plants ever get caught or the people that grow in those plants for the patient’s ever get caught and that just goes down in the statistics there’s another skunk bust you know so some you can see where we need to work on areas to work on areas for medical patients because we’re not criminals cannabis consumers should be classed as criminals medical patients is like always youth as where where I’m talking about all kind of is consumers there but medical patients right here’s an example my asthma inhaler I haven’t got it with me imagine if I had to go get that on the illicit market and I didn’t know the quality of it and if I could have it one day and it be effective or I could have another one and it not work at all when I need it this is the problem that medical cannabis patients face unless they have their own good supply which can come from growing their own or being a member of a collective or a club or being lucky enough to know someone who does grow good quality you know so so yeah there’s still a lot of areas that we need to progress with but a lot of it’s happening behind closed doors regardless there are people treating medical patients you know and making sure that medical patients are have access to the oils that they need despite the illegality and that is absolute commendable thing senior stoner locked in lock done nice Jonathan Simmons my favorite strain of all time I’m gonna be talking about this let’s pause the music cuz we’re getting for it quite quick that’s a good time to pause it actually I’m gonna be talking about my favorite strength of 2019 as part of this live stream shut so actually you’ve brought me to a really good era because that was what I had next on my list of what to talk about so what we’ve been doing this is a new section now guys that’s what your coffee I have like a little image in between basal I’ve sort concert just imagine it so what we have been doing in the past during the past week on the I smoke website there’s some supporting links in the description of this video which you can go and click at any point but basically what we’ve been doing is we’ve been building together a strain review resource for people to basically get easy access information to any of the strains that we’ve we’ve covered on the channel so I did my first strain with you sort of midway through 2016 and on average we go every two weeks since we’ve done a new strain review so what we’ve done now is we’ve put them on to a dedicated page i smoke mag comm forward slash strain reviews on there you’ll find it organized by years you’ve got twenty twenty series which is in progress about three episodes so far you’ve got a twenty nineteen series which features all of the strains that we covered last year down all the way back by year into 2016 now you can just go on that one page you can just find on the page Australia want to know the breeding information about or you want to know the genetics on and then if you’ve scroll to the right you’ll see we’ve got all that information laid out so we’ve got strain name a link to the review a link to the video and then the grow up if known the breeder if known and the genetics if no that’s all available now as a link in the description which then so I’m going to talk about now my favorite cannabis strains from 2019 and it’s gonna come out of my strain review series because that’s how I’ve documented what I was smoking and what I enjoyed last year it’s not everything that I smoked and it’s not everything that I enjoyed you know quite often I wish that I had reviewed something that was smoked it’s really nice why it was for whatever reason I haven’t got around to it you know so so these are the best from what I’ve reviewed and the strengths that I have enjoyed the most out of what I’ve been smoking so if you want to go and watch any reviews and you haven’t and these are probably be good ones two good ones to start with but we’ll talk about these strengths as we as we as we discuss them in fact do you know what we’re gonna do first let’s smoke a bowl and kick things off as part of the life review that I’m gonna be doing in just a minute we’re gonna be reviewing ice cream cake anyway so smoke some and that means when I start talking about it at least I’m gonna be starting to feel those effects straight away so get yourselves ready grabbing your bong smoking a lung joints roll bones ready that rigs painted up oh yes guess I’ll start the music up again I’ll pick up Mac 78 I really appreciate the the kind of words we got unsigned music artists we really do with a bow right now I know the feeling that’s why I’m doing one so this is ice cream cake by C junkie – next look we’re gonna review it live in just a moment so I’m talking too much detail yet let’s just enjoy it run out of hemp wick if anyone’s wondering why I’m lighting the torch what the bond with a blowtorch so it’s just a nicer way to lie it than just the Clipper right the time is upon us let me see if I’m getting shot a bit better there we go you and me for this bowl of the ice cream cake and I’ll see you all on the other side Cheers [Music] so tasty so smooth no cough required and that flavor just comes fruit on the exhale and then continues but again we’ll talk about that in just a moment what I wanted to do first of all just quickly talk to you about my strains of 2019 what are you we judged allow the cannabis cups we attended more cannabis events and I think with the tender before we flew out Spain for