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2020 Series Episode 3 – This week ZkittleZ is in our strain spotlight, this one is Grape Ape X Grapefruit and it is a brilliant mixture of flavours here we go karten herunterladen. Smoke report out tomorrow at Find our how you can support me on Patreon here: Disclaimer: ISMOKE is an adult channel for people aged 18…

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[Music] what is going on welcome back to the I smoke channel and another cannabis inspired video with me your host Tyler Greene today I’m gonna be talking about this kind of restrain in front of me this is skittles with a Z at the start and at the ends and we’re gonna talk about it in a bit of detail right here on the ice smoker Channel let’s talk about the background of the skills cannabis train this is a really popular one for gem family and Terk hogs all involved with the creation of this strain it combines Grape Ape with grapefruit to mix those flavor profiles and it really does deliver a unique strong delicious sweet and fruity flavor the tagline for skittles is taste the rainbow and you get that with a flavor of the skills bud but also with the appearance as it’s growing if it gets cold just before flowering it develops these nice purples it’s just super popular from what I can see looking online doesn’t it like you can get the seeds or the feminized seeds so clone only virgin family gifting Terp hogs one of the cuts of skills and the legend was born all right so I know there’s gonna be a lot of searches for skittle so this is probably going to be quite a popular strain review I’ll refer you to my research sources in the description in a video but it’s places like wiki leave seed finder and several other sources just to try and get a background of this strain this particular batch of the skittles is some of the best I’ve come across this is organically grown in living soil using the no-till method of growing big up to Roadrunner really really nice skills this and I’m looking forward to covering it in more detail let’s talk about the appearance of this cannabis strain so we’ve got the skit was here let’s ever look at it I like the brand in I like that skittles sticker there taste the strain bro opening up the glass jar to look at the skills contained within yeah well not as many colors on the but as I was expecting actually I’ve got our flower from this grower that has plenty of purples and plenty of different colors on the bud this is more of a single green color right it’s got the green sort of loosely stacked calyx a lighter color Asian dusty Huai comes the pistols are visible for troodon from flower as well let’s get another nug out and just to see what the rest of them are looking like what singular colors you know so when I was reading about it was talking about how it it’s got all these different colors but I would say that that isn’t showing in this bit of flower nice trim job the buds been presented well I’m impressed with a look I wouldn’t say it’s as complex looking as some of the other strains I wouldn’t say that it is jumping out at me as wowza this deserves its complete reputation based on look a low but well presented organically grown sort of buds got their own unique structure and shape it looks good but how does it smell I like to open a jar and just get a whiff of that gr smell and this is where the true skittles flavor really starts to come through the aroma is so identifiably skittles that you can just tell as soon as that hit my nostrils and that is what gives it its distinguished ability amongst the other leading strains out there you can smell it and know what you’re smelling where is love a stranger might be like oh it could be this could be this this is skittles and you’re gonna know their skills when you smell it what does that smell Intel it is a mixed sweet fruitiness that combines the grapefruit and the grape together it kind of comes across like a sweet sour citrus kind of combo which starts in the aroma as like a bag of sweets but then as you inhale deeply you start to get the citrus notes like creeping in it’s a real pleasure to to smell this one so really really nice smell guys ten out of ten in terms of the smell I’ve smelt a fair bit of Skittles this is some of the nicest smelling skills that I’ve tried I could literally just stand like this for an hour just smelling this and just enjoying the sensation wowza one hour later excellent excellent expression of the skills of Roma in this grow we’re gonna break this up and just see what smells are released inside here we go Oh exactly the same but with a wolf that comes from pungency that wasn’t as available before so you’re still getting the sweet you’re still getting a mixture of those fruity flavors it’s got an American smell like a Cali inspired sort of smell to it but it’s very kind of natural and pungent that kind of skunk enos just coming through right at the end as you do a deep inhalation let’s move on to the taste section of the review I’ve got my bong here we’re gonna smoke some bombs of the skittles and see how it treats us I should also get a vaporizer we rounding up some of this skills to enjoy I have been smoking this really a while so I’ve tried it in every consumption method I really like it through the bong I really like it in a joint as well it’s a nice smoking to join the skills this section of the video is all about that flavor if you are joining me for this one get yourselves ready get those joints rolled bongs really de briques heated up we’re about to smoke and vape some of the skills cannabis strain but my vaporizers are heating up so that is going to give us a brilliant idea of that vaping flavor in the meantime let’s smoke our bowl of the skills and I’ll see you all on the other side Cheers [Music] I was so smooth and light I didn’t even do the ball [Music] Wow what did come through was that it was flavor and actually I reckon it is down to the method of growing that organic no-till method of growing delivers such a nice smooth smoke and a strong flavor profile and this is one of the nicest sort of no-till grows that I think I’ve tried to they really enjoyed that flavor no need to cough no sort of acridity by in the chest just tasted them really really nice we’re gonna do another one in a minute first of all we’re gonna try the mighty vaporizer let’s get an idea of how it bakes really skills e on the exhale or still now like the roof of my tongue is getting this skills flavor coming through like super strong super super strong [Music] that is in my top five will vapor straight away straight away Wow again I’ve got shout out the no-till method of growing Wow’s our paint so top marks for flavor as well let’s talk about the effects of the skills skittles is an indica dominant strain it’s a hybrid obviously you’ve got a sativa of the grapefruit in there as well but it’s listed as an indica dominant strain it doesn’t mean it just sits you down and relaxes you straight away now first it brings you up and you get an almost sort of creative Drive something you could literally clean the house with but this doesn’t last a long time if you don’t catch it and start being active in those first few minutes as you start to experience the higher then the next stage settles in and it will take away that drive because it is a relaxation it’s a heaviness it’s a suit ly to that afternoon and even in tire smoke and it’s something that actually for me is very very strong but also makes you feel a little bit chatty and a little bit sort of lifted as well how am I feeling right now it’s time to kick in nice and fast I mean the vapors got a really high absorption rate clocks in between 15 and 23 percent THC there’s not as strong of those super strong ones but I said it isn’t everything sometimes it’s the mixture the cannabinoids the terpenoids the flavonoids everything feels really really strong despite it sitting around the sort of 20 ish percent mark and yeah on the indica side but feel nice in the mind as where you know is that the hybrids do they combine the good effects on both ends of the spectrum I can feel the waves kicking in I’ve only had one bong and a vape of it and it is in odd I can feel a lot of tightness in my like around my eyes I kind of like headband but more around my eyes let’s sum things up today I’ve been enjoying the skills cannabis Train organic no-till big up road run up we’re about to smoke another bong of it right here on a channel join me for this one and I’ll see you all on the other side Cheers [Music] taste me it really comes fruit and I’m really late the flavor of that appearance-wise it looks nice maybe didn’t bring out the Purple’s because the stable temperature is a nice looking bit flower smell wise fantastic 10 out of 10 it’s a really really nice smell it’s like sweet notes there’s like sour notes you know it’s really complex flavor-wise the smell carries right through into the flavor vaping it is absolutely fantastic smoking it tastes great as well when it’s a really smooth smoking experience I put a lot of that down to how well this particular batch has been grown and effects wise it’s a lovely heavy stone for that afternoon even in time something that I will be enjoying when I’m sitting down playing video games or watching something on Netflix for example and yeah I’ll write it very highly that is gonna be it for the skittles strain review on the I smoke channel I know some of you are going to have some stuff to say about this strain so what are your thoughts leave them below and remember to hit that like and subscribe button if you’re enjoying our content to help the channel grow that’s it for the moment as always thanks for watching and keep talking step 9 your roller coaster going down but I never felt this high biggest right how the century [Music]

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