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For today’s review, we are taking a look at a great Sativa dominant hybrid called Lemon Cake. This gem was brought to us by Dr. Ladybug. The cross is believed to be Lemon tree and Wedding Cake. Roll up and smoke wit us! Comment below to tell us the next strain we should review! SHANE’S…

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[Music] [Music] what up guys welcome in the CCC I’m Shane I’m Dan and we’re back for another strain review today we’re checking out something a little bit different a little bit more on the sativa side than what we’ve been smoking lately this is some lemon cake from dr. ladybug right that’s right it’s the lemon cake so I believe it’s the lemon tree and the wedding cake I’m not mistaken and I picked this duck rock guys just for you sativa smokers out there because there’s a lot of good indicas stuff like they had gelato and stuff in it but this was different right doesn’t it smell different yeah smells super different we are gonna make a concerted effort on the show from now on to not review any more gelato or anything else with gelato in it but living in California at this point in time that’s actually a little bit more difficult than it might sounds so bear with us but yeah definitely bringing some a little bit different to the table today mm-hmm the smell on this bag is complex to say the least you got one I got a one for all you Glenn smokers out there this is a judge and I love Dutchess man and honestly when I smoke this weed I thought one we immediately has just got that turf that like I feel like it’s gonna come through and blunt okay I can already smell the smoke very lemony okay remember the last time you smoked the blunt on a strain of you this is gonna be kind of nice nice so yeah I’m immediately getting the super citrusy kind of orange peel type thing going on with this one that you usually get from anything that has the word lemon in it unless you’re talking about the like lemony pine salt oh geez really good old school of lemon OG whenever I had that pine soft bump just slap the name lemon on it that’s the type of women I’ve usually been into a lot more than the citrusy type herbs that you get from like the old school Calvillo tangi lemon g that type of thing this has a little bit of that but it’s a much more thick deep complex smell it’s not just that dude I was right straight bluntly you need to hit that and tell me what you think the flavor comes through you can’t even taste they’re out down there on that this is really good this is ten out of ten buckwheat but when I was looking through all the stuff that my boy had the hopper this is not a looker in my opinion I mean it looks okay I think the wedding cake brought out the good looks in it the best that it could but the lemon tree is just the worst growing plant it looks terrible we grew it in Colorado and it is the worst way to grow it stretches like a bitch it’s super gangly it never really finished this because it’s a long flower and it’s just gangly and a lot of those like citrusy lemony Terps are kind of like that or they will chunk out eventually but you got to run them a long time nobody really runs them with enough you know if you’re gonna pull it at 12 weeks even which is way longer than a lot of people are gonna let it go like that lemon g that we had out there yeah you would have to take that thing about 14 15 weeks to really get a full mature flavor profile to fully you know filled out and uh mm-hmm a lot of people that run those types of strains are still trying to run them eight nine ten weeks and you just don’t get at least for me the one thing that always seems to be lacking is the punch and I can smoke those lemon strains for the most part all day long and still not know if I’m high or not yeah so I’m curious to see what it’s gonna taste like out of a bong because naturally I don’t usually like these citrusy bitter strains but I will say that this stuff is not as bitter as like at Angie because I’m gonna go out there and say I’m not at Angie fan and extract forms sometimes it’s okay but still it just waits you bitter for me and it doesn’t get me all that high and when it does pack a punch is that weird weird hi this is sitting right in the middle as far as effect like you know it’s not to bug me but it’s not to indicate the wedding cake added like some tankiness to this that I feel like is usually lacking with a lot of those citrus turps or whatever it’s a little bit musky er than what I’m used to just more of like a full-body Terp on this one rather than a lot of those citrus Terps I feel like are like I don’t know if these descriptive words you make sense for smells but they’re like very surface like you smelt like you taste it it’s pungent right away when you smoke it you taste it but it doesn’t leave that lingering thing on the back of your palate some of our work all-time favorite because do like ogee you know yeah crazy pungent turkey but it lasts I feel like at least with that blunt it’s lasting a little