spannabis we went on a trip with a load of extractors and and they have to load nice they’re nice and extracts and flour and smoke nice flowers as well it was a busy year for I smoke and out of all of those I’m trying to pick my favorite strains that I had the pleasure of enjoying during this year you know and this tough I’ve actually got it narrowed down to four so we’ve got top four enjoying some coffee fairly cold since I beg a drunk and shout out all 70 of you and locked in locked on it is amazing thanks for watching this is episode 1 at the Tyler Greene show right so much first notable strain and by far I would say the one that stands out to me the most in terms of when I reviewed it and what I think about it is the runs the gas farms runs all right now this strain crosses skills and gelato and skills is like Grape Ape and grapefruit gelato is like Girl Scout cookies and pink panties no sorry to those sunset sherbet and pink pen but crossing those two to give up get you the runts the skittles crossed with the gelato it is M it is a really really nice flavor profile it kind of catches a lot of the skills but then you get kind of a the creamy and the gas coming through sort of more richness from the gelato come very well and what made it stand out for me is one of the my favorite things that smoke last year was every single consumption method that I tried it fruit and that he’s smoking it in my bong vaping it through the mighty vaporizer smoking it in the Turin and that is dabbing it in in extract form the butter by element extracts every single consumption method tasted the same I’ve got that same run seater profile however I conclude it you know I mean that’s rig like sometimes it will taste a lot better with extract a lot of time it takes a lot bearing intercept form or some turf profiles come through better than others from a bong this just takes you that runt however you have it so it really just the flavor was incredible it was dressed up like Cali bud well I know it was growing in the UK because I’m known as farms but it was a good branding good good quality buds as well and that that took the top position for me you know at some close competition and I some extracts that I think about about them in Flour for might have been up there with it but I had them in extract form you know so that was number one another thing that I really really liked last year was sonic seeds can earn peach snaps slowly seeds peach snaps and that’s his Cali Snapple crossed with like peach oz or peach something and it basically this strain was was delicious it was really well grown really well presented and it looked and tasted and smelled like kind of big bad circa 2003 and I’ve got a real classic old-school taste and I know maybe I over use old school when I talk about kind of estranged there’s just so much that reminds me of the good old days and old strains there we were smoking years ago but this is like circuit wipe 2003 sort of sort of like tastes do that I mean like proper article so yeah that was an end because of that and just that peach flavor peach turns that was that was what made it just take that back that second spot on my top list because it was just something different and actually was the first thing that I pleasure triumph from sonic seeds and big artist on exceeds absolute legend been around for a long time actually reading cannabis for a long time as well good to me and good to chat me or even did some filming last year but he didn’t end up getting released on the channel for the UK can a cop which was a shame but I’m sure we’ll do some other stuff soon and I wanna shout out another strain also in my top three it was the Yeti og grown by resin heads bred by limb for farms this is an amazing amazing tasting strain it’s just gas eat delicious akan actually I’m trying to remember the genetics off the top of my head this is my new strainers resume straighten straighten review resource to figure it out headband back cross so it’s basically headband crossed with headbands to create the Yeti og headbands is a strain which literally gives you like air you feel a tightness on your head where after you’ve smoked it is a bit of a mad one but yeah that’s the de Nate’s in the Yeti og and that was a phenomenal smoke as well resin head did an amazing job on that one and that was also in my top three coming in at number four was the ginger glue I’ve got a shout out the ginger glue by Black Sheep botanicals because it was something completely different it basically crossed a gorilla glue mail with a Jamaican Lam raised female think that’s right yet to basically produce this strain called ginger glue you actually get like wool and ginger Turks from it and then the height is just so interesting you saw it it’s kind of like fuzzy you kind of feel like a buzz in your head although it’s kind of affecting you in your body as well you know it’s got a very unique profile to that one so that has to have a special mention in the strains that we covered last year but that is not all of them we smokes them amazing strains last year we smoked Sour Diesel backcross – we smoked cherry cola drink green gelato chocolate orange sour Tandy Jack Osito Footloose SS SDH Jaffa Berri sour heads – I’m just reading randomly I’m not going down the whole list ice cream cake Callie poem Colorado Kemp plenty of awesome genetics got got enjoy it last year and documented if you want to know about any of those strains check the link after this stream