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REAL ONES PODCAST: EPISODE 40 – Sunday, Sept. 22, 2019. Join the fellas this week for story time! Where they discuss their first time getting stoned, first time doing hallucinogens, first time getting laid, and much more!!! Light up and enjoy the ride! *THE REAL ONES PODCAST IS NOW AVAILABLE ON THE APPLE PODCASTS APP!*…

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what up everybody welcome in to another episode of the real once podcast this is big episode for oh I’m your host Shane o Mac I’m Danny flavours and we are back for another one we’re actually gonna do things a little bit different tonight we’re scrapping the regular format this episode is kind of gonna be storytime we’re gonna tell you guys about the first time we smoked weed first time we got drunk first time we did it loosen the gins first time we got lucky this is juicy what else what else we got in here first time we got in trouble with the cops yeah first time first memory overall in life that’s you know I was thinking about that one for a while I finally got it it’s hard that one’s hard yeah everything from that from that point of my life is pretty much Hillary yeah I don’t have a lot of memories from when I was a kid but we’re gonna get into all that later yes sir before we do that we got to let you know as always we are brought to you by made from dirt organics these guys right here and as we’ve been telling you for the last couple weeks we finally got a discount code going with them to its for 15% off grapes over at the website we can help you out with the CBD stuff only so what if you want to go check them out over at made from dirt organics calm type and discount code grapes gr AP es you get 15% off over there and we are also brought to you by the piping guys cuz we got a kang’s especially the King’s grapes I know where the Kings are crushed back in the death think we’re the kings of grapes as you can see right here looking fresh and that new great gang tea over there yeah but I do not want to neglect the pipe King go over there get yourself a new bong what’s the cut over there again says right there on the paper uh I was trying to make a joke purple cush with you our ple all lowercase should we throw a space on that or no no no space no spaces yeah purple Chris all lowercase no spaces guys go get yourself a new piece smoking accessory whatever you may need go check them out papaya king calm 25% off 25% off I forgot that now that we got the business out of the way you got to be for me I got a beat for you we got here rich the kid type beat space coupe yeah I found this by typing in Richard type because we put a Richard on the card yeah yeah at the castaway castaway feeling like a purple day like a purple day but you’re wearing green I smoke weed only the purple way here dope imma started off one time go dummy dummy go dumb cuz I’m getting hot my man over there looking kind of skinny oh yeah he’s in the skinny jeans looking for eating good but I’m looking like I’m starving catch me out in San Diego like my name is Carmen yeah a full beard like I’m hardened oh yeah like I’m fresh out the garden like he’s fresh out the garden cush never smoked Reggie that Bush ha ha but we smoked it up you episodes ago but it was just a try getting crazy out of my hippocampus just might bring a hippo on the campus yeah boy bold like Atlantis I said cold but I meant wet oh hey well spit until I’m done yet ya can’t spit like I am a vet Jeff ass like you go and I’m smoking on the fuego that gasoline baby yeah and I go dumb cuz I’ve run the bay I gotta never use that line again cuz I say it all the time so you won’t hear it anymore Drake type beat here we go with the flow huh just away like Tom Hanks Tom Hanks blowing on the bomb stink bomb get grapes every day of the week I’m smoking GDP til I cannot speak tili-tili cannot speak and you cannot speak and he’s looking kind of weak cuz he don’t pump waste but that’s ok cuz he’s my homie motherfucker yeah and I’m looking for a Tony I don’t know that for sure Tony is Mexican for Underpants or diapers or something like that so ice bar there buddy I’m looking for my chonies yeah that bar wasn’t hot and that poor wasn’t funny but I’m all up on the beat and then you know I’m going dummy like a monkey when I’m breaking out the zoo smoking on GDP to let someone do yeah they’ll win no brown once when I come to your town not once in my life then I’m smoking GDP which a wife and I even I don’t know whatever do you want a photo with a real one yeah a real one after self voting motherfucker we go over the hill over the hill we going over the hill yeah all you fuckers out there hating about me popping pills haha fuck you motherfucker all I do is smoke in moderation no just kidding smoke all the time pass it over to old Mac after we take stuff on rip one more time blow it out here we go blowing smoke blowing smoke when you number the fucking couch with the shoot smoke an ice cream cake eating on the cheese steak ooh maybe some cheesecake yeah smoking on the cheese quake I don’t know [Music] whoa I’ll tell you what man well I have not been taking bong rips for the past week or so cuz I fuckin pull the muscle over here in my ribs smoker just been smoking joints and shit bro oh my god I was lit instantly after that first yeah I mean you know I just got back from Atlanta I actually spent all day today on a fucking plane was there for quite a bit longer than I was expecting but uh shit was hella fun bro little jet lag yeah little jet lag and I didn’t smoke so like you know when you get home you just get smacked in the face and like I’m really high right now to drink a little bit of coffee to kind of get through this hopefully but the trip was super dope bro like you got to go to Atlanta next time yeah I’ve never been I had never been either it was my first time there the cultures fucking sick you know it’s so much different than California you know I fuck with it it was super dope shot a video out there for the new single actually it was it was hella fun I saw you had some issues in the airport dude oh my god that’s you yeah man I can’t believe how much they still treat us like criminals bro that shit was absurd it was funny because literally the day you left I was telling you about how the last time I flew to LA they finally stopped me and like pulled my weed out and asked me what it was I believe is right I told him it was weed I told him it was about a gram under my 28.5 gram traveling limit or whatever right and yeah they put they pulled it out and they weighed it and they they like use this machine to like scan the top of it before they opened it it only took me about five minutes but your ordeal is a little bit worse or what it took me like 45 minutes almost missed my flight straight up swear to God so what happened is they pulled my bag because I had trail mix in it and you know me being me I just threw it ate the weed in the fucking bag right and I’m like I’ll be good you know then I just threw it right on top and it fell in my shoe actually my extra pair of shoes I brought and dude opens it I’m not even really thinking anything of I’m like cause I was like what was it and he’s like food I’m like all the big-ass bag of trail mix if I want to make sure there’s like not pills and there’s none because I saw the M&Ms or something you know so he like took that out and shook it all around and he puts beginning seize the weed and he’s like you know we don’t we’re not really trained to look for this stuff but if we find it we have to follow protocol I’m like okay and I thought of you I was like they’re gonna weigh it and I’m gonna be all good it was only 3.5 grams you know I’m saying like well under my traveling limit dudes like does he’s just standing there I’m like so what’s going on man I gotta like I got a flight he’s like we’re just following protocol I’m like well excuse me but like what the fuck is protocol you know I’m saying he’s like well I have to call my boss so then the boss comes and he gives me this spiel about like okay you see right out there see that’s California once you come here now you’re on federal land and you have to play by federal law and weed is not legal on the federal level yeah I’m like what are you gonna do take me to jail like what do you my trafficking do you really think I’m trafficking I have 3.5 grams I have a layover in Denver and I’m smoking it all there and it’s legal there I had a three-hour label layover you know I’m saying like that is the purpose I mean it’s my medicine I had to show him and so he’s like our eyes as a police officer know this this was TSA big dog their head guy or whatever mm-hm and so I’m like all right I’m thinking this guy’s just gonna you know slap me around and let me go and then so he’s like all right well now we’re just waiting for SFPD because I flew out of SFO I’m like SFPD so then my heart gets kind of gone you know I’m like what the fuck dude again right after this cruise bullshit of five milligrams you know it’s like you’ve been having bad luck with your travels lately and fun luck is terrible bro so I seriously I waited another half hour they’d have been like 15 minutes at that point and it’s humiliating to say the least everyone’s asking me what’s going on and what is it I’m like it’s weed I just you know it was embarrassing and so anyways SFPD comes and it’s a bike cop he pulls up and my god that’s great you know great Just My Luck you know so I’m like I’m like I look officer like you can just take it like I’m sorry I didn’t know was in there bro I said the whole spiel he’s like you have a medical card I’m like dude I haven’t been asked that in fucking years I’m like what I was like yeah I do but isn’t it recreational he’s like yeah can I see it I’m like shit I pull out my expired medical card you still have that it was in my wallet you I had a medical card since what like 20 you know I had it I’ve got it when I moved back down here okay so 2017 yes say I haven’t had a medical card since maybe like 2012 2017 I think 2017 anyways I had to follow up my expired medical card Shh I gave it to the cop he looked at it for like ten seconds almost gave it back looked at again he’s like this is expired I’m like fuck oh here we go like am I really gonna get handcuffed for an eight to weed like I was like yeah as expired man I’m sorry and just hands it back he says work on that right and he leaves and then I looked at the TSA guy I’m like so we’re good he’s like yep I’m like oh you guys just love to flex on me all that for nothing for