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– Shout out to Jeff from Made From Dirt for making this day possible! This weekend we had the opportunity to go on the field for batting practice at the A’s vs Giants game. It was an awesome experience and a great time all around! I know it’s not the most “weedy” vlog, but don’t…

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[Music] Hey [Music] [Music] buzz levels are a little dented or what they should especially with this craft our took about three shots and it’s a double shot W channel tell us about the weave copious I like that it’s a good work no podcast today guys I apologize I know it’s Sunday sorry I know we owe you a podcast we got a banger one or just logon on getting edited Fletcher one probably go up like Wednesdays we got up we got a blog for you guys today we’re gonna be getting crazy yeah stay tuned this kid like why is he lagging so hard he’s packin one of those stuffable joints as he walks you know gone there you packin a joint nice work kid yeah hi need to get hot we are [Music] oakland-alameda County Coliseum Rickey Henderson field have you called something different next year I want to feel like that that’s the pay right there that’s a mixed crowd singing in shape yeah here perpetrate meson perpetrate pass that thing figure that ugly motherfucker ever I’m drunk guys goodbye Oracle that’s just fuckin slap target already what are you smoking on their foot mr.thang smoking on the runs man the roads huh so all you said runs was just to auto model 33 gelato you know what you know it rinses what it’s actually gelato 296 Oh at 297 gelato it’s one that at least yet super super fire it’s that number 297 guys run to your wife Oh [Music] [Music] named Chico is your ticket going man thank you thank you sir thank you for pictures you guys thank you so much ma’am thank you sir [Music] dirty hitter right there VIP experience toys the beautiful day for baseball oh it’s warning track powder right there like you’re gonna have to hit a lot better than that if you’re gonna beat the Oakland A’s partner you call it maybe you got now beat croc [Music] you’ll be good and the other way with it [Music] that’s a shot dinger if you guys want to stick around in their seats Chevy his hug so ugly you’re so ugly dude get over every single day I don’t know how you get that much uglier day by day you don’t think there’s anything you can do about it at this point look at you nothing shortstop second baseman [Applause] [Music] [Music]