you can see it in the foot talking about the string review for resource then you’ll find all of these information on there so that is my top strains from last year you can also watch the whole 2019 playlist it’s a long watch you watch all 2009 things like 23 episodes and each episodes about 15 15 minutes long I worked at it but you can go and pick your favorites yeah what do you think of that guys what do you think of those strangeness let’s catch up in the comments and see what you guys have been saying Swedish law and is enjoying this live stream thank you for the feedback it is well received and much appreciated okay one two is saying ginger glue yes I know mate it’s a wicked strange Jake see what’s my favorite method to smoke that is the next thing I’m gonna be talking about is different consumption methods since Easter I’ve not tried 33 splitter is what you’re talking about unsigned music art it’s brilliant question again what is my least favorite strange you know what it’s a difficult one probably probably dolar toe or amnezia Hayes probably my two least favorite strains though lotto tastes like water and amnesia Hayes is just not Nami not like I don’t mind the oranges and the flavour of advice you’ve got my favorite hire that end of the spectrum you know what else wedding pie for clean meds only nice Adams talking about dabbing being much more enjoyable than smoking flour we are finding that I mean I’m finding that I enjoy it dab in more for flavor bombs for power and for enjoying the strength and the flower you know a really nice doing naturally is another way I’m going straight into it and I with the consumption methods at the old con say an iron lung spanked you mate so Adam I go through phases between smoking concentrates and dabbing which technically vaping concentrates and smoking flour often I’m doing both you know just a different parts of the day but sometimes I’ll just be mainly dabbing so I’ll just to have nice extracts and other times I’ll just be mainly smoking because my flowers nice you know what I mean so it just completely depends on on the situation I think that that alternating and we’re going to go into now we’re now we’re talking in the next section we’re talking about different consumption methods themselves right because it’s very good to alternate your consumption methods I’ve found it very beneficial personally for when I for one not building up too much of a tolerance and to just just general enjoyment you know I’m dabbing I’m vaping I’m smoking bongs and I’m smoking joints if we now and then I’ll smoke it in a pipe I’ll eat some edibles I take CBD like everyday you know what I mean so I’m getting consuming this this plant in a whole host of different ways and I think that that’s that’s an important but also a good way to to consume cannabis because your endocannabinoid system the body’s regulatory system moderates things like appetite energy levels mood you know what I mean so so if you are getting cannabinoids into that system then me personally is massively massively helpful yeah starting to waffle now so we’re going to move it back to the movie back to the topics at hand so we’re talking about cannabis consumption methods and big up so everyone locked in its the Tyler Greene show episode one we’re talking we’ve got a lot to get through in this show I’m trying to format this in a more structured way too than we did the Instagram live streams which we’ve been doing which we’re more sort of laid back so I hope you enjoying it feedback welcome so we talked in brief about the different consumption methods and different ways to consume cannabis now let me talk about the benefits between different methods so so if I want to get really high really quickly I’ll hit my bong right this is this is my favorite way to to get high because I can I can just hit a bowl or a couple of bowls if I need to I want to and and I’m just it hits you super quickly now it is not so easy on on the chest for even for a non experienced smoker it’s not so easy on the chest you might find that it’s a little bit harsh a little bit hot obviously depends on the way that you’re the wheat that you’re smoking as well and I’ve been put tobacco in one of these they’re not made to be mixed with tobacco they’re made for smoking pure and I know that a lot of people are brought up to to put tobacco in on tobacco mix into bone space it’s a way to enjoy pure economies so so yes if I wanna get super high or get the effects of those cannabinoids on my system as quickly as possible then I will for sure have a bomb if I am just looking to experience and enjoy the flavor of cannabis I want to have a nice experience with it and always smoke a joint I’ll smoke impurity and I’ll make that chewy about 0.8 to a gram because that enables it to get to the circumference that you need to get good burn nice clean smooth band if you’re smoking nice weight it’s the nicest way – one of the nicest ways to experience the flavor so if it’s all about just sitting back and enjoying it for the love of cannabis I’ll smoke a joint right bong is more sort of efficiency so if um if I during the day if I’m working or if I’m doing something then I’ll hit bonks it’s easy don’t take a lot of time doesn’t leave a lot of smell etc if I’m one pure flavor and I’m talking more flavor than it is possible to to get from the joint from the bong then I’ll move to dabbing and I’ll dab there there extract because when people were extracting cannabis what