nothing especially they know they’ve caught somebody with an eighth of weed and probably gone through this whole process before knew exactly what the end game was gonna be so what the fuck yeah it’s crazy bro like fucking I got treated like a criminal bro and they just I swear they just loved to fucking just just smashed me in the ground and humiliate me and let me go with nothing I’m like so I asked the guy you know I’m like so am I gonna be on some type of list through some he’s like no no list I’m like um what was this all for you know I’m saying he’s like we just gotta follow protocol right I was so weird right dude right especially like I mean I guess I could maybe understand if this was like in another state that just got medical weed or legal weed recreational weed whatever within the last year or two but California it’s like fucking TSA has been dealing with this shit here for a decade now it’s it’s ridiculous I swear they just love to flex on me I just got the worst luck dude like it’s funny when it will only was medical I flew with weed dozens of times was never fucked with same with you right yeah with in taking like way larger amounts than an eighth yeah almost oh I always take my limit almost always if I’m going somewhere for any extended period as long as there was a medical state yeah and they never fucked with you never and all of a sudden now that it’s like all that it’s in the lime oil yeah now that’s in the lime light you know recreational they just they just love to fucking enforce every little rule oh we got a follow protocol well fuck your protocol man I had a pound and I’m fucking be like alright you got me you know I’m saying yeah I had a fucking eight it was a in a jar like this just like this ice cream cake I’m smoking it was fuckin in a jar like this branded everything seal you know I’m not stupid fuck so weird it was fucking tamper sealed and everything fucking dumbasses yeah when I went I just had an ounce of weed in a mason jar no labelled they asked me for nope it’s really nothing usually I just roll it my first opening line was they’re like sir what is this I was like it’s madam it’s marijuana 20 it’s just under the limit of 28.5 grand well they could see the guy was like oh this is weed he didn’t even ask me what it was he’s like Oh weed they called it we didn’t call them anymore huh yeah I was I’m always like which word do I go with usually I go with like cannabis just go or whatever they say I just said like it’s marijuana unless they ask me I usually say marijuana but fucking weird man he didn’t even know how to give me the chance bro yeah look people need to lighten up lighten up man it’s 2019 it’s probably 2020 it’s weed bro it’s weed chill out speaking of which today is 2000 2019 where do we start starting off with the year now when we read a day apparently yeah you can if you want 2019 22 September yeah I’m baked over here today is Sunday September 22nd 2019 on this day in history in 1993 Nolan Ryan pitched his last game ever at age 46 man that guy’s baller you ever seen nolan Ryan’s fight video and Robin Ventura rushes the mountain Dona me puts him in a headlock and fucking gives him a couple he’s a og man and he had a hell of an arm Nolan Ryan was a beast in like Nolan Ryan country boy Sandy Koufax so those guys were ballers I’m fuckin with Nolan Ryan dude no I’m not he hits me I’m just taking my nice little fucking stroll the first base yeah I ain’t even looking at him dude wow that hurt I have a good one yeah no he’s a beast and then also Barry Bonds in 2004 got walked four times intentionally in one baseball game guys wow that’s pretty done that’s also a record that is a record it’s fucking crazy that time period went to think about what he did hit no 73 home runs and then you consider the fact that he maybe got one pitch to hit an entire game or all these guys now that you know get compared or even anybody that’s thrown into the conversation of like greatest hitters ever they were not getting intentionally walked like that guy dude he had like over six I think he had like a 650 on-base percentage one year in professional baseball that’s unheard of nobody’s ever done anything like that dude I mean put up those kind of numbers seem one-tenth the amount of pitches and game that these other greats get to see and get a chance to fuck yeah then I got the party so for all your baseball nerds out there obviously you know the the intention of going up to the plate is you want to see as many pitches as you can right because that’ll improve the probability of you actually seeing the pitch that you want right yeah sorry I just had to retrieve this blunt guys yeah so I think with that being said making very what made him such a fuckin good hitter is recognizing what his pitch was and just being able to drill it out of the park every time mm-hmm you know I’m saying like if they give it to him BAM gone yep because honestly like I’m not nearly the hitter he is and I just kind of got lucky this year but the one thing I tried to focus on was what is my pitch and when I see it drill it’s at least early in the count and sometimes it’s the most the time it’s the first pitch cuz I know as a pitcher you’re just trying to get up trying to get up a one in the count get ahead so dude like in the last game when I hit that triple it was just like first pitch BAM I saw it and I knew was my pitch fuckin bellybutton high fastball you know I’m saying he was a little outside but BAM that’s what make Barry Bonds so good it’s every time you saw his pitch his bat was so fast just thank God he had that that I in that selection pretty much his whole career and people remember him all rode it out with a huge head at the end at the end when he was hitting dingers but they forget that like young Barry Bonds was the most like as when a Gold Glove stealing 40 paces like he was all around like five tool players that could do everything yeah I really hate that he gets stripped of all the shit man cuz you know we talked about before it’s like you know it’s the difference between hitting it on top of the fucking brick wall and in in the water I dude his home run record literally has an asterisks in it no it’s fucked up but it’s it’s still a home run whether you hit it fucking 350 or 450 yeah you know it’s they did that right they put the asterisk fucking weird man it’s fucked up he’s still the greatest hitter of all time I think steroids hundred-percent hand-eye coordination sterile ease home run hitter steroids cannot improve and I coordinate he could maybe say Ted Williams because he was able to bat 400 but I don’t think the pitchers were throwing his nastiest shit back then no not at all bro ain’t had these guys throwing 100 and 300 smokin I also gotta give a happy birthday shout-out today to andre Bocelli who turned 62 years old huh don’t you my favorites don’t you have a cover hiding somewhere of no that’s a Josh Groban dude you got some gold up in my truck please comment down below if we want Shane to drop that please if we get enough I’m I’m gonna steal it and upload it dude I actually remember when I made that was when we set up the original podcast studio the night we got the mics all set up and shit just testing them out and sugar trying to ride on you and she that’s when you were trying to figure out how to use the mixer and all that shit you know wow dude it’s crazy how long ago that seems already I know man crazy that it’s episode 40 it’s finally here yeah whoa whoa 40 ounce hell yeah 40 what other 40 shit we got definitely happy birthday shout-out to Andrea Bocelli though I am Maggie I got some pipes on him dude muddy dang what’s coming dude that’s crazy that doesn’t even sound like a language when you hear other languages don’t they just sound so much more like fluid and eloquent except for like to my ear like most Asian languages sound especially like chocolate nummies or like oh I’m like you know that’s the shit that I’m like oh damn but certain languages like French or again that’s why you guys only get that one time it just sounds a lot nicer than ours I think to other to other people that speak other languages I think when they hear us we probably sound like uh you know have we sound dumb Duke I mean I was married I’m just saying like you singing that just sounded like kind of like you were slow a little bit you know I’m saying but it’s like really I thought it sounded good I thought not not my singing good but I thought the words sounded beautiful I think Americans to other languages sound like we’re slow no I know we’re I know we’re slow that’s a back Jack but I’m just saying when it’s a foreign sound it sounds funny right just like I’m sure English sounds funny to Chinese yeah it’s like when you just hear someone going oh no it’s like sounds kind of retarded I always hear opera singers and like wonder why you can barely understand the words that they’re saying but then if you were like read the lyrics it would be like some simple fucking shit Wow Wow he’s not really saying shit it’s just like they’re oh wow that was in English yeah sometimes I get that with fucking opera yeah but I think there’s people that listen to that shit like old people that like opera and shit and I think I guess you get it here for that and you can’t understand what they’re saying but me when I hear it I can’t fucking understand shit when I watch that diaper suit is like I watch them and I hear it and it sounds so eloquent I’m thinking that they’re saying some super deep shit and then you read the lyrics and it’s just saying like you’re like oh that’s the lamest fuck but when you don’t understand it like I feel like I watch Andre Bocelli and it’s just like I’m mesmerized cuz I don’t know what the fuck he’s singing sometimes and he’s blind so he just has his eyes yeah the whole time and you just tell that he’s feeling it yes in himself yeah I’m saying but it’s like the fact that it’s not English it just makes it so much better I feel like because I just don’t know what he’s saying so I’m not really listening for under like I’m not trying to comprehend anything I’m just saying I’m just like watching and listening like damn he’s it in some notes I just don’t already say you can just appreciate the talent of the voice yeah this is singing itself instead of worrying about like oh I like these lyrics or I like the message of this song you’re simply just listening to the scene that’s why some days I went on cleaning the house or some shit I sound like a housewife when I’m for real like when I do laundry or some shit because I do I have to do all