bit more way more than I’m used to getting off the sitter’s turf so I guess we got to credit that to the wedding cake right yeah I’m guessing that’s what the wedding cake is bringing to the table but you know a little story I’m picking this stuff but you know it’s always a journey when you’re picking up a sack and you know he gave me this because i pre-ordered it and because I just wanted something different so I bought it in the dark pretty much but then he gave me a little sample of some other stuff called ice creamsicle and it was so bonding I’m saying so like threw me off and I’m like did I make the right decision and then I got home and I smoked it and I was like damn I couldn’t be happier honestly like I love getting different turps and I’ve been stuck in that lane of like ice cream cake gelato gelato is that ice cream cycle like the ice cream cake it was different dude it was like you had hints in gelato but not really if that makes any sense I know it doesn’t but it like it it’s smell very fruity but also creamy at the same time I don’t know but the main point is I thought I made the wrong decision and then I actually smoked this stuff and let the highs settle in and got the flavor and I was really happy on the purchase I do like the flavor out of this a lot of a point we’ve been smoking a few more lunch lately around here I don’t know for whatever reason we go through the phases I know there’s been times where I myself have been completely off blunts there’s other times where we’ll go a month and smoke 2030 ones for whatever reason yeah sometimes two different times within the last couple of months or we’ll smoke ten blunts in a day when we have homies over and shit like that I’m saying whenever it’s a social situation still always like a good point yeah but never easily go to them for the strain abuse because we’re always trying to get that pure flavor but like you said there is that weed that’s like good lung with and not even all good tasting weed necessarily it’s gonna be good blunt weed I know that doesn’t really make sense no it does because this is a great example right here I’m not lying guys this tastes way better through the blunt than the bomb if I were to have just sat down and tried to rape this stuff in this review on just a bomber it probably got like a seven seven and a half foot nine now the pressure is on for this one wait just wait and see how the flavor is so much different and so much more bland there’s a bomb and that’s not true about every string so I’m so happy that I rolled this up and you’re thinking what the fuck you guys are wack you’re smoking blunts and you can hear the player try it try it with a lemon tree or something citrusy tell me that it doesn’t taste better through the water than a bomb that’s just my personal opinion I’m gonna go ahead and take another few ridges off this and then really I wouldn’t have thought it was that expansive if I didn’t take a bomber II definitely more expansive smoke than what I was expecting not bad flavor out of the bone but like you said not as good as I was getting off the blunt yeah I don’t know I don’t know what it is about certain weed that makes it like good one weed per se or good weed for rolling some weed is almost good in a joint and then not good in a blunt and then there’s some weed that’s good enough want and then I have what is that word yeah I’m saying I think maybe just there’s certain Turk profiles that compliment the natural flavor of tobacco look at Erina because this I feel like would be too bitter in a joint and I could be completely wrong but just tasting a blonde it’s just perfect man and if you were to take away whatever flavor the tobacco’s giving out I feel like it would bring out too much of that bitterness this is actually a perfect example this term right here and I’m glad you said that because that lemon G that we used to grow made the some of the Turkish oil and you know you guys if you’re familiar with like the cups and everything like that out there that Turk was just dominating cannabis cups very good three four year period just different varieties of that orange citrusy Turkmen car and it always was amazing for concentration for oil to me that’s citrusy tangi lemon g Kalio Terp always tastes like shit in a joint yeah it does but it’s amazing for extraction you know so that’s just probably honestly the best example I can think of just a flavor that works really well for some things and just kind of sucks for other things yeah I totally agree I’m gonna go ahead and get to rating this stuff guys the best thing to me obviously is the flavor but only through the blunt which is funny but I am going to take that into consideration so I’m gonna give the flavor a 9 on this and the looks the looks I feel like we’re suffering I feel like the wedding cake did its best job to try and make the linkage G look better but the looks I’m gonna give like a 7 the lemon juice the lemon tree sorry let me tree my bad we couldn’t move on it and I’m not even a hundred percent sure about the