they’re doing is they’re taking out the Turks they’re the pungent oils that give cannabis it’s a ROM and its flavor and the collabora is right and producing a product that that is that condensed down so so if you’ve never consumed it it tastes a lot stronger and by stronger I don’t mean like oh it’s gonna get a more powerful I mean like like more enjoyable and more flavour so because there’s more terms in it right so that’s what I’ll go to if I just want flavour now I also vape quite a lot using the the mighty as I said at the beginning of the high stream and this is another way to get a very good idea of the flavor of your herbs the mighty also the dynamap I’m just searching for it but I don’t think I’ve got in two hands the dynamap is another excellent way to get the flavor but putting bud into the mighty and then wiping that just use me this really nice gain high experience but it feels very subtle so I find that I don’t do it as often because it just kind of eases you into a height that’s like it’s a really nice thing but it doesn’t give you a sort of as much of a lift and as much of an intensity as the other smoking methods as the smoker methods or dabbing does so I find I bake like when I’m doing stuff that requires a lot of like concentration or retention and then vaping will actually really really be a good way to to ease into that that high and where was a bomb might just change my mental state quite quickly within a few minutes you know and progressing up to 10 or 15 minutes so so yeah there’s different times and places for these different consumption methods if we’re talking about safety then obviously vaping is better than combustion because your dry herb vaping what we’re talking about here is literally heating it up to them to the point where they’re cannabinoids and the Turks come off and then you get that flavor and you leave the everything else behind you know combustion is pure is a lot better than back oh it goes without saying but vitamin is the healthiest consumption method dabbing falls under vaping but because you’re vaporizing the cannabis extract there’s no plant material to burn but obviously that depends on how clean and nice the cannabis extract is that you’re dabbing because if you’re dabbing bad quality product that’s got too much butane in for example then there could be issues there with health issues there that wouldn’t be if it was a clean product you know so so is worth just being aware of that when we’re talking about different calories consumption methods let’s see what your comments are about of different different consumption methods because I’ve been talking about this for about 10 minutes or so I believe H 30 in Patel always asking do I like hash I don’t smoke a lot of hash purely because I smoke pure and actually it is I found I enjoyed hash as part of a spliff right and I don’t smoke spliffs anymore so I don’t smoke a lot of hash that doesn’t mean I don’t like it and it’s an amazing s out there it’s just not product I tend to cut around on the channel really and enjoy a much off really I’ve got some new people in the house pick up we big up still moister we got Simon loves the idea of a live Friday’s show especially after a stressful week at work token on that purple ocol in the mighty vaporise are nice yeah like that purple workers well shuffles talking about the black men but vaporizer I’m not actually tried that one myself you can get that on the white themed website I think our nice Swedish lion went from 20 years smoking vaping into dabbing and enjoys the efficiency and the tasty is kind of a myth as well that people have about switching consumption methods where they think that if they start if they if they don’t pure or if they start dabbing that it’s gonna cost a lot more money than it currently is and actually this is we’re using multiple consumption methods comes in really well because if you’re smoking and dabbing and vaping then you’re not using all your flour or your extract at the same time and I find that the way I’ll get for all my weed straightaways if I’m only got one thing it’s a quick way to get for it all straight away could you get bored of it you don’t ease off Luke Foster saying his favorite way of smoking is a joint and I completely respect that pure joy absolutely incredible if it’s good weight you know all right I just realized I need to move on because I’m going to do a live review and a giveaway and we haven’t got as much time left as I thought so this is also miss okay we’re getting our timings but for the amount of content when it’s put into into next week’s episode so we doing a live review on the ice cream cake which I’ve just enjoyed a bum off so you can see that the effects are kicking in or an in full swing at the moment so it was a little while ago and I want to talk to you about this strength which is why see junkie genetics it is grown by chem dank it is organic organically grown in living soil and the genetics are wedding-cake crossed with gelato right so I wish that I so next week we’re going to have a flash and I’m gonna shine a flash on this so that you guys can see what this looks like there’s actually a strain with you there’s a link in the description to the strain review of the ice cream cake that we did last year if you guys want to watch it but this is completely frosted white with trichomes it looks quite light and that is literally because it’s just got so many trichomes on it these just blank it in the bud and