that shit myself fucking I’ll throw on some like shit from South America you know I’m saying I mean listening like that what’s that like like it’s like reggaeton or like dancehall that should teach like fucking like not pitbull I don’t like pit that gets you pumped up that’s your cleaning music hell yeah in the reggaeton regular tones tight yeah there’s a lot of reggaeton be like drum kits and shit in rap crap I like different types of music especially like from different you know parts of the world and shit they definitely make you feel different things or they’re good for different moments like they’re saying like for each person it might be different but everybody has like they’re clean and music or they’re working or their workout music I don’t know the artist but go next time you’re doing the dishes or cleaning the house or doing laundry for all your single dudes out there or women go play dance dance oh kuduro something like that dance well that for me bro I’m telling you dancer kuduro how do you spell coup de da and za kuduro I don’t know it’s it’s it’s in Fast and Furious but that shit’s hard it’s a Latin song dude which one fast seven yeah shit this one’s going off the track sorry but that’s just the way it goes shout-out to the fastest Imperius to attract I guess bastard right there you all you have to do guys is type in da and Z on YouTube and you’ll find it alright if you guys want to hear Dan’s favorite song type in da n za q que UD u ro and as little okay it’s not my favorite song it’s just something to switch up it gets me pumped up to fuckin clean the house because that shit sucks years ago 18 minute let me hear this yeah that’s why I was gonna say I was gonna ask you want to hear it by Dawn Omar’s do dishes hard let me see what’s up with Don Omar I’m gonna grab the mute the ad just because we don’t want it was none of that bullshit I’m gonna take a bond rip guys I suggest you do the same out there and then we’re gonna just improv and jam out to this for a little bit because I think you guys are gonna feel it but Shane I want you to let me know right away if you’re not so we can go ahead and switch it [Music] tell me you can see me sweeping all right like I’ve heard this song another version yep sweep the floor and tell me we don’t start shaking your hips start your sparkly this is not what I meant when I said I listen to music another Lane maybe if I was like in Mexico if I was on a cruise maybe yeah I feel like if I was drunk I might be into it more yeah anyways I mean just truck ly in the house to that next time see what happens yeah go do that guys it’s all I’m saying anyways let’s get into these fucking stories here man speaking of getting drunk that’s one of them why don’t we start with the first time you smoke weed if you remember that the first time I smoked weed yes I do so the first time I smoked weed was I got off the school bus in seventh grade with this dude named West and I feel like I told this on the show before but I’m gonna tell Ian got off the school bus pretty simple story and West and bust out of pipe and some weed that he stole from his dad a little bit of hash – actually I actually smoked some it was dark like probably sizzurp hash or something it was really dark and probably I did a fire back but this was like bro well seventh grade 2003 to 2002 or three something like that way back in the day so I don’t even know what hash was what I think that man cameras did over there oh fuck it dude whatever first time smoking we’ll get back to that so I get off the bus and Weston busts out a pipe with some weed and some hash that he stole from his dad and fucking packs it up and he’s like you want to hit this and I was honestly scared I’m like how old were you seventh grade taking at hash in seventh grade that’s what oh yeah dude and it was fucking free from his dad I was like sick so I got high for the first time for free and it was out of a pipe with some pretty good weed actually from what I remember it was light green and frosty I know we like purp right here yeah that’s the first time I’m high man sorry I’m like zoning out and shit the first time you got high did you get high as high as you are now mmm not as high as I’m now no but I did get high I like what got home and I was like oh shit out super paranoid cuz my mom saw me and I was like I can’t hack highs I like went into my but I wasn’t that high you know I probably took like two hits off the pipe and then I was like oh I’m good like a pussy you know I think my my first time getting high story is very similar to yours we had just gotten off the bus on the way home and this is like I think pretty much right after I said I’m happy to move in three doors down the street from your where your mom still lives today yeah and we started taking the same bus home and shit I thought I want to say I was 14 me you and Josh yeah and you guys like totally we were walking home walking up to your house and he was like your next door neighbor yeah and I think he had the wheel right he did yeah and he whipped out some weed and a pipe basically very similar story she was all geeked I was like man I don’t know and I was like I was gonna do it and then I like tried to push out at the last hour go home oh we like fucking chase the math way down the street dude I remember this like I think you remember it way better than I remember being in my head chasing you down the street right now yeah Josh was in front now Josh caught up to you first though there we go fucking pussy fucking gave him the shit and you hit it right there I was like attaboy I don’t remember getting super high the first time though I don’t remember what we did I think you only took one rip though cuz you were scary I mean yeah I was scared to hang on I when you trying to fucking new substance as a young kid and everyone’s always like this is bad bad bad bad bad but in your like I don’t think it’s that bad yeah and when I was a little kid I didn’t like I maybe had like a couple sips alcohol when I was a kid I didn’t really start drinking until I was like 15 mm-hmm so I started smoking weed first so for me I was like just this good little kid that was fucking that was the only thing I had ever done but right after the first time wasn’t bro I just remember right after the first time I was down to do it again I was like yo like a winter wheat when are we doing it again I am and then the next cuz I remember being like that I kind of I think I kind of felt something but it wasn’t what I expected it to be no yeah and then I remember the next time I got high was maybe like the next weekend or something we were over at our buddy Matt’s house we got the homemade gravity bong with little Bowl piece stuck to the it was the top of the 2-liter cut right now it wasn’t the 2-liter I remember exactly it was like an arrowhead water bottles the tall skinny oh yeah yeah it’s getting gallon yeah so it was like a longer a bit more shaped like it would be more shaped like a regular bong but it fills right but I remember I took one rip off that and I will got so high and I remember I remember like sitting with like standing but like leaned over the the kitchen counter with my head like parallel to the counter and just hearing and it seemed like the sound was just like just so like fuckin worked and like I intense so just like all my senses were intensified yeah had never felt that before so I like wasn’t used to it or anything and I just remember for whatever reason just think it was like so trippy to like you have like half my face laying on the fucking counter it’s all cold and the other I was just tripping out dude like crazy body high crazy everything yeah that was exactly what I thought we’d was kind of gonna be like and that’s kind of what it was that was the closest it ever was to like how they portray weed in movies you know is it weed is a mild hallucinogen if I’m not mistaken right that is the category it is in it’s a mild hallucinogen I believe so it makes sense that it like impaired or not impaired sorry that’s not the right word it makes sense that it you know what’s the word I’m looking for it intensifies like your vision your hearing it intensifies like everything really if you think about it creativity you know like I don’t understand why it’s looked at so negatively I fucking hate it I don’t think it is any more talking about yeah like I had cocaine yeah that’s true I think by some people it is but I think more and more it’s becoming more and more accepted like you’re seeing now places that’s it have like no smoking signs we’re just to use to have the cigarette now as the we leave – yeah and even though they’re being like don’t smoke weed yeah I still feel like that’s a step in the right direction because they’re like oh people might think they can just smoke weed here I mean that’s a fuckin step in the right direction right it’s truly that is a step when I see that shit I laugh I’m like alright cool but when that shit happens to you and like the airport and shit when you’re told that you can fly with a legal limit it’s like you know only the states that are medical of course if you have your card or recreational if you don’t so I thought I was good you know I’m saying no but then I still got to Denver and smoke my weed and they went to Atlanta and so it all worked out you made your flight made my flight smoke my weed it was all good you know but they like to fucking jabya anyways hopefully once it goes legal federally that will not be an issue anymore yeah back to you know the mild hallucinogen THC and all that chunk let’s talk about our first time doing hallucinogens ooh man first time see the thing is I don’t know if I remember the first time that I did mushrooms specifically but what I do remember is like the first five or six times I did mushrooms they were all from the same source right I took like a similar amount maybe a little bit more and I never had like I had visuals as far as like just the like where I’m looking at this light over here in a white light I would see like rainbow rings yeah around that light but it was just things having to do with light I don’t have any actual hallucinations you know but I still had like the crazy like increased visual acuity where it seems like all of a sudden everything’s really clear and maybe something out of the corner I’ll catch and then it’s like the wall like puffs out and goes back in or something like yeah I think a berry mile I think in the first like five or six times towards the end maybe I got a little bit more like that where I would start to yeah