genetics this one you see was doing our best to put the pieces together there but like with that Turk especially that’s the one where I’m like for me it’s all the same like I said it usually doesn’t pack the punch yeah usually not gonna taste good rolled for those two characteristics that I most attribute to that typical citrus flavor this cross actually kind of overpowered that I feel like I’m definitely high if you’re smoking this this is my first toke of the day take that as you will but oh man I’m definitely feeling this one right upstairs yeah stead of my eyes feeling a little bit lazy there feeling maybe going a little bit wider yeah feel a little bit more awake now than when we started this video for whatever reason for sure I said earlier that it was sitting right in the middle I was wrong this is definitely one of those creeper house that definitely is more sativa dominant but not too much it’s got me very alert it’s got me very like active My Mind’s kind of racing a little bit but not in a panicky way I feel like I could really gonna be some shit done right now so the effect for that reason it’s hard to find good some TV that doesn’t bug you out very heavy very very cool I’m giving it a 10 the effect is the best part about this weed with the flavor coming in at at 9 10 9 7 on looks was the lessening smell honestly the bag field wasn’t great but once you crack into a note it’s pretty good I would give the smell of eight overall and eight I don’t know if it ever jizz out today but I’m giving this stuff and eight guys solid it took this guy here to stabilize this genetic so that’s mad props you know if you take a year to get a strain stabilized I fuck with that and I respect that so thank you doctor very good I would say to that for me the smell on this one gets a lot more intense when you break it open I get that like typical like those other strings I let heavy citrus turn right when you break open to it it’s thicker musky and super sweet yeah like oh no this not that sharp fruity sweetness but like that sugary yeah baked goods yeah so it’s a very big cross it’s very good very complex terpene profile on this particular cannabis I would say that’s the most intriguing thing about it to me yeah me too I would love to try some extracts of this man oh my god I would my points for how it looks but all of your ratings sounded pretty much going on as far as my opinion on this one as well I think eight is pretty solid for this weed right here that’s rare not quite as amazing as the GMO which as you guys know yeah some of our favorite weeds so you know I was really excited to try another strain from dr. ladybug I think I might try the different cookies cross of dr. ladybug at one point but I think this might be a second or third different string of ever tried from in flower form yes so I’m down with it I’m really high on my I feel like I’m skipping a beat here like this stuff is really amping up on the back end like I need to go do something about it go being proactive productive whatever you want to call it let’s get outta here so yeah we’re out of here for another one tune in next week to the podcast do that do this I’m out later [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] gotta bring my song but the devil got hold of me I gotta go every time I got latest song while I get her [Music] my skin thinking about my sins and got a pound Sunny Delight with big old track lie to the town Buster bound down I don’t so I tried now yeah I see pass me interact while I snatch me a shot with no time long to the drop I put my stash in my sock middle finger to the cops that we ride around the block say hey fucker wow I gotta get out my own bed yeah young words enemy in the darkness I said I feel and humming cush with the perp that’s the recipe your worst enemy don’t try to help I am my own worst enemy I will not bore taking your fast daddy so many nice people alone my own ring with the need sex so I grabbed a digital scale and weighed up that obscurity way I’ll never be limited on my sales yeah I’m a little bit part of myself if I’m a little bit short of my bills I package it up and put it in the mail or hail gotta do what I gotta do to get by something smokin all sweet got me lit I gotta face the facts I’m 30 years old in a bum bum back home I’m gon take a healthy straight to the dome only Percy fuckin a sturgeon is myself but this is not I know I’m creeping up on and saying eat something better give cuz I want to haters like to laugh at me it comes there could touch a feel you’re looking at the best one matching got no faculties all I do is plate so the temple cheap got a tackle box for a week watch while I pull some strings back I say yeah I read it I see what’s the purpose of me I don’t know but I’m searching gotta get to the pot bust a knock in the dry smoking pot to the top hey I am my own worst enemy it in the darkness I said I feel empty I am my own worst enemy goosh with the purp does the recipe I am my own worst enemy don’t try to help let me I will not want taking offense today