the pistols are like they’re not very like overly apparently quite sure it’s a very well presented mug it’s very dense incredibly dense considering it’s organically grown the rights that there’s no nutrients used here is its living soil no-till that has been grown in all right so to get Bud Light looking like this it’s not loose it’s not areas in water fit just the soil that it is in and their growing expertise that that that really creates this amazing looking bit of bud and when I posted photos of it on Instagram I always get more more likes and comments and then another strength so that tells me that people really really like the look of it and and yeah it’s just fantastic just just all-around good good marks from me in terms of the appearance what you know is we’ve we’ve none like PGR buds right is that they’ve got their own shape their own structure so they’ve got like all different bits everywhere it still comes together into a nice sort of shape but it’s not just tonight I mean it’s not just bold it’s not just like little lugs and that that’s out this is really nice really nice but smell wise so wedding cake and gelato in terms of a smell it’s just got like a gassy creaminess it’s like it’s quite complex by at the same time I’m gonna break some of it open it no that’s just completely it’s very skunky it carries through the pungency at a wedding cake it really carries it through but old-school skunk it adds like a creamy element to it and it’s just really gassy really really gassy I’ve written the ice cream cake smells strongly pungent gassy and sweet with some it’s gunky notes that are apparent even before the butters being squeezed and like if you really give it a deep inhale you starting it starts to get like a bit super gluey like you know that’s sort of warm fat that kind of that you get when you’re growing it some of it up now clean meds only enjoying the like review yes unscientific artists I’m reviewed salvan on a server and then YouTube took the review down unfortunately that was one that never never made it I’m thinking a mutt reuploaded I’ve got that crushed berries gelato and these your house but it was a CVD version all of them got got removed during the YouTube purge at some point so unfortunately I mean some of them are up on Vimeo you can still find them on the website but they’re not in our series because they’ve got taken down that oh that smells gassy like a really really skunky pungent and delicious offensively so you know I mean it’s proper out here the smell of this one proper out it putting it into the chums Widowmaker as we move into the taste section of the review people smoking alone bacon along dabba that I’m grabbing that bun I’ll see you all on the other side just smooth just no smoke offered quiet you know really nice way to enjoying it nice and a joint as well this one nice in the joint as well it’s kind of an old school I know why like him down like this it’s got that coming gassy and this frosty you know the extract taste completely different as well which is interesting it’s got like this whole unlocked turf profile which I was touching on earlier in the review and I was talking about runs down the same through the flavors other strains taste quite different depending on the consumption method and the form so effects wise this one is definitely on the indica side of the spectrum it’s got in the coming both sides of the Parenthood it makes you feel relaxed it’s a good afternoons or even in all weekend or like gaming sessions sort of smoke it’s that kind of a vibe you feel then nice and relaxed already but not like so much on the indica side that it’s sort of a loves my tone of voice which I do find if I smoke like a pure indica strain a little bit slower and I saw stop putting as much energy into my voice and and I’ve noticed that it’s like an unconscious thing that I started doing and then I’ll notice and it’s not like that sort of a high it’s kind of like um I could still go out off and enjoy myself after after smoking it like a smoky recession but it is quite a strong one as evidenced by the photos of it which show you how covered in trichomes is those delicious delicious cannabinoids in the ice cream cake plants oh yeah effects wise I’ve gotta say this is bangin and um as I said it’s in full swing from the bong and I smoked a little while ago just add another box and we’ll see how it progresses in the last sort of 14 minutes so or so of the stream yes so summing things up then with the ice cream cake it’s a wicked enjoyable and dank and delicious strain the appearance is phenomenal you really do see how nice it is under a flash but I couldn’t show you that climate or flash gear but it is something to look out for smell wise I think that when you break it open it just releases so much gas you know and I don’t you think they it smell as strong as the last batter I had which which just reached like that anyway but I think maybe it’s just to do with age of storage but when you break it open it’s just this gassy chirpy old school’s gunky sweet flavour that a roman that comes through translates into the flavors really nice baked and smoking that joint as well we’ve enjoyed it in the bowl today and it’s got me got me nicely biked you not me nicely nicely indica LED high on that one definitely could enjoy some video games after this let’s catch up and see what you think about the ice cream cake that I’ve been talking about and also when it’s shut out but tango glass got