kinda feel the breathing affect the rabbit but I I don’t know if I remember the very first time I took shrooms where I really like broke through and was fucking tripping I don’t remember I do I do with acid I just thought I was gonna that’s what that was my whole point is I remember specifically with mushrooms you remember yours mm-hmm what was it the first time I broke through was at Leafs house bro oh yeah the trampoline incident and I’ll tell the whole thing fuck it yes so this was when I wanted to break through though I was asking for it I fucking got what I wanted you know I’m saying how many times have you done hallucinogens before this time I would say like eight solid eight like I was boom in a little bit but I would only take like a eighth and this was what we this is when we were 15 yeah no sixteen I was driving I was 17 I was 16 I think I was 17 this was when I was 17 I was the young enough fucking anyways I wanted to break through so we get these fucking shrooms and I never seen him before man and then this guy starts talking about how they were growing indoors and all this shit they had fucking goo in the stems and shit I’m all purpley and oh I’m like looking at these I’m like these cool Leafly start getting that antsy feeling already you know I’m like oh man what are these gonna do you know I was like fuck it I’m asking for it didn’t I took seven grams of them bitches and drink like we fit between me and Leif we finished a gallon orange juice with that bitch it’s like giving me anxiety talking to me so we’re sitting there fucking watching Shrek you know just drinking orange juice we fucking finish it and then like dude I swear fifteen minutes later boom Shrek turns purple and then shit just starts coming 3d out of the screen and I’m like I’m like oh whoa dude like before this just like you bro I swear I had never fucking like seen anything that wasn’t there and for me I had only seen that depicted in like movies and stuff I didn’t really have like any like older heads that were around me that had that like we’re gaming me up on hallucinogens being like oh yeah you can like totally like break into another dimension and there’s reality with everything around you yeah and this is exactly what Leif told me too because he didn’t trip he was tripping balls I could tell his eyes were but he was chill he was he was laughing at me and like digging me deeper bro he was like oh you’re good go in the fucking this arm skipping through the story but whatever this was like way into my trip he’s like going to the bathroom it’ll help you out I’ve run oh I look in the mirror and I’m like what the fuck do my facial hair was growing like rapidly do my hair was growing it off the mirror yes it was so quick my eyes were like big black fucking balls not like marbling raccoon uh yes just like raccoon eyes two big-ass black just pits there’s no eyeballs I’m like what fuck dude so then I go and I like try to piss and I can’t even get enough an ass and then I give up on that like and then I run outside the and fucking you see this is all I can really remember it’s true oh no after Shrek I was laying on the bed this is when I asked Lee for help and he told me to run in the bathroom this was the other trippy part I was laying on the bed and I was just staring at the ceiling and every 10 minutes or so it was a wave there’s a wave hi it’s weird broken anything it’s over and then you just dive deeper and then you think it’s over and then you just dive deeper so I was laying on the fucking get me all right if you guys can’t tell I’m like yes I was laying on the laying on the fucking futon dude I remember it like fucking yesterday and I was looking at the fucking ceiling and I was in the matrix grid with the green numbers and it was all 3d bro and it was just running down the fucking everywhere it was surrounding me dude all the numbers and the matrix where I was like I felt like neo I was like what the fuck dude I’m like are you seeing this leaf he’s like what I’m like and then boom it would like flash pink and then it would flash blue and then it would just boom it would be over and then I would just lay there for like fucking 10 minutes and then it’ll just be like Oh many one hit again dude so crazy and you weren’t seeing anything any anything around you it was just like it was a TV screen that was like right in front it’s like the fucking note it was like the fucking IMAX theater bro yeah it was like no real bro yeah I was in like space dude I was like Leif where her like where are you bro it was crazy dude so fucking crazy and so crazy to where like you know this is where it gets weird and embarrassing tell it tell it down I ran outside I guess this is at this point we started drinking alcohol because he told me it would calm me down you know which I guess it did it made me pass out on the trampoline after I guess I ran outside I fucking strip naked and I ran through the he said I took off into the woods and that’s when he’d stop fucking chasing me and I came back fucking but Nicky and passed out all muddy on his trampoline luckily I don’t think anybody saw me I woke up I was like what the fuck and it’s weird cuz I remember everything up to the point of running into the woods so who knows what could happen to you and however was it a period of hours I don’t know how the fuck I got back dude that’s like it that’s what it was my first that’s an act of God dude because honestly like I’m thinking I just got so fucking drunk faded because I was like scared that I probably blacked out like we literally were just down in shots I remember like it’s weird I remember and then slowly throughout that just like into a blackout and then I wake up and like fucking at the dawn like the Sun was barely coming up and like I felt like shit dude I remember I laying on the trampoline just like touching myself and it was the weirdest thing I was kidding felt like rubbery yeah I was doing this type of shit like like feeling myself like I was still kind of like stripping I guess a little bit you know coming down I wasn’t seeing anything but I was just fucking felt hella weird I’m like what happened you know I go and I get dressed real quick I’m like leave what the fuck dude he just starts dying laughing dude he started down like dude and then I haven’t taken him since I’m not gonna lie your story honestly brought helped me like remember my store my at least one story more I remember my first bad trip which I don’t know if you would consider yours a bad trip but for me it was definitely like this was I think this was the first time I realized like oh shit there’s like another level to this shit yeah I was me and me and my friend Danny did it in Santa Cruz at his sister’s house and we were just gonna like do it and like walk around Santa Cruz right down by the boardwalk and you know go dude go look at cool shit and then just go back and crash there or whatever yeah and that’s not actually that’s wrong I’m lying I have done them a few times since then mushroom chocolates though sorry to interrupt I just I had to say that because I was wrong I actually have done in a few but very mildly I’ll never go that far yeah never I never I maybe would someday but it not unless I I don’t know anyway fucks with my brain too much basically we we took them and then within like 30 minutes I could already tell it was coming on way stronger than any that I had taken in the past right and I like we were like hanging out outside I had my dog with me too and I was like oh sure and I started like wigging out about like oh shit like I don’t know what I’m gonna do with my dog I don’t like I’m gonna get too fucked up to like take care of him like whatever like accidentally let him out of the house or whatever so we went into that locked him in his sister’s house and then we like went walking and I remember like walking through like we were basically trying to get down to the beach and we get like half there and all of a sudden like I start visually like hallucinating in the sense of like things start breathing right away and the ground starts fucking moving all weird and right away I was like bro I don’t know how far I want to go like this cuz I you might have to carry me back yeah and Danny had done it maybe the same amount of times as me but I think he had gotten he had he’d gotten it further down the road than I had in in a single trip so like maybe he was like more prepared for it or it just wasn’t affecting him as much right I’d I ate a little more whatever the case was right but I could tell that it was hitting me like harder and faster than it was hitting him yeah and I just remember like we got maybe two blocks down the fucking path to the beach and I’m like nah dude we got to go back and I’m also like thinking all shit my dogs at the house his sister wasn’t home yet so we just left him there by himself copper I figured he was probably just fucking howling and shit and like fuck this is a bad idea shouldn’t have done this right away those negative thoughts started coming in you know so we walked back up to the fucking house and we just sit down on the couch and don’t I ever bad thoughts so he’s just sitting there I was just sitting there trying to fucking relax try not to freak out dude and just within I’d say an hour yeah things are like already so much further than I thought was possible bro I don’t think like forget about just fucking rainbow shit around the lights like I’m seeing like the walls are like fully breathing fucking your visions all fucked oh yeah my I’m like I’m like I’m like four and if I was uh gallons go to I’ll go to like my own all dripped off on my own like thing and start seeing my own shit and it feels like it’s like minutes or two but in reality it’s probably only seconds and then I like it back and I could still like like Danny would talk to me or something and I could like refocus my attention and he would like bring me back a little bit so when I would look at him oh that would at least see him but his like face would be doing weird shit but at least I see him there right right right and even see leaves face bro and in our shit yeah I remember within I don’t know how much longer after that but then it got to the point where I couldn’t relate to I couldn’t see anything that I knew was physically in the room but at the same time I could speak it’s like I could I could describe what I was I seeing and feeling I could hire tits like there was someone on the other end of the phone yeah you know yes and I was talking to him right about this time his sister got home and she I think had like much more experience with it or at least that you know knew a lot more about it she was a lot older than us you know and 15 years older than us or whatever yeah so she comes home and ride it right away he’s Danny’s like yo I’m high as fuck but he’s having like a bad trip yeah and his sister was like oh shit you know so she kind of like put all her shit down or whatever and fucking started helping me and she was just like coaching me through it like oh you’re gonna – I’ve totally been there before I know you like because I kept saying like I don’t think I can come back from this – like my brain is fried dude there’s no way I’m never gonna be able to see again you know I’m just having like the definition of a fucking bad trip you know that like panic sets in and then it’s just nothing but negative thoughts and one just unfolds into another yeah plus I’m seeing shit in front of me that’s just blowing it fucking mind yeah yeah and then I remember at one point the thing that reminded me of it is when you said that you’d had a screen yeah hell if just solid colors that were like flashing in front of you different colors because at one point for me it was just like neon green and it was just like all I could see and I remember asking her for some water and then I went to drink the water and I just spilt it all over my food but she’s like you got it like she’s like telling me how to drink it and I’m like I can’t my head it feels like my head is floating up above my body and and when I was drinking it it felt like the water was going when I felt it spilling right here it felt like that was the water going in between that one foot where my fucking head is floating on top of my body and that’s what I’m like dude I’m so fucked up I’m so fucked up I’m so can’t even drink water I’m so good and your brain just starts spinning all the negative shit Brett’s crazy Irish trips sound very similar now that we’re talking about like it’s got to be tapping into some other weird shit bro and my brain just can’t handle it dude like man when I take shrooms I did too much I do dumb shit I guess you know I’m saying fucking I won’t I don’t think I’ll ever take over an 8 max probably 2 grams I don’t know I think that I don’t ever want to go there that for our game room the big thing with hallucinogens I think it really has to do with your mental mind state like you’re setting like where you are in your life if you got a bunch of stress on your fucking plate and it’s because of shit that like you’re not addressing or whatever that means you just got a lot of underlying anxiety about all this shit and you have those negative thoughts that you’re like pushing to the back of your mind throughout your daily life and that’s about to fucking start affecting you you know as soon as you take that shit all those thoughts that you’ve just been pushing to the back of your mind are gonna come right to the front whether you like it or not and you know yeah for me even though I was like a kid with like not many worries my mind just because like maybe I’m just wired that way a little bit more I immediately went to like oh this is this is it yeah this is how I’m gonna be forever yeah me too exactly I was like leave I’m never coming back grows like dude you’re fine you’re coming back then I heard him but I would did not believe him you know I was like no I’m not dude what the fuck this is crazy bro like man how did I get this way is crazy like I remember all the shit I was saying but I was not there dude I was in another fucking dimension dude I mean you think about the fact that and if you have to like sleep and you’re like how would I ever be able to sleep yeah I remember sitting there being like I can maybe deal with this like while I’m awake right maybe I could get used to it just laying in a fucking hospital bed just fucking watching the craziest movie ever all fucking day but how am I gonna sleep but I remember just fucking my mind goes your mind when you have a bad trip your mind goes to some fucking dark places well it’s really hard to pull somebody out at once they’re already there you know like you said it depends on where your more your headset right cuz like I’m gonna say stress and hallucinogens do not mix stress depression hallucinogens don’t do them right playing simple otherwise your mind is gonna go their darkest book and here’s that’s and you know at least where I think where I was fucking tripping us because at that time football season and just ended my senior season and I didn’t know what the fuck I was gonna do with my life I was super stressed you know and no one knew because I just shoved that shit super far deep down but like yeah man super stressed out and I think that’s why I had a bad trip I think if I did it and I was set in life and I knew what I wanted and I was happy maybe financially stable that would help I think there’s like a flip side to it too right where if you like do it maybe even if you like take a little bit less like you don’t want to overdo it when you’re in that type of mind state but yeah I think if you do some like you know I could be right yeah no you’re not it’s not about right or wrong it’s just so it’s it’s individual for each person right situation you’re not my situation there’s a I’m just saying there’s a flipside of doing hallucinogens where there actually is a lot that you could give you that when you out of a dark spot that makes things very like for me a good trip it’s like all the questions in life that I never understand or everything that I all these problems that are in the way that I don’t understand how to navigate or all these underlying feelings that you have with like family and friends and all that shit especially when you’re like someone else is like doing it with you all that shit like melts away and you’re just you feel like you feel like all the social constructs and all that bullshit melt away and you can you’re just like you feel your humanity more you know yeah and I think if you if done in the right way and the you know I think there’s something that at least I’ve known a lot of people and me myself I’ve taken things from certain experiences with hallucinogens and been able to like implement some of that shit in my day-to-day life which has made it better yeah yeah for sure I mean there’s always questions that are answered when you’re on that shit for sure that shit like kills your ego you know and it’s just about how much of that shit that you see and that you learn while you’re there can you actually bring back from that experience and yeah depending on what it is like you know there’s some like if you’re doing like ayahuasca or something where it’s like a longer experience or like you know heavy bro yeah psilocybin or whatever glad you said that Broca’s fuckin ego is the enemy of these days man if you think about it the whole hierarchy of status and shit it’s all driven off ego personal ego status that’s not and when you take that shit it crushes your ego because you feel helpless you know at least I did I’m just talking about my experience and not like the first eight times I was just taking like you know the ones they grow and your cow shit or whatever like the there are a lot weaker than the fucking indoor ones I can tell you that I don’t know why I’m not an expert but based off experience they’re way weaker because I’d take an eighth of those fucking cow shit mushrooms and fucking have a blast smoke hella weed you just fucking just wrote that shit you know I’m saying I don’t know why but it makes you have super lung yeah I definitely remember that yeah I remember that one time I think I did it with you and our buddy Nick like I want to say like graduation night or like one of those one of those nights like you know I what was it was a boy I don’t know if it was graduation but it was some type of night like that and we like fucking I forget what was the Brookdale lodge or something yeah we’re somewhere dude and we were just sitting out on the balcony ripping that green bubbler just reverse so long and I just felt like you could just take a hit and keep inhaling lungs we’re never filled I don’t know what that was just dragging lungs dude it was tight but yeah I don’t know just I guess don’t take too much you know that’s the month I guess I just took too much too obviously I took a fucking quarter we each bought got a quarter there’s a lot dude it was hard to take down they taste like shit everything in moderation and anything you haven’t done before you definitely got to start off although you definitely don’t do this in moderation but you know what I’m gonna say bro there’s a lot more alcoholics out there no offense if you drink you know I know my dad drinks and blah blah blah but this shit’s all natural bro there’s no process to it you just fucking grow it cut it dry it cure it smoke it like alcohol there’s a fucking process there’s a you you have to do something to make alcohol this you just fucking put it in the ground and there you go smoke that shit so quitting on it yeah so fucking quit hating on it quit stopping me in the airport but who salty I’m super salt I guess it was just this morning yeah fuck that shit but about your first memory ever that’s what I was gonna say I was gonna get – bro sorry I was looking at this list honestly it’s covered in blank goods I couldn’t read it alright first memory here it is bro and you can even ask my mom if she watches she watches he’s actually so she’s packing to get a kick out of this it was when I was a fucking probably like a year old and I know it sounds crazy but I do remember it man I was in on the back of my mom’s bike she used to drive me all around Santa Cruz on her bicycle and she had a yellow seat like mounted on the back a baby seat you know I’m saying and she used to drive me all around and my first memory is driving on that fucking yellow seat past the boardwalk and looking up and just seeing the arcades and then like the Big Dipper we were riding right along there and then BOOM and she said I always used to pass out by the time we got to like crow’s nest I’ll just be knocked the fuck out and then we would get home and we used to live off seventh Avenue right by the 7-eleven in these condos I don’t know if they’re still there they might have got our town townhouses and they might I got taken down but that’s my first memory in life damn three years old probably three I want to say I must have been five or six when I when that when what I think is my first memory happened yeah I remember I was living at this house and Boulder Creek