his pendant here it’s just a bit too low on the screen you can see it what have you been saying about the con the ice cream cake big up DANC of concert hadar mate he’s been here from the start free monkeys garden some GMO times headbanger OG nice have a try peyote cookies no I haven’t we have I tried blue cookies I’m not sure but I don’t think so had blueberry blueberry cookies I think I’m not sure fu societies having hash dabs and the hot knives are there dan Weber’s thinking of getting a bong I recommend the window makeup unfortunately we don’t have a head shop anymore we have to shut it down but you can probably pick one up from another head shop it’s a it’s a nice big glass actually and it doesn’t break the bank I’ve got raw bong is called a little sister and it is it retails at about two hundred and seventy quid or something it’s it’s quite expensive and that does the same for you know I mean so so yeah that retails at about for week with sterling gets his bongs from the deep from DHgate yeah if you guys don’t know about it there is a site where it’s like kind of an eBay where the companies are based in China and Hong Kong and they’ll basically ship you really cheap glass which is good for people that are just getting started because you can get a whole week sell for a lot cheaper than you pay if you’ve got it in the UK you know but he’s generally you want to get something that you’re gonna appreciate he’s gonna last and they’ve got recommend and support UK gloves a lot of what I own and use as I said as I mentioned with established glasses in the UK although I will will admit the banners not but well yeah you can get some good deals on on that for glass items and stuff that you might not not tried yet you know I mean it doesn’t don’t want to break the bank sterling saying he broke a load last year yeah I’ve definitely done the same I’m getting my glasses in my collection has got broken and some of it I’m repairable unfortunately but is part and parcel you’ve got to take good care of it even then accidents do happen and that’s the number one reason that people say something that they don’t build up a class collection is they’re just they’re worried they’re too clumsy spicy noodles and they’re hot dabs I like that fu so I’m a rash pick up we got Ref EB oh yeah it’s rough you be nice yeah yeah um so I want to do a giveaway we’ve got ten minutes left on episode one I’m gonna ask you guys a question and the fastest answer wins what we got for you we have got a 12 inch pack of raw papers these are insanely big wrong one of these you can see it on the channel actually I’ve rolled one in my life you’ve got one 12-inch raw paper there but yes that’s that’s enough to last you a lifetime really unless you just one more time so I’m gonna give that pack away so one lucky person write a question that I’ve got for you get ready because you’ll get you got to be on your keyboards or your phone pads to answer this this is the giveaway question which cartoon character all right inflated is bulls to get medical marijuana that’s the question I’ll wait and it’s literally the first person to type it because I know a few of you were going to do it then would got in there with Randy March yes mate I can see the comment list is here sterling you a second Zach D very for you a third but Ben Ward winds the winds the Rizla’s yeah or the Royston I say alright send me an email Ben and I’ll wear and I’ll send those papers to you mate congratulations you’re our first live give away winner I’m going to try and do something like that every single episode so that you guys feel like it’s a bit more interactive we give you sight back so yeah congratulations Ben Oh Zak D saying on your screen you and yours is first it’s a shame I’ve got a go with my screen though right guys it’s under I’m doing this dream you guys we must have been so close dave is enjoying the show thank you my I appreciate it nice fun see we’re stoners here no one’s gonna kick off about it appreciate that Zak right so the last thing I want to talk about a couple more things to talk about in the last 8 minutes or so or seven minutes of this stream one of them is we’ve got a mailing list so if you guys want to keep up to date we’re basically a lot of people know us from our videos and that’s their biggest I’d like seeing our content right but we’ve been running this for 10 years this year so there’s a website I smoke mag code at UK there the link in the description we post content on that every week I’m trying to try to improve that all the time to make it more of a resource for people looking to learn about the benefits of cannabis and you guys can go on there and you can subscribe to our mailing list and if you do that and you don’t have to worry it basically send you an email once a week written by me that will tell you what each what has been going on on the channel over the past week and then you can just look at the content that you want to see from there we’ll talk about upcoming events we’ll talk about what’s been going on we’ll talk about strain reviews etc except or anything about this amazing plant is what we’ll cover so please do go and subscribe to the to the mail out the this week we’ve had what we’ve been talking about quite a few things actually we did the the skills strain review was one of the things that we talked about in the mail out where you can just read and learn about the skills kind of a strain which is it was really fun to do we’ve talked about