that was like three doors down the street from that house my grandparents lived in forever and there was like a little creek in the back and like redwoods everywhere and there was like this little gazebo thing in the back mm-hm and I remember I woke up one morning to the loud like sound and like a feeling like the ground was shaking and we ran out and looked through the sliding glass door and the big-ass redwood had fallen right through the gazebo shit and I remember walking out there with my dad to look at it mm-hmm and there was a fucking dinosaur a fishing lure because my dad was trying to like get me into fishing or whatever when I was like three or four like when I was a little kid or whatever yeah and he like got a dinosaur fishing lure or whatever which like made no sense I think it was just like for kids like it you know I don’t know what the fuck it was right but I remember seeing it and was like green and yellow I remember seeing it up there in the fucking gazebo and being like oh that’s where that went I must have been like outside like playing with it like threw it up somewhere and I remember seeing it up there and telling my dad like hey I want to get that down he’s like nah my Konev I’m not getting this shit what a lazy ass I was like fuck I do have fat red would fill that fucking dizzy and I would I remembered growing up after that and thinking I remember it maybe because it was like my first like traumatizing moment I was like a little kid lamb peasant landmark I remember telling my mom that I was scared to go to sleep because what if another tree fell but it fell on the house you know cuz I was like if that tree fell in the house it would crush me you know fear is what makes you remember something the most you think absolutely that’s what creates a phobia just reoccurring fear straight up yeah fear will make you remember something real quick because a threat to life is like instinctual that shit fucking gets planning in your brain you’re like well we flirted with death right there okay don’t ever do that again yeah and when we were talking about the hallucinogens like I even though I wish it was the other way around I feel like I have much more vivid memories of the like negative experiences more than the positive experience I’m not gonna lie I used to fucking like we bowled in the fucking ocean and shit and I went body surfing one time and the waves were actually big bro it was like big for Santa Cruz they were like eight feet you know I’m saying like I was I was kind of far out there body surfing and shit and I got taken under bro and I I thought I was gonna drown dude I didn’t know which way was up down fucking which way and I was just body only body you know I’m saying is I was like fuck dude it’s like making me scared you didn’t have that you didn’t get a good breath in or you went down oh is the first time you probably felt like you were really gonna suffocate yes I was down there for probably 30 seconds – and I can’t hold my breath that good bro you know me like I got a mild asthma and shit like I can’t hold my breath dude I was so scared this is like another act of God I swear to God boom I just like right when I was about to just like you know like just take it in bro and fucking I guess that would have been it you know you inhaled water you’re done and man this podcast is getting me all up in mush yeah I don’t know bro act of God bill it just boom spit me out fucking I was up and I took a fat breath of air bro it was correct boom it’s just like fucking the shit just like kicked me up you know saying I was up in there not like you know my only my head popped up and fucking I took a fat breath fucking food yeah crazy shit bro so I don’t when I was getting to his fear I don’t really fuck with the ocean anymore dude yeah I remember I remember how do you surf in that like 16 17 feeling the first time where I got thrown under deep and just didn’t get come you know get shot right back under in the same amount of time that you normally do and then you start that panic yeah I remembered definitely having a couple of moments like that where I was like okay because I had one of my other buddies got into got me into it and he like went way harder at it yeah and I’ve heard the first couple times I went out and I like you know didn’t fucking experience anything like that and then as soon as that happened I’m like okay no I’m just gonna like chill over there yeah I can’t wait on tiny I’ll fuck with the big water no more dude that shit’s powerful dude I give respect to surfers to the big water that shit will fucking take you down bro and it will yeah fuck that fuck big water bro mm-hmm no more let’s get on to something a little bit more okay I’ll keep you in your feelings but let’s go onto something that’s a little bit more hopefully some positive memories or grab some funny memories maybe first time you got laid oh good one all right first time I got laid it was sophomore year sophomore year and so are you 15 yeah fuck was I watching I think I was yeah 15 15 I think yeah right yeah junior 16 yes senior 17 and I remember my mom was out of town and I had this white fold-down couch in my room and for some fucking reason I ended up banging her on that instead of my own bed which that’s where the story starts bro I feel like you’re starting this story at like step 8 chapter 6 and you needed to start a chapter 1 who the fuck was this girl did she go to our school names you don’t have to sake come up with a alias I don’t give a shit Taylor that was her name okay and my mom was out of town and and this was some girl from another school yes right was a girl from how did you know her through a mutual friend called Bobby okay and they actually it was his old chick right yeah you were swooping in yeah you know she was given it he knows that he knows the story better than me yeah I’m fucking high bro and I’m stamp I’m telling the story bro you know how I get I throw my I got eight I just did I thought you were trying to leave certain details behind I’m not I think the fans know by now that I fucking start stories backwards a lot and I skip around and I got fucking a TD I apologize bro yeah so like where were we I don’t know man it must have not been that good how’d it go no it was cold I mean okay so she fucking my mom was out of town she came cuz she was over the hill taking care of my grandma unfortunately Oh terrible I know this story just gets worse and worse I’m being real as it gets right here so anyway she comes over and steal a bottle of vodka for my mom you know from the cabinet I always stole my mom’s liquor always they are such a fucker and we get faded as fuck and I mean yeah that’s pretty much how juicy can it really goes my fur it was my she took my virginity and it rewrite it probably long did it last probably sucked and I was faded as fuck so you know I’m probably gonna say it only lasted about a minute and a half I think the first time for me I lasted about 26 seconds 26 nice I was 14 though I was going really slow I like just turn oh I like just turned 14 dude so mine was a couple years before you you know that’s true but one year before Mia but I remember I was dude I don’t know what was going on at this point in time with like my parents and her parents right but they were I had been dating this girl for like 3 months whatever that means when you’re 14 dating ah yeah I was dating this girl is fucked but I had been sleeping over at her house like three nights a week and like sleeping in the bed with her yeah it was the weirdest fucking thing so like what the fuck did you think was gonna happen was her name Kayla it might have been it may or may not have been I’m just saying that you know yeah I within how’d you know where come on feel like you’re leaving fat Jews this was just a girl that was not been that good this was a girl that went to our school she was she was she was she was one grade lower than me right yeah and uh yeah definitely that last part for sure we were young too bro we’re just about a fucking memory here okay don’t get too twisted so yeah I think it was like maybe the third or fourth time that are our parents let me stay the night over you know I might have been telling my mom that like I was up the street or with you or staying with at a friend’s house or something but in reality I was staying there but her mom knew all along exactly what the fuck going down okay so her mom was her mom’s cool bro here’s the fucked up part is I was dating her best friend she just wouldn’t let me wouldn’t let me bro like she was a good girl and then she turned into a bad girl and then eventually after like down I took her to senior prom whatever but uh yeah yeah mind I was fucked up I couldn’t get her friend bro so then I had to move on and I ended up getting it with the girl from the other school and I wasn’t even dating her I just remember fucking I just remember I felt kind of guilty cuz I was like am I just lost my virginity and I was an innocent kid kind of back then you know I smoked a little bit of weed I drink and shit but like I was super mischievous yeah you weren’t at the time you were like this isn’t how my mom told me it was supposed to go down yeah I felt guilty I was like I’m not even dating this girl she doesn’t go to my school like I can’t even like you know fuck Who am I gonna tell like not too many of my homies like knew who she was at the time like only was like you and Bobby knew who she was right yeah baby Danny and I remember do you remember when you’re 13 or this is how I felt cuz I I had I like no one even really knew that’s the thing you didn’t want anyone to know because if you had to date somebody else when you’re 13 and 14 yeah you knew no you know virgin girl was came back oh he fucked so and so they weren’t even like I’m not good or no I’m not gonna fuck him cuz he already fucked so exactly I’m a virgin yeah I want to fuck a virgin that’s how all the girls thought when we were kids yeah so I remember I I was hooking up with a girl and everybody knew about it so you know I mean when we broke up it was like wow I could I could only date the girls that had also hooked up with somebody else which puts you in a different Brad here right yeah high school in fucking middle school so funny bro hey I was in high school knocking lime I was sophomore year and as you know it’s you know sophomore year we were like I was still a pretty innocent kid I ain’t gonna lie fucking playing football and you know I would actually stay sober through the football season I would follow the David Mays rules and all that shit remember right you did too I think even like we were still like good okay no I’m saying is a lot our innocence yeah cuz I did some fucked up shit growing up I ain’t gonna lie but yeah we were still innocent and so it was like when I lost my virginity that way I was like damn like I felt like I liked it yeah like it didn’t go down the way it was supposed to I got fucked up and you only get that once get that once and I was faded so I a I couldn’t really remember too much like I said it was like we got fate you know when you get drunk as fuck and then you bang and you wake up and you’re like oh shit your heads pounding like I kinda remember that but I kind of don’t I just remember being like two drunk people like mmm and I was a virgin so like boom busted and not quick and then I passed out probably you know what she gone by the time your mom got home yeah my mom didn’t come home till like two days later oh shit she’s like out of town was out of town for like the whole weekend like I said unfortunately taken care of yeah Wow yeah so I guess that’s kind of I was I was that was about the point where I started getting mischievious unfortunately sophomore year it’s when all the fucked up teenager thoughts just were like and then drugs came into play as I do die like I’ve said before I have like a bunch of siblings all different ages like way younger than me I look at them and I’m like there’s no way they’re doing the shit that I was doing at 13 14 18 no way you know what I’m saying I think kids in our generation got started doing things as far as like trying substances just like the generation before us was started very young – there was like you know 13 year old kids starting to drink you know like our dad my dad yeah my daddy you know just like that innocence that you’re talking about our Duggan dude my brothers that are like 15 16 definitely still have that fucking innocence like they remind me of like us especially like when I was help my mom move I found all these pictures and when you look through pictures of yourself at like certain ages right for me at least it like made me remember like a lot more shit you know oh yeah foetid photogenic memories like Bing Bing Bing like but I remember how I was at like 12 13 and that’s how like my brothers are like 15 16 17 for sure yeah they say men or losing testosterone every I believe it I believe it – boo I believe it – go get yourself some of that fucking pesto boost I’m just fucking around Oh what else we got here man first time you got in trouble with the cops you know honestly I had to run this with run run this one by you earlier because I couldn’t really remember and I’m 98% sure that it was when I was starting fucking no joke this is fucking weird but I was a weird kid I’m not gonna lie we’re motherfucker I was starting like 8-foot fucking gasoline fires in the middle of the road and then riots that’s normal though and then riding fucking skateboard losing losing on the on a longboard threw that shit on the mule and taking pictures not even filming it just we had cameras and we were taking stills bro on those homemade losing’s board things right yeah it’s called the mule one was called – I remember the mule you rode through the fire once I remember the mule yeah yeah anyways cop shows up at my fucking door and he’s pissed bro he’s you can’t be dude dude I’m bringing the fire department down here we’re gonna teach you a lesson they want to take me to juvy and I was fucking young you’re like 12 they were pissed yeah I was like 12 I want to say seventh grade 13 something like that 12 I was young bro young young yeah just when I started getting stupid mischievious this was way before weed and even alcohol you know I started I think I tried my first drink at like 13 or 14 probably eighth grade I was another one here first time getting drunk I will get to that one guys that’ll probably be the finisher but yeah anyways I actually didn’t get arrested but they wanted to take my ass to juvie and I remember the fire department came down gave me a fucking fat-ass lecture on why I could never fucking do that ever again cuz you’re fuckin with gasoline and like if that shit were to catch the whole fucking forest goes you know I’m saying like yeah even though I think redwoods are pretty fire retardant I think if they’re dry enough they’ll go you know it’s funny that yours had to do with the fire department because mine did too under the FIR first time I ever got reprimanded by the police I was 6 years old 6 yeah whoa so I was weird there was like some kind of function going down at the firehouse in town it was like some kind of like sundae pancake breakfast or some shit right and my parents somehow lost track of me and I’ve wandered out to the street and I was sitting there hitchhiking with my thumb fucking out right there at the bus stop I don’t know what the fuck I thought it was with the bus stop or like hitchhiking or the if I really thought someone was gonna pick me up or wherever thought I was going or some shit I don’t know what the fuck I was gonna do but a sheriff officer happened to drive by and he pulled over and he picked me up and he asked me where I was going or fucking got the figured it out because there was a bunch of people over here at this depth on the misdemeanor right that’s a misdemeanor right what an hitchhiking it is it yeah it’s against the law hitchhiking is illegal pretty sure I didn’t know that yeah I’m pretty sure well yeah I used to see people doing it all the time in the valley but I don’t know what it was with my six year old mine like what I thought the plan was I’m fucking my mom with Rita my mom will tell you this story to this fucking day dude and fucking the the cop brings me over like probably carrying me like a little kid like I was six you know brings me up to the thing and my mom fucking comes running up yeah and she’s like where were you and he tells her yeah I found I’m hitchhiking right down there by the bus stop you must have just seen somebody on the side of the road like do that like a lot on the way home or something I must have been figuring I was I was intrigued with the idea when I asked my parents and they probably told you some bullshit yeah I don’t know what the fuck it was but I was just like oh I’m gonna go stand by the street with my thumb out your dad was probably like Hine was like fucking oh it gets you a lollipop so then you’re like I’m gonna go get a pop right and then your dad’s like oh shit dumb ass the first time like I don’t even know how much of that I really remember and how much of it is just ingrained in my memory from hearing the story so many times you know but uh the first time I actually remembered getting in trouble from the police is the story that we kind of told a little bit before where we got in trouble parked at the high school already in the red zone on well it was fifteen or sixteen yeah like why the fuck weren’t we home celebrating with our parents yeah we were some fucking dumbasses dude I’ll tell you we were some dumbasses still are but yeah fucking Scotts Valley High parked in the fucking red zone bro and we’re smoking weed and like the Lodi like in the literally the dumbest place that you could possibly yeah our loading is yelling at a place and then like it was the fire lane yeah that’s what red means no parking this is fire lane if they even came up and they’re like like because they let us go here we go again I’m fucking or they let me drive home I’m going to the end of the story again but they even said when they want like at the end like he could have at least like not parked in the red zone and we might not have you know pulled you over or that he not to pull us over but you know what I mean maybe walked up so hard knocked on it and we just all acted like we were asleep and they’re like hey we saw you blink I think Matt blinked his eyes open and he was like fuck cuz I heard him go like oh shit I mean like right after that like hey we saw you open the door Mike I guys were made we gotta get the member I remember saying I was like I they got us pearl we gotta we gotta act we gotta wake up I was laying them down in the back seat of like one of those tiny pickup trucks what was her excuse turbo it involved like someone’s grandma I remembered you do remember our excuse me like oh we’re we were passed out we’re on our way to our friend we’re just trying to get some rest they’re like bullshit we smell weed we’re like remember I shoved it between the seat yeah and all they found was the can in the back with like well you know obviously we were smoking out of a fucking can and there was a little bit of residue on it yeah you know they actually didn’t find the weed bro that’s why they let me drive home but they knew I was high they were puzzled alright dude they tore that truck apart I don’t know they didn’t find that I got back in they didn’t even have the dude I remember my mom don’t even make seats like that that way that Dakota was where you couldn’t find shit like that dude I know that was like ass little secret stash but but this was so funny I cuz I just I wanted to picture the cop doing was probably my mom used to keep a ton of fucking like paper like a ton of business cards that’s what they were stacked in the fucking this like little pop down thing in the truck there’s a sunglass holder and he was probably looking for the weed and he popped it open he was just like yeah I swear to God 400 business cards probably flew all over the place and he was probably just like uh you know cuz I got back then I’m like what the fuck dude the shit was everywhere I might do oh my god I did clean it up it took me I didn’t even leave for like ten minutes cuz I cleaned it all up and while I was doing that I was like whew they didn’t find the weed so I got home and I smoked that shit cuz they let me drive home yeah that’s crazy dude yeah crazy how when you’re that age you think you have it all figured out and then you get a couple years older and you’re you realize how hay darted you were realize still feel like that reality check you never figure it all out that’s what you gotta get you never fuckin figured out so the day you die bury don’t fucking life is a journey alright you never figure it out so just fucking enjoy it that’s what I figured that’s where I’m at there is no fucking like you know you just got to enjoy it bro just try and take a step back and enjoy it yeah it’s really hard sometimes but fag I’m somewhat figuring that but like I said you never figured out all the way never you know I don’t think I’m