how to roll using a ramblin machine you know I’m really cool be a killer to leave the people that don’t have dexterity and you can see a full video on this if you can’t run I’ve been able to roll for about well over a decade but there’s there’s people that this would be amazing for you know and and so we’ve done a step-by-step video on how to use this bit of kit this one is awesome extra cold it’s made by raw and it’s hemp composite plastic so it’s always and it’s make them to last as well as maybe good high quality materials apparently but yeah Hema composite plastic so is compare for the planet than regular plastic and we’ve also been talking about the gadgets and glass event that we attended last weekend private function down in London where we saw some awesome glass and cannabis gadgets as well and dab some lovely extracts so go and check out the ice won’t website if you’ve never seen it before the awesome if you check it out and you sign up to the mailing list because it helps us reach more people and yeah we’ll be posting more next week I’ve got a sunset sherbet review out sunset share but cross pink panties equals equals jerk is that the gelato yeah sunset sherbet cross pink panties equals gelato so it’s a it’s a really nice strain of sunset show basically it comes from Girl Scout cookies it’s a really nice that crust with pink panties itself actually done really nice strength we got to everyone’s saying that they’ve enjoyed this dream today we’re down to the last sort of few minutes I’m going to do a little Q&A and just answer some of your comments and yeah just catch up with you guys in the comments for the last sort of section of the video it’s been really fun doing this dream in this film actually I’ve enjoyed it we’ve done previously as I said at the start from from like 2017 in streaming on Instagram and it’s been great to engage with people on there but I think putting it into a proper show it’s always been a natural progression you know and it’s taken me a while to get to that stage and to that confidence really but I think we’re there now and I want to be doing a regular livestream so we’re going to try and make this a weekly thing and the next episode episode 2 we at the same time next Friday at 5 p.m mahnbescheid downloaden. I hope that you guys can join that episode because we’ll be talking about a whole other load of subjects in the wide and wonderful world of cannabis if you’ve got any suggestions and you want to leave them in the comments after the streams and they’ll stay after the stream in this the live chat think it will it will stay with a video book there like the comment below or a separate set of comments or maybe you’ve got any suggestions for episode to leave them below after the stream is finished and we can look at some other topics to discuss in because there’s so much to talk about no I really like like just beacon out about this is flower and this plant and the potential will be medicinally recreationally we haven’t taught even touched upon the power repent I mean we’ll definitely talk about hemp and how that can can save a lot of different industries from pumping out a lot of carbon you know they’re plastic the heme composite plastic is one example of it but there’s hempcrete there’s other hemp products that would really benefit society if the doctors you know island and build houses at him you know I will talk about that in more detail in another stream as well and I’ll think of some other topics for you guys nice Swedish Lian has enjoyed the live stream and looking forward to the next one thank you for the feedback I really really appreciate that we got Robert sending love from Berman and appreciate that we got day yep so every year we cover spannabis and we we go and we talk about the expo and what’s going on might be changing a little bit this year we’ll see and we’ll be covering that and letting you guys well yeah just keeping you updated basically and also talking about the different cannabis clubs out there that we visit on our journey you know we’ll be popping into we flowers will be popping into backyard human green is still asking so I didn’t talk about the competition enough actually so Randy Randy marsh the answer to the question is Randy Marsh the cotton at the cartoon is South Park and it’s a episode called medicinal Fried Chicken now the reason I thought about it was in in issue 1 of I smoked magazine I wrote an article called cannabis in cartoons where I compared South Park The Simpsons family Guy and boondocks together to to talk about their their portrayal of cannabis and and yeah I’ll just put that all into into an article I think you can find it on the i smite website as well actually but that made me think about Randy marsh and and that and that question so yeah big up to be knows who’s won that competition and I hope it gets in touch to claim those rural papers and that about sums it up for episode one of the Tyler Greene show thank you for all your always some comments thank you for your awesome feedback on the format and thank you for your support on the channel in general I don’t need to tell you guys to subscribe because I’m sure you already subscribed if you’re if you’re here but if you know any friends that you think would enjoy this show please do tell them about it and let’s try and get some more people here for episode 2 and yeah I look forward to seeing you on the other side of very soon as always thanks for watching and keep talking