ever gonna figure out everything in life you know no I think if you did here’s the thing I think if you did figure if you had full enlightenment and you really did know if you had the answers to everything you ever wanted to know for sure then you wouldn’t like what would be the point what would be enjoyable I love learning new things I love chasing you know new shit I love you know what I’m saying well we’re like what would you have for like ambitions if you knew everything could have if you had everything and knew everything be a dick you know you know when like no one would like you you know every answer to everything you’d be the best at everything you know I’m saying like no one be like fuck dude who is this guy maybe not though maybe there’s like a flip side of that and there’s like well if you had if you eliminated desire altogether true for like material things or anything or but I don’t think I don’t think that applies for like knowledge like the desiring knowledge or that experience right it’s more like if you had experienced everything then what the fuck with the point exactly that’s kind of because there are people that know fucking everything fucking Einstein motherfuckers they know everything that’s crazy these people with these memories and these fucking number decoding they know everything about one thing or two things here’s the theory things but how much did Einstein know about no no no baseball or photography you know I’m just specifically stated facts you know scientific facts or like you know I’m saying people specialize in one thing where they learn everything about it you know but there are some encyclopedia motherfuckers out there that’s all I’m saying there’s people out there like the Jeopardy fucking people come on how the fuck do you know all the answers to that shit bro when they weren’t a jeopardy question pops up I’m like I know who the fuck that is yeah but see the thing is because we’re watching jeopardy they’re asking questions about stuff that happened in the 70s and the 80s this morning when and when jeopardy happens in 2030 or similar type show they’re gonna be asking you about stuff that happened in the 90s and the 2000s you remember those yeah maybe I remember weird like trivia stuff like that when it comes I guess when it comes to like I don’t know certain things not everything right music I just not cuz jeopardy how can I put it like jeopardy questions are so like complex and worded to where I’m just too dumb to fuckin understate I’ll be like according to the digital I don’t know I don’t want to look up her jeopardy question and Season 4 episode 2 of friends when Ross told Rachel’s blahblah what was on her but you know I’m saying like yeah what they have something super and someone’s be like that red blouse did she know that dude or like who wants to be a millionaire yeah Regis whereas there would be like steps to the questions they can get harder and harder yeah you know it’s a good movie though Slumdog Millionaire I fucking like that yeah that’s a good movie bro and I was that I believe it was a indie film like independent fucking flip that’s a good flick bro I’m gonna have to watch that again I remember like actually being like at the end like fuck yeah that’s dope you know I’m gonna watch that again sorry little side tangent this movie there was a good movie bro I’m what’s your favorite movie of all time sorry hold on let me clear my throat beautiful oh yeah favorite movie of all time favorite movie of all time wolf of wallstreet wolf of Wall Street that’s why we have that up there guys in case you didn’t know that poster was purchased by me on Amazon great deal by the way and that’s my favorite movie bro that fucker right there kills that roll that wasn’t even Amazon dog this shit was custom made you’re right we did off-eye canvas I got it wrong guys we did people have asked before where we got this ya know the YouTube legends you’re right we did buy some of these off Amazon but we did not buy that one you’re right we sent these Denzel and the Leo both customs yeah we sent pictures to a canvas company and they made these for us custom those are the only two they’re custom only other ones are Amazon specials hitters yep Amazon special Mohammed / there’s an Amazon special anyways yeah we’re sure we’re just letting you know a little bit about our our little art wall here you know we got the YouTube plaque right here we need to get the 1 million we got a long way to go my favorite flick of all-time is probably it’s really just a competition of a bunch of denzel yeah you know which one I probably go American Gangster yeah that’s a good one yeah I mean bullshit this one’s a good one too honestly I know I know I know we always you know clown on him for putting her in danger but see an old fat that’s a good movie man old fat he’s got his arm up predicting hurt that’s right yeah speaking of free style and I think we’re there right you got any more first for me no we covered at all we’re there bro you guys want us to do this again shout out to the people watching on youtube if you guys want us to do something like this again answer tell story do story time let us know down there in the comments with what other first you’d like to hear about yeah did we not have a great gang member of the week no great gang member of the week saying I’m sorry guys that’s Shane’s fault that’s totally Shane’s fault oh man what’s going on here what I don’t know which one I had pulled up I do which was one down right here yeah oh okay what do we got here free Jake old time Mac Miller be remedy all right let’s give a shot this is on the secret stash YouTube channel the secret stash shoutout to the secret stash yeah no to the secrets to who always know that the white is ash I mean that the ash is white here we go I’m height I’m smoking GD paid off motherfucking night this guy always steals the fucking beat from me I don’t know why so I stole a ride back and I never smoked Jack unless I want to get tweaked out in the back of the Cadillac oh yeah that’s a fake here we go Namah give it back to old Mac while I take another bound rear while the ticking of the bong Rick and you can fucking rap go head quick yeah I’m smoking on the ice cream cake hit you with grape flip the whole team’s cake coming through away like a state night and I’m smoking on GEB high as a kite right I know what’s going down well coming to your town never brown one never brown when I’m coming to get town but you know I put it down on the flow when I drop these great yeah I’m all like yeah yeah I’ll come swimming GD p– oil whoa whoa yeah come back with the flow and I’m running motherfucker like you come from you know yeah I’m gonna start the groove quick this guy over here it looks like a toothpick yeah never hit the weights here we go any talk about grapes and skates I don’t really get it I smoke oh gee Christian I’m with it I’m kind of up the beat but I’ll come back smoke them on the cookie gelato oh wait that’s wet oh yeah this motherfucker look just like earthworm jim yeah Earthworm Jim yeah don’t hit the gym but I really don’t care yeah you know I’m dropping bitches down silly underwear yeah and you know you don’t dare test me on the mic cuz I know I’m gonna write that beat like a pike and I don’t get spiked how the fuck it goes and I’m running like your nose I’m gonna hit him with the flows yeah this is how the fuck he goes yo I really like that run with your nose ball oh yes I never poppins any ball maybe wait a couple times it’s all about moderation in this time here we go back to spit a dumb rhyme dumb ran up the dome and this is really off the dome guys cuz I don’t ever write shit down here we go head into a beat town cuz make no drugs don’t need no hugs oh yeah break yeah we do kind of love judge me do kind of love drugs but we don’t do him all the time hit the bong every day doe yeah never smoke hey yo and I might do a little yeah yo and you guys might hate but that’s okay cuz I only do it sometimes not all the time grapes no lay low lay low fired in a halo now they get the pail of pay loan gotta get the pay so you’d like a pave low you know what’s going down and as I read Soros I’ll never fucking shoot Duke alumni that face like my name Chuck Norris Chuck Chuck kick you kiss me on the porch sipping their porridge always win the race oh yeah got you waiting for the chorus let’s take a kick to the face here we go oh yeah his Batman in Robbie gray we are necklace cry beautiful – I’m fucked up yeah you know I need a purple put it in my hand I’m the man with the grapes now it’s time to ride out number 40 thanks for riding with us now and I’m out later guys see ya bye good bye dude I’m fucked up [Music] tonight is just me let us come through some bone maybe on the back what at all I’ll make sure my guess right UV the blacklight it click on like mag light mustache right I’ll smoke in that loud like a bagpipe I don’t smoke no we out a tuna can that’s be loading up the moving thing can’t you see what I’m going through the pain in my voice that I’m showing you but the packs and the fans tax rubber band can fit okay when I ride up like you said it can strike kind of a black night let me slide back to the handout yeah don’t you remember the days when we used to play bass just for playing a hazing apart play just for one then we all sit in the word and those are the days that I miss the most so let’s just kick that night of blood man erotica top down no no would be a man or [Music] my god let us come boys some bro maybe run a backward at all sounds like what I wanna do is every time I feel like I’m falling I pick up my phone and start calling damn I wish I was born and I was now we got a Hennessy serving in Iraq go get my dog’s gotta get her maybe times the only thing I do to get the stress of my mind I’m the purple girl damn I miss that truck with a lovely tan and hear what a man man still wanna go bundle up tempo he’s gotta get that dough but them trapping for between we used to load the car up and get the cream but now it’s on low top 64 got roses all over us among us go through me just bogus bro but I don’t know what to do I’m gonna on the green get the best in you ah here we go another my pride aside so I can find the Hittite cuz it seems like I need a lifeline 50/50 called a friend cuz it always seems to end with me being lonely with a pen tonight is just me my grown let us come throw a broom maybe like what at all sounds I’m because every time I feel like I’m falling I pick up my phone and start calling damn I wish I